Titans Lend Skills to High School Tournament of Champions

The Tennessee Titans made a short trip to Hillsboro Comprehensive High School for the "Tournament of Champions."  Hillsboro High, a Nashville Metro Public School, held the "Tournament of Champions" Friday afternoon on the track and field to celebrate Hillsboro's many successful student groups this year.

Titans player Casey Cramer gathered teammates, David Ball, Pete Clifford, Tuff Harris, Matt Mulligan and Craig Stevens to participate in the opening ceremonies as well as referee the event.  Hillsboro High represents a largely diverse student population and school administrators decided to celebrate the school's diversity through this unique event.  Representatives from each student group comprised eleven teams, including "Anime (Japanese art) Club," "Culinary Arts Club," "Freshmen Girls' Basketball," "Boys Bowling," "Marching Band," "Varsity Track," "Varsity Football," "Varsity Girls' Basketball," "Sophisticats (advanced choir)," "We the People," and "Student Council."

The teams participated in an array of challenges such as the dizzy bat contest, egg toss, chicken walk, hula-hoop and several others. Each challenge promoted a team-building opportunity, where success was determined through effective peer communication, good sportsmanship, along with mental and athletic prowess. Titans players provided moral support to each team and coached the students through each event.

Points were awarded after each challenge, eliminating teams down to two. In the final challenge, the medley relay, "Student Council" edged out "We The People" by a hair to win the overall competition.

The highly successful event was due to the efforts of Renee Draughon, April Snodgrass, Kelly Cummins, committed Hillsboro teachers, co-coordinator Emily Byers as the emcee, and Titans players.

"The guys (Titans Players) were great," said Emily Byers, event co-chair. "They really set an example for our kids that no matter how successful one is in life, giving back to the community is extremely important.  They truly exemplified everything that the Titans organization stands for and our students and athletes hope to achieve"

Hillsboro Comprehensive High School's mission is to celebrate successful student organizations in a largely diverse high school population, while promoting unity among the student body and the surrounding community.

Since the team's arrival in 1997, the Tennessee Titans have a proud tradition of commitment to assist educators as area schools prepare today's youth for a successful future.

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