Titans/Packers Halftime Quotes


(on the first half)

We went into the game expecting to sub early. We got a three-and-out, and so we made the subs. The guys that replaced the starters did a good job. Vince was running and throwing and having fun out there, which is what we wanted to see. That was a great throw on the fade route to Dominique for the touchdown. I was a little disappointed with a couple of drops that we had early. In the second half, we're going to continue to evaluate players. Quinton Ganther got banged up, so Chris Henry is going to carry the load.


(on the offense's performance in the first half)

I think we're happy with where we are. We had a couple good scoring drives out there and put points on the board. This was an important game, especially for the young guys. It's their last look before the regular season. Hopefully we can continue to play well, get a win and cap off the preseason.

(on having the starting offensive line together for the first time this preseason)

That was part of the goal tonight, to get the starting unit out there communicating and playing together. It was good for Dave and me to get out there with the other guys. I think we played well, and everyone was clicking. We're ready to kick things off and get ready for the regular season.


(on making the Green Bay starting offense punt)

We were well aware of their streak heading into the game. Chuck Cecil made a point of it, and Marcus Robertson made a point of it. Even Keith Bulluck mentioned it during our breakdown before the game. We, as starters, only had one series out there, and it provided a great challenge for our defense. They came with three straight passes, which is a challenge for our secondary, and we were able to get off the field.

(on if he feels good about where the defense is with one week before the opener)

I think our confidence is up, where it needs to be. There are still some things that we need to work on -- tackling better, communication, conditioning. But for the most part, I think we're ready. With a veteran team, the most important part of the preseason is to get quality work and try to stay as healthy as possible. I think we have practiced well, and at this point we're looking forward to getting a game plan and preparing for Pittsburgh.



(any update on Raji injury)

"No, I don't. I haven't had a chance to meet with the medical people."

(on all of the injuries)

"It's unfortunate. We've got to fight through it. We've got some guys that need to pick it up. We've got some important battles going on, but hopefully these guys will be OK."

(on Brohm's play)

"He's doing OK. I'm not ready for an evaluation."

(on not calling plays so he could focus on the field)

"I'm getting a lot of information, both positive and negative, but it will all be part of the evaluation."


(on you accomplished in the preseason)

"I think we established an identity as an offense. We had one punt in 13 possessions, and did a great job. Ran the ball well, threw the ball well, protected well."


(on on how Brohm looked in the first half)

"I thought Brian did a nice job, spreading the ball around, making good decisions. He just has to continue that in the second half. When he gets the ball out of his hands, he can be very efficient, and in the first half he was."


(on getting his first action)

"It felt good, getting out there and getting some live action, some live contact and executing the defense. I had a couple little schematic things, but other than that, I thought I did good."

(on how he felt physically)

"Physically I felt good. I didn't worry about the knee when I was out there. It felt good, to be honest."

(on playing in the 3-4 for the first time)

"I thought I did real good schematically out there. First time in a 3-4, it felt good. We didn't do a lot of the pressures that we've been doing in practice and we've been doing all preseason, but overall in our base defense, it feels good to be out there running around."

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