Titans Offseason Program: Key Dates, and What it All Means



NASHVILLE, Tenn. —** The Titans kicked off their offseason program on Monday morning at Saint Thomas Sports Park.

It's the start of a busy offseason for players, and coaches.

But it's a process with limitations, and different phases leading up to training camp, the preseason, and the regular season. Titans coach Mike Vrabel talked to players this morning. Titans strength and conditioning coach Tom Kanavy will begin to implement his plan with players as well, beginning today.

Players are now allowed to have meetings with position coaches, and they'll get playbooks.

Here's a look at key dates, and what to expect:

Today: Start offseason program.

April 24-26: Voluntary minicamp.

OTAs: May 21-22, May 24, May 29-30, June 1, June 4-7.

Mandatory minicamp: June 12-14.

End July (exact date TBD): Training camp.

Here's a look at the offseason rules, per the NFL Players Association:


Workouts are strictly voluntary; Club officials cannot indicate workouts are anything other than voluntary.

Maximum 4 w/o per week (no weekends), with one week being the mandatory minicamp (not permitted on weekends). 

Contact work is prohibited in all workouts (e.g. "live" blocking, tackling, pass rushing, bump-and-run, etc.).

Intensity and tempo of drills should be at a level conducive to learning, with player safety as the highest priority. 

Phase One (4 hours a day)

(Two weeks, beginning today)

• Limited to strength and conditioning activities ("dead ball"); only strength and conditioning coaches allowed on field

90 minute max on the field.

• Clubs can only specify 2 hours for players to be at the facility.

• Players choose the other 2 hours for weights, etc. 

Phase Two (4 hours a day)

(Three weeks, same rules as phase one apply except):

• All coaches allowed on the field.

• Individual and "perfect play" drills allowed.

• No offense vs. defense, no one - on - one, no helmets

Phase Three (6 hours a day)​

(4 weeks total, 3 weeks for 10 total OTA's)

• A maximum of 3 OTA's each week for the first 2 weeks.

• During Weeks 1 & 2 a 4th non OTA workout is allowed but phase two rules apply.

• A maximum of 4 OTA's for the 3rd or 4th week.

• One week for minicamp.

• No pads except protective knee and elbow pads, helmets are permitted

• No live contact.

• 7 on 7, 9 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills will be permitted provided no live contact takes place

Minicamp (10 hours a day)

• Physicals on Monday but no practice.

• Practices Tuesday-Thursday, with a day off on Friday.

• Allowed two practices totaling 3 ½ hours on the field per day.

• Second practice limited to walk through activities only,

Training camp (begins late July)

• Full padded practices are allowed as team gears up for regular season.

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