Titans Name Siegel High School's Greg Wyant Week 8 H.S. Coach of the Week


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Titans have named Siegel High School's Greg Wyant their Week 8 H.S. Coach of the Week.

This past Friday, Coach Wyant's Stars rushed for 368 yards in a 45-14 victory over the Stewart Creek Red Hawks to keep Siegel's playoff hopes alive.

This season, the Titans are highlighting coaches who are not only seeking to impact the win column, but also the safety of their players. Coach Wyant fits the mold of this season's previous Coach of the Week honorees. Not only does his Siegel Stars wear padded helmets, the team also conducts impact testing on their equipment. Impact testing measures a helmet's ability to sustain forces related to concussions. The equipment must pass certain standards before being used on the field.

We discussed those topics with Coach Wyant and asked about his opinion regarding safety measurements for the game.

When did your club begin impact testing? What made you decide to use protective caps?

Well, you know, it's probably been three years now (since) we started impact testing. We were probably one of the first programs in the state – I know we were first in the county – to get into impact testing. We try to be as proactive as we can on these types of issues (concussions). The caps were something we decided to look into to take another step into trying curtail concussions. We want to give our parents a piece of mind that we are doing all that we can to help protect their kid.

Have you seen a difference in your team's concussion rate?

I believe so; I believe our concussions have gone down from three years ago and are down even more from last year. We (Siegel coaches) have definitely seen a difference.

What are your team parents' thoughts? Do you have idea of what is said about your safety measures?

*They are just excited we are doing what we can to protect the children. *

Coach Wyant will continue his efforts to make the game safer for his student-athletes as he moves forward in the season. The Tennessee Titans wish Coach and the Stars all the best as they make another step closer to securing a spot in the playoffs.  As the Coach of the Week winner, Coach Wyant will receive a $1,000 grant benefiting the Siegel football program.

The Tennessee Titans have provided grants for teams across the state for over 15 years. Over that period, the Titans have provided $182,000 toward the Titans High School Coach of the Week grant program to improve the game throughout Tennessee.

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