Titans making a difference with weekly community visits

Tight ends Jaime Petrowski, Craig Stevens (88) and defensive lineman Ulrich Winkler (middle) visit patients at Saint Thomas Hospital as part of Titans Tuesdays.
NASHVILLE, TN, Nov. 18, 2008 — Titans players once again made their way out into the community today upholding the tradition of Titans Tuesday. As part of the program, Every Tuesday during the season, players make visits to either Baptist or Saint Thomas hospital as well as at a local middle school.

Tight ends Jamie Petrowski and Craig Stevens were joined by defensive lineman Ulrich Winkler as the threesome brightened the day of patients in the oncology and pulmonary wards at Saint Thomas Hospital. The patients, able to escape the mindset of being in a hospital, were beyond excited to meet the players from the Titans days after their victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars this past Sunday.

"Coming to visit the patients today at Saint Thomas reaffirms how much they are behind the Titans and how much us playing good football means to them," said Stevens, a third-round pick in the 2008 draft. "It was great to be able and show them the same support they show us by spending a little worthwhile time with them today."

Defensive tackle Tony Brown spent his day with the students and staff at Wright Middle School. Pictured- Principal Jud Haynie.
Also appearing in the community on Tuesday, defensive tackle Tony Brown who visited Wright Middle School. Speaking to over 800 excited students, Brown discussed the importance of being physically active, eating right, working hard and making good choices. His enthusiasm prompted the students to cheer as if they were watching a game at LP Field, yet he completely held the students' attention while sharing personal stories and advice. After the school-wide assembly, Brown met with a select group of Wright students as chosen for their work in the classroom by administrators.

Brown talked about growing up in a single-parent home in Chattanooga. Citing his mom as his inspiration, he encouraged the kids to always behave, listen to their parents and help out around the house. He reminded the students to "listen to the positive advice from parents and family; it keeps you focused and it helped me get to where I am today."

The fourth-year player told the students that he understood how hard middle school could be and that it's very important to do the right thing. He encouraged the 5 th-8 th graders that even if a good choice does not seem like the cool thing to do, it is still better to help out, to do your work, and to stay away from bad influences.

Brown is known for his infectious smile and upbeat personality and he urged the students to always stay positive. He told them to "walk down the hall with a smile on your face and even if you get weird looks about it, your smile may have made someone else's day better."

Brown poses for a picture with excited students at Wright Middle School.
A multi-sport athlete growing up, Brown also encouraged the students to be physically active as part of the Titans WHAT MOVES U/Play 60 program in conjunction with the American Heart Association. The program encourages youth to get an hour of physical activity each day in effort to fight childhood obesity. This season, as a part of the Titans What Moves U program, there will be six-week challenge at the schools the Titans visit for students to become more physically active. One dedicated student from each participating school will be chosen to attend a meeting with Coach Jeff Fisher and tour the Titans facility at the end of the season.

In addition to the Titans' commitment to promoting fitness, nutrition, and physical activity of kids through the What Moves U program, the team is also working with The National Dairy Council (NDC) to promote healthy lifestyles. As part of a five-year program and $250 million commitment, the NDC and NFL will encourage students to adopt healthy behaviors, make nutritious food choices, and actively inspire positive change among their peers. For more information on the WHAT MOVES U / Play 60 programs and The National Dairy Council program, log on to www.whatmovesu.com or www.schoolwellnesskit.org.

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