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Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Fans


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Another week into the offseason, and another week closer to the NFL Draft.

The roster is taking shape, and more pieces will soon be added.

This Titans mailbag rounded into form this week again as well, thanks to some solid questions.

Let's get this off the runway …. 

Travis West from Huntsville, Alabama

Question: Hey Jim. Things are looking GREAT for this team lately and I love it but I think most of us can agree that we underachieved last year and a big part of that was due to using a system that severely hindered the offense. My question is, do you know anything about the offensive scheme we'll be running with the new coaches? I sure would love to see some west coast no huddle and let Marcus Mariota run the show.

Jim: Hey Travis. Last year was a solid season – first playoff appearance since 2008, first playoff win since 2003. But most players do feel like they underachieved as a team. I'm expecting things to be more wide-open with new offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur. What does that mean exactly? Hard to say without seeing a practice, but more Run-Pass Option plays are expected, and Mariota should be more than just a complimentary piece. A lot to monitor here.

Patrick Brien from Visalia, California

Question: We'll probably find out in a few days but do you know if the Titans will have new practice jerseys as well?

Jim: Good question. Been told the colors of the practice jerseys will remain the same, but the number fonts will be different – they'll match the new game jerseys.

Bertie Robertson from Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim...always enjoy you and your column. Recently a fan asked about a red jersey and you said there had never worn red...I have an autographed red Frank Wycheck jersey, he signed for me..was this just something commemorative?.. Thanks for answering. new uniforms ..

Jim: Hey Bertie. Appreciate it you reading. Yeah, I've seen those red jerseys around. I still see them at games. But it was a novelty/commemorative jersey. I know there were rumors in the past the team would one day wear red around Christmas, but it was never in play. The Titans have never worn red, and it's not in the mix moving forward either.

Kevin Davis from Scranton, Pennsylvania

Question: Hey Jim, Love the work you do, keep up the great work. Any idea when the NFL will be releasing the 2018 schedule? Also is there a chance that the Titans could kick off the regular season against the defending Super Bowl Champs the Philadelphia Eagles. Thank you for your time

Jim: Hey Kevin. Now that the preseason schedule is out, I'm expecting the regular season schedule to be out within the week. I'm betting mid-week. I don't think the Eagles will be the opener, though. In recent years, the NFL has awarded the previous year's Super Bowl winner with a home Thursday night game to kick off the season. Since the Eagles are scheduled to visit Nissan Stadium, a Titans-Eagles scenario in the opener wouldn't fit.

Alberto Tellez from Durango, Mexico

Question: Mi estimado Jim una vez mas preguntándote, sobre nuestro amor y pasión los Titans. Desde mi punto de vista nuestras necesidades principales hoy, son un NT, Edge, ILB y OG. Pero la que mas me tiene nervioso, es no tener un NT natural, se que Jones y Johnson pueden jugar ahí, pero no es la posición de ellos pues no tienen el bajo centro de gravedad y el peso para jugar ahí. De los Edge creo que habra que tomar en el Draft al mejor Edge que este disponible en la posición 25 de la Primera ronda. En cuanto al ILB entre Jayon Brown y Will Compton pueden hacer el trabajo de Williamson. Deblos OG con Pamphile y Sua Filo, creotendran buena competencia con Spain y Kline. Saludos a todo el equipo a la Sra. Adams y a Jon. Los uniformes están fabulosos. Dion y Malcolm dos grandes jugadores que vienen a sumar. Espero y se firme a Jonaathan Hankins. Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hola Alberto. Gracias por la pregunta. Creo que llegó antes de que el equipo firmara a Bennie Logan esta semana, así que esa posición es ahora sólida dentro. Espero que Logan y Austin Johnson luchen y se dieran tiempo para jugar. Espero que un corredor de pases para estar en juego en la selección no. 25, y más allá. En cuanto a la competencia en el apoyador interior, usted está en lo cierto, pero esto podría ser abordado en el proyecto también. La línea ofensiva interior también verá una batalla. Y estoy de acuerdo contigo en los uniformes. Gracias por las preguntas. ¡ que tengas un gran día!

Brian Roos from California

Question: Hey Jim! I want to know what you think about what the Titans have done with their Line. (protecting Marcus Mariota/#thehawaiianbreeze ). Do you see any obvious weaknesses, and if so, what are they? I am really excited about this year, but want to see Mariota have more time to make the right decisions. Love your Q&A! #thehawaiianbreeze. Thanks, from a diehard fan out here in California.

Jim: Hey Brian. Well, I think the team has added some good competition inside with interior linemen Kevin Pamphile (formerly of Bucs) and Xavier Su'a-Filo (formerly with Texans). Quinton Spain signed his tender, but he'll be in a completion. Josh Kline signed an extension, and will start at guard. But plenty TBD here. I'm expecting Ben Jones to man the middle, and tackles Taylor Lewan and Jack Conklin to line up on the outside. Conklin is recovering from a torn ACL, so his health is a bit of a question mark right now. I think the o-line will be solid, and I also think there's a possibility more competition is added in the upcoming NFL Draft.

William Gamble from Big Lake, Alaska

Question: Dear Jim. Have there been any discussions on retiring Steve McNair and Eddie George's numbers? Also what would be the chances of updating our Hall of Fame this year? There are a lot of players since last time that deserve that honor.

Jim: Hey William. I get that question from time to time. Two great Titans in McNair and George, but haven't heard buzz on the possibility of the numbers being retired. As for updating the Hall, that's the owners call, and she hasn't said anything publicly about it. I'll try and ask her the next time I see her and let you know if anything is in the works.

Terry Rogers from Bowling Green, Kentucky

Question: Hey Jim. I wanted to wait a couple of days before commenting on the new Titans uni's. Sometimes snap judgements are not the best way to go. Since I am a long time Titan's fan and have had PSL's all the back to 1999 I don't want to come off as too negative about a team and organization that I have enjoyed supporting for a very long time. My first thought was that the changes were too minor to get excited about one way or another so right now I just feel like it was much ado about nothing but maybe the changes will grow on me. I am certainly willing to give them a try. My biggest complaint now is about having to pay $10 for a beer at the stadium, although Joe, my beer guy, makes it seem worthwhile!

Jim: Hey Terry. Appreciate the email, and feedback. I've found the uniforms are kind of like the Super Bowl halftime show – some people love 'em, and some don't. I've found most folks like them, but I know others out there aren't in this camp. Personally, I think they're pretty cool. And here's to Joe for making the cold beer experience a good one! Cheers!

J Williams from Danbury, Texas

Question: Sorry, Jim - another later one - addendum to the last late one. Steve Watterson retirement: Over the years, Steve was always on the sideline - he was a stable pillar of our team since the Oiler days. I will miss him on the sideline - always involved in the game - always excited and encouraging to the guys. Bless your retirement Mr. Watterson. I will personally miss your presence on the sideline on the TV, or at the games

Jim: Hey J. I'll miss seeing Steve around as well – it won't be the same without him. He had a great career with the organization, and he was always fun to be around. He was a great ideas guy, a prankster, and a calming influence for those around him as well. Tom Kanavy is solid, though. Good background, and solid in his teaching methods. He'll do a good job.

Have a great weekend everyone! looks back at some of the team's #1 draft picks over the years. (AP Photos)

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