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Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Fans


NASHVILLE, Tenn.  – The rookies joined the veterans in the offseason program this week, and in the coming days they'll take the field for organized team activities.

Things are about to get cranked up around here.

Let's get another Titans mailbag cranked up now…

Ryan Murphy from Portland, Oregon

Question: Hi Jim. This is more than an opinion than a question but I think you'll appreciate it. Although "Honor" makes for a funny story, I don't want that nickname to stick with the kid forever. You can tell Harold Landry III is a good sport about it but maybe we can think of a better option. I'd suggest "Judge". It's plays of the "Honor" name mishap and is perfect for a sack artist. Harold "Judge" Landry makes a positive out of a negative. Vince Young you had one job!

Jim: Hey Ryan. It was a funny topic on draft night, and Harold did a good job laughing it off last weekend. But the verdict is still out on whether this nickname will actually stick … :)

Tarn Sandhu from Selma, California

Question: Hey Jim! I was wondering when there will be new wallpapers for your computer and cell phones. The link on the site is gone and on the app it still shows older ones. I'm sure it's being worked on but was wondering if you might know! Titan Up from Selma!!!

Jim: Hey Tarn. Good question. I'm told there will be a new splash screen on the Titans app soon, with other features to follow. So be on the lookout!

Mike Sorey from Medical Lake, Washington

Question: What's up Jim! This is my first time writing this year and I'm looking for u to convince me on this new coach. Last time we hired a new coach I was writing every other week asking for someone to tell me why we hired coach Mularkey. The guy really brought nothing but a boring playbook and a losing record with him. U really boosted up the last coach and said he was gonna be great! So now it's Vrabel and you are saying the same thing about what a great hire this is going to be. Trust me I want to believe u but what makes this coach so much better than the last? I really wouldn't bother writing if I didn't value your opinion! Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Mike. Fair question. I don't necessarily remember saying Mularkey would be "great." I defended him when some were bashing him, and I believe I was right for doing so. He deserves some credit. The team won 9 games in back-to-back years, made it to the playoffs, and won a playoff game for the first time in 14 years. It doesn't matter what he did before he arrived. He helped change the culture, and helped change the results over the last two years. So give the guy some credit. As for Vrabel, I do think he was a good hire, and he's hired a solid staff to work under him, including Matt LaFleur (OC) and Dean Pees (DC). I think he has a chance to take the team to the next level, working alongside Jon Robinson. I think players will respect him, and play hard for him. Watching some practices, I like his style of coaching. He's hands-on with the players. But the season doesn't start until four months. He'll have a chance to prove himself in time.

Jacob Robinson from Iron City, Tennessee

Question:Hey Jim had the chance to see you at the Titans Caravan stop in Florence if I remember right. My question is who is the guy on the team that is the biggest cut up or has the biggest sense of humor? And who is the more reserved guy on the team? Just curious.

Jim: Hey Jacob. Good to see you in Florence. Best sense of humor? I'll go with Taylor Lewan. He's an interesting guy, with a great sense of humor. As for the most reserved, guys like Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor might fit that one. They're more serious, and quieter. But I have a feeling you're going to see some attitude from those guys on the field as they have more success.

Nate Metzger from Paducah, Kentucky

Question: Two part question...

A.)  How much does Jon Robinson make?

B.)  Can ownership double it?

This guy makes all the right moves.

Jim: Good one, Nate.

JD Newbury from Nacogdoches County, Texas

Question: Hello from the Piney Woods of East Texas!! I have a comment followed by a question if ya don't mind, sir. First off, I'm a long-time fan of the Oiler/Titan franchise!! While my entire family have always been Dallas Cowboys fans, my Mom was the black sheep by proudly proclaiming she was all about some Luv Ya Blue, and proceeded to raise her only child as an Oiler fan! For my birthday, she took me to see the last game the Oilers would ever play the Steelers in the Astrodome!! I'll never forget it, Chris Chandler managing the game as Eddie George punished the Steeler D into a pulp! I also got a first-hand look at the legend that would become Steve "Air" McNair as he came in for Chandler in the 4th quarter!! I met Eddie, Steve and Mr. Jeff Fisher after the game and my life seemed complete in those moments!! I have felt the pain of defeat (1993, will say no more of it), and the thrill of victory (Music City Miracle!!), I have been here for the ups and downs!! However, I see a difference in this organization, I see a light shining brighter and bolder than ever, and I do believe that light was switched on by JRob! He has built this organization into a consistent, positively cultured group of winners, and has done it outside in and back to inside out!! Also, I believe wholeheartedly that the late, great Bud Adams is in that Big AFL Stadium in the Sky beaming with pride and bragging to his old buddy Mr. Lamar Hunt about how his daughter, Mrs. Amy Adams Strunk, has conducted business!! Jim, I don't know how much you follow baseball, but the progression of our Titan organization strongly reminds me of my favorite baseball team, the Houston Astros and how they have gone from laughing stock to World Champs!! It all started with Jim Crane buying the team, hiring Jeff Luhnow as GM, a young AJ Hinch as manager, filling their farm system with studs, and more importantly, developing and fostering a winning culture from within. Like the Astros, JRob and our Titans are now set to be contenders for a long time to come!! I will not make bold predictions, but I will say this, I (knew) when the Astros turned that all important corner from bottom feeders to champs, and guess what, they lost over 100 games that year, BUT, the future was obvious!! Sorry for being long winded, but just like with social media, I never really say much until I have something real to say!! One prediction I'll make is for #8: Marcus will pass for 4000 plus, 30 TD's, rush for 350 plus with 5 TD's, he is going to set the NFL ablaze!! One question, do you share my vision in seeing Rashaan moving to OLB with Landry opposite him on 3rd and longs or obvious passing situations? Wow, how horrible it would feel being a Right or Left O-Tackle in that situation after having to be battered by Rak and Morgan the first couple downs!! Thank you for your time, Jim, you do an outstanding job keeping our Titan family in the know! Again, thank you and God bless!!! Go Titans!!!

Jim: *Well JD, thanks for taking the time to share your background, thoughts, and comments. As for Rashaan Evans, he was drafted to be an inside backer, but he can get after the quarterback. He proved that at Alabama, and I think he'll get chances in the NFL as well. Where he lines up, well, that remains to be seen. *

Have a great weekend everyone!

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