Titans Packers halftime/post-game quotes


(on the first half)That is not the way you want to start off the game. Griff needs to make that play because we really wanted to see our defense against their starters. The defense bounced back, and I expect the defense to do that against their back-ups. Offensively, we were a little sluggish. We moved the ball and made plays, as has been the case the last couple weeks, but we need to get the ball in the end zone. Most everybody will start the second half. They will come out for a drive to start the third quarter.


(on the starting offense's performance)We're still trying to get better as an offense. Our goal is to win games. We've got things to work on, and we have to eliminate the penalties. But we'll be all right.

(on if he thinks the team is where it needs to be at the conclusion of the preseason)We need to continue to get better. We're not satisfied. We have work to do to get to where we want to be.


(on his satisfaction with the pressure the defense was able to create)I think we did a good job pressuring the quarterback. We hadn't had many sacks this preseason. We placed an emphasis on that this game, and I think we performed well. We wanted to experiment with a few things before next week. I was pleased by the way we performed. (on the defense's mindset heading into the season opener)I think we've performed well as a defense this preseason.  I think we're ready.  We pride ourselves on being a fast and aggressive defense, and I think we've played fast and aggressive.


*(on Vince Young) *"He handled the offense well. He was given the opportunity to run and he ran. He felt comfortable with what he was doing."

(on the Packers first touchdown)"It was a combination of a jam and the overlap. Griffin thought that the corner would make the play, so he didn't finish the play. We will definitely learn from it."

(on the Titans defensive pressure)"Pressure is related to drops. Our first three preseason opponents, the ball was coming out quick. Younger quarterbacks are going to be taking five step drops and when that happens you are going to get pressure."


*(on the offense in the first half) *"We definitely have some things to work on. We didn't get in the end zone, but we did get points every time we got down there. The Packers defense played good – I give them credit."

(on his success running the ball tonight)"We talked about that all week. Some of the time they were going to play four press where the guys under will play man and I will be able to take off. I don't want to force the ball if it isn't there."


(on the fake punt touchdown)"We worked on it quickly this week, so quick that I didn't even believe that Coach Fisher would call it. He winded up calling it and the guys did a great job of blocking. It was definitely a good call."

(on the heading into the season)"We are looking forward to the first game right now. Coach Fisher just made a great point that everything we do right now is getting us ready for September 7th. We have a tough divisional game on opening weekend. You can't ask for anything more than that. It is a beautiful thing."


(on why the starters just played one series)"That was the goal going into it and I didn't think it was going to be one play. I thought about putting them back out there, but our number one priority for the first group was to come out of the game healthy. We felt like our body of work to this point was enough information to answer the questions that we have. This game for us, particularly, was about the evaluation of a number of our younger players."

*(on whether the pecking order of the backup QBs has changed after tonight) *"I think both our young quarterbacks were in some tough spots, particularly early in the game – probably the whole first half. Frankly, I liked the way they went about their business. I thought they both attacked the game for as tough as it got in certain spots in the game I've already alluded to. They kept battling. They did some good things. I thought Matt (Flynn) made some big plays down at the end, but once again it's information that you're using to develop the quarterbacks and we'll continue to do that."

(on how comfortable he is with Rodgers as the starting QB)"I think Aaron's ready to play. I felt that before the preseason started. I think he's done all the things needed to prepare himself for this opportunity. I think he's had a very productive preseason as far as his production in the game in the preseason games. He's had a very good week of practice even with the cut back reps. He's ready to go, so I have no concerns about Aaron Rodgers."

*(on how comfortable he is with the backup QBs) *"I'm as comfortable as I was going into the game. I thought they took another step forward and they need time. And we'll continue to develop them. I think they both have a great future."

(on whether he thought about putting Ryan Grant back in to get him some carries)"Thought about it, decided against it, obviously. I don't what else to tell you."

(on the play of Kregg Lumkin) "I thought Lumkin did a good job. He runs physical. He continues to improve. He breaks tackles. He's a better player when he gets past the line of scrimmage. He gets more comfortable…You see the physicality of his play has increased and I thought he did some good things tonight."


(on his touchdown pass as time expired)"It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun getting out there, getting some rhythm, moving the ball a little bit. You know, we didn't move it as well as we would have liked to at the beginning, but we just kept fighting, kept driving and that's what football is all about."

(on showing no quit at the end despite the two point conversion falling incomplete)"It was a good play call, against an all out blitz. Johnny (Quinn) ran a good route, he didn't come down with it. I think the rule change kind of got us there with the push out, but he made a good play. But we gave it our best. We didn't come out on top, but we had a great play by Jake Allen. He made a great play when I threw it up in the end zone and he just wanted it more. He came down with it, it's a great play, a good drive."

(on if he expected to get as much playing time as he did seeing as the first team offense only executed one play)"Well, we knew that they were probably going to get one drive, and if that one drive was good, the one's would probably sit out. So I think it kind of worked for them, they're excited about it, one play and out, 80-yards, touchdown. It was good for them, and I was just excited to get some more opportunities this week, and I feel like we executed well and we put our best foot forward."

(on if he thinks he's ready for the regular season now that the preseason is over)"Well, you have to look at it as I'm still a rookie. I went through one preseason, got some experience under my belt, got some game time and live action. I feel good about it. I just got to keep making strides, got a lot of work to do. Just keep making strides and getting better."


(on having a solid preseason showing after missing all of 2007)"Yeah, last year I had to have surgery, so it's been a long time. Being back healthy and just running around with the guys and just not having to worry about the pain and stuff, it's a lot fun, I've been glad to be here."

(on the second team defense matching up well with the Titans first team offense)"We got great depth all over on our team. We got a lot of great guys up front, linebackers, DB's. So, you know, we just want to approach the game and just win, no matter who's on the field, the one's or two's or three's, and we just want to take that approach and our mindset and just go on the field and play ball, no matter who's on the field. And I think we did so. We went out there and competed, no matter who's on the opposite side."

(on what it will take to keep the positives displayed in the preseason into the Monday Night Football opener vs. the Vikings) "Just keep working on little things. Get a lot of guys that are injured, get them back on the field. And just keep working on our fundamentals. We'll be good."


(on what has to happen to be ready for the Vikings in the regular season opener)"Just got to turn it up a gear. Whatever happens in the preseason, you got to take it up a gear."

(on keeping the Vikings offensive weapons from finding the end zone)"You know it's going to be tough, but we have to fire power. We have to splash water on their flames and just contain those guys."

(on how the defense is looking upon the completion of preseason games)"I think the defense is good, sometimes it's hard to get a judge because we use so many combinations in the preseason. Different guys are getting different looks at different positions, with different people. So a guy might play SAM and goes over to WILL, you know, things like that. So I think as long as we gel and have the chemistry ready by September 8th, we'll be good."


(on if he is going to get any plays in the playbook after his 4th down scamper)"We'll see what he (Coach McCarthy) does, but I'm not going to say anything."

(on if he thought about going out of bounds instead of cutting back inside) "No, I didn't want to go out of bounds, quarterbacks go out of bounds. I just cut back in, put two hands on the ball to see if I could find anything else."

(on if he knew he had a lot of room to run after the initial defender that burst into the backfield went past him)"I knew that even if I had to make a move initially, I thought, you know, I'd make the move and try to punt the ball. But that guy was right in my face, once I made the move it was open, so I just took off."


(on he and Hodge being all over the field against the Titans first team offense)"We're both good players. I think we have the quality to go against the ones, anybody's ones, so it was pretty much another day, another game for us."

(on keeping the Titans offense at bay)"As linebackers, that's what we hope for, to stop their offense. I think we did a pretty good job and it feels good."

(on getting a lot of snaps on the weak side)"It's a little different, but at the end of the day, it was just playing football. I transitioned well, and, like I said, it was a little different, but it was still downhill, still all the same mechanics you got to incorporate into playing MIKE, it's the same thing with the WILL, on the outside."

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