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Titans-Jaguars Postgame Quotes


(opening statements)

Yeah, this Jaguar-Titan matchup over the years comes down to who runs it and who doesn't. Today they ran it and we didn't. They ran it and we didn't stop it, and they stopped our run and that is the difference in the ball game.

And when you are in a game like this, you need to need to throw and catch the football and (we) had too many drops and we just didn't make any plays. And when December comes around, you run the football and you stop the run. We didn't do that today and that was the difference in the ball game. And (we) will get the run game going, keep the defense off the field, convert some third downs, and we will get it going.

But, we have got to find a way to win a football game. We've got a short week and put this behind us. We've got a huge challenge in the Colts.

(on if there was a question about players' effort)

I will look at the tape, but it looked like to me everybody was playing hard, trying to make plays. You know, we surge, made a play, get some energy and then we have a penalty and can't overcome the drive.

(on concern moving forward)

No, we have a completely different challenge this week. When you play in this division, you play different teams and we have a completely different challenge this week. So, their (the Colts) defense, their pass rush and Peyton (Manning) and the challenges associated with him will completely turn this thing around.

(on reversal of roles from previous games)

We split games with them in the division this year in identical ways. We ran the football up there on Monday night. We threw it, made plays, stopped the run, got turnovers. That is exactly what they did today.

(on offensive play calling today)

Mike (offensive coordinator  Heimerdinger). Dowell (Loggains) sent the play to the quarterback. Mike called the game from upstairs.

(on offense not getting into sync)

Well, we had two penalties the first drive. That creates a problem. (We had) the false start, then you have a holding penalty. (It's) hard to convert those things. We have to play perfect right now and we are not doing that. We are going to continue to work on it, but we've gone quarters and quarters without scoring a touchdown, and that's got to change.

(on Kerry Collins' being off target)

It's a cold day; it's hard to be real accurate, but I thought Kerry made some plays, made some throws, just a number of balls that weren't caught.

(on frustration with fundamentals – missed tackles, penalties)

We had four penalties today, so I'll look at Jake's (Scott) - Jake didn't think it was a penalty but at least that's what I thought we had. But yeah, catching the football, the weather changes you adjust, you make those adjustments, guys step up and make the tough catches. And of course you've got to tackle and we just didn't tackle well today. 

(on time of possession hurting the offense)

It's hurting the team overall. It's been week after week after week now where we've lost a ton of possession, significantly, it's not a minute or two, it's a third of the game and that's got to change. We've got to change. That's the way we used to be, that's not the way we are right now and that has to change.

(on making lineup changes)

I'll take that into consideration. It's a short week, but I'll take that into consideration.

(on getting back into this game)

We felt we were close. All we needed was a couple of plays. We came out of halftime knowing that we just needed to make a couple of plays and we can get in this, and they gave us some opportunities. It's certainly a big difference between fourth-and-eight and fourth-and-three and the challenge created a fourth-and-three and we got to make the play and convert.

(on keeping players believing and moving forward)

We are going to put this behind us again. That's how we got out of it last year. We put it behind us and we'll get ready. We've got a huge challenge in the division on a short week.

(on getting Chris Johnson going)

You know, just more opportunities. A lot less third-and-ones on defense, third-and-twos, (we need) third-and-seven-plus, get the ball back, more drives, just more possessions. We can't get a running back going with keeping the ball for 22 minutes.

(on Kenny Britt being ready for Thursday night)

I think he's got a chance, yes.


(on the feeling in the locker room)

The frustration level is high. We certainly had our opportunities today to put points on the board and be in the game. In the first half, we had trouble converting third downs. I thought in the second half we came out with good tempo and we were making plays. We just didn't make the plays we needed to make to get back in the ball game.

(on struggling on the field)

You look at today; there is not one guy who can say that they didn't have something to do with this. Offensively, I could have thrown the ball better. There were more plays out there to be made and for whatever reason, we didn't make them. I know this: I definitely left some things out there. That is extremely frustrating.

(on the mistakes on the field)

It seems like those things are happening. We are putting ourselves in situations where we don't overcome them. When you are struggling, those kinds of things become magnified. Just like my interception in the first half or not throwing a better ball to Randy (Moss), whatever it may be. We are not doing the things to overcome those things. We have got to find a way to do it. We have a short week.

(on a lack of concentration or effort)

I didn't see a lack of effort. The effort was there the first half, we just didn't make plays. In the second half, we came out with good tempo and moved the ball. We really put together some good drives and for whatever reason, they stalled. When you are struggling a little bit and you have a negative play here and there, then it just becomes magnified and harder to overcome.

(on the Jaguars' long drives)

That is their deal. They are a ball control team. They run the ball well. Number 32 (Maurice Jones-Drew) is a really good player. We knew that coming in. That is their M.O. When you have a game like that, the possessions become all the more critical. When we don't make the plays we need to make and leave things out there, it kind of plays right into their hands. That is why what happened today happened.

(on a lack of confidence with the team)

Certainly it is being tested. I know we all need to let this one hurt for a little bit and then get past it. It is time to find out what we are made of. I didn't see anyone lay down. I didn't see any quit in anybody and I don't think I will. We have just got to find a way to play better. We need to go back to worrying about the little things and just play better, period.

(on if all the distractions are hurting the team)

I don't think so. Those things, to me, go on during the week. On Sunday, you have got to be able to focus. That is just part of it. That happens all over the NFL. I don't sense that from our team. I sense that guys are focusing into it. We have just got to make more plays 

(on offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger's involvement)

Mike was in the box calling plays through Dowell (Loggains) on the sideline. I didn't feel like there were any problems with it. I felt like we had good stuff coming into it. There were plays out there to be made that we just didn't make.

(on going over three games without scoring an offensive touchdown)

It is what it is. We have got to face the facts. We have got to face reality. We are not doing what we need to do to put the ball in the end zone. The only thing I know how to do is just come back and work at it and fight and try to get it done next time we play.

(on keeping athletes into it)

It can be a challenge, but here is the bottom line: we are all professionals. I say this all the time, you have got to be able to put things behind you. We have got a game coming up on Thursday against a good football team. We have got to be able to put this behind us and move on. That is part of life in the NFL, win, lose or draw. That is just what we have to do. Just like we did coming out of the second half today, I sensed guys were still fighting, were still into it. I expect that to continue the rest of the year.

(on the short week this week)

There is going to be advantages to it and disadvantages. Obviously the guys who are nicked will have less time to heal. The way things went today, I think we are all looking forward to getting back on the field as quickly as possible.

(on knowing Indianapolis well)

Obviously preparing for them twice a year, we definitely know what they are all about. We have got to focus that much harder being a short week and put it all in perspective and move on from this one and go forward.

(on how his calf feels)

It feels fine.

(on the frustrations of not getting Randy Moss the ball)

There is a lot of frustrations going around in different aspects and that is definitely one of them. I had an opportunity to make a play and I didn't throw the greatest ball to him. We will keep trying to find ways to do it. We have got to. He is that kind of guy.

(on if his finger bothered him in the cold)

Not at all.

(on getting Kenny Britt back)

Kenny was playing great when he got hurt. Certainly when he is able to come back, we will be glad he is back. Injuries are part of it. Injuries are part of what you have to deal with and hopefully we will get him back pretty soon and he can go back to doing the good things he was doing.


(on Titans defensive effort)

They did whatever they wanted. We didn't make any plays and we didn't play good at all … Until we see the film, I don't know what it was, but it wasn't good.  We had opportunities but we just didn't come up with big plays, offensively or defensively.  It was something, but I don't know.

(on Titans tackling)

That goes along with making plays.  You try to get them stopped and can't give them extra yards.  It's a collective effort, so all of us instead of pointing fingers, point the thumb (back at ourselves). 

(on Titans all pulling now in same direction)

I think everyone's mind is in the right direction but we need to watch film and see what happened and correct mistakes. 


(on Titans defensive effort today)

There were no adjustments to be made.  They were running the ball and we needed to stop them. We've got to find a way to stop them.  And we didn't do that today.  I don't know what it is, or what we've got to do, but we have to find out quick and in a hurry.  We represent this organization and we represent ourselves and we owe the fans much better play than what we've been playing. We're still trying to figure it out and we just lost the game.  We'll watch the film, but outside looking in, we just couldn't stop the run.  The run was a big Achilles' heel to us today and we didn't get the job done.  We owe it to the fans to play better and we will play better.  It's a matter of  finding out what's going on, pin-pointing it and going forward.

(on possibility that some Titans players may be letting up)

I don't think so.  I know that I haven't.  I never give up and I tell them, 'I'm going to give you all I've got and you give me all you've got.'  The guys go out and give me all they've got.  I don't know what it is. Something that we've got to zone in better on, and get better at.    

(on solution for Titans problems)

We've got to find a way. Get in the film room again and evaluate ourselves.  Be real with yourself and see what you can do better to help this team.  We've got to find out what the problem is and address it in a hurry, because we still have games left and we have to find a way to win. 


(on what is happening to Titans offense)

We keep getting penalties, we keep making turnovers, and anytime you do that in the National Football League, you're going to pay for it.  We've been paying by not scoring touchdowns.  It's hard to explain.  We have to look at ourselves as professionals and go out there and perform at a high level, know our assignments, and know what we're supposed to do.  We've got to get back to doing that.   

(on what Titans can do to turn things around)

Start back from square zero.  Everybody take a look in the mirror, correct themselves and just come back ready to play.  Get in the books, study harder than our opponents, know your assignments and when it's time to get it done this coming Thursday, be ready to play and play.


(on Titans woes)

It's just one of those things. We've got to get it corrected, we've got to get it fixed.  Obviously coming into any game we're expecting to put up points and stop points from being put up, but it didn't happen today.  They were a better team.  Jacksonville ran the ball well and threw the ball well.  We fell short when we needed to score. 

(on what Titans may do remainder of season)

I stay ready.  Today was one of those things where I knew we were going to be going on a lot of  fourth downs trying to get points.  We had to move the ball.  We needed touchdowns.  Three points wasn't going to cut it.  I want to see these guys (Titans offense) scoring touchdowns. We all want to see them scoring touchdowns.  We don't want to be putting up threes, we want to put up sevens.  We'll try to get this thing right for the last four games.  We've got three divisional games, so hopefully we can get this thing right and put up those four wins and have a chance to make the playoffs.  But it has to start this next week.  This Thursday night.


(on what Titans offensive problem is)

It's kind of hard to say.  We just need to continue to try to execute.  I can say it's not a lack of effort at practice, getting ourselves ready mentally and physically ready for the actual game day.  I feel we work hard at practice.  Everybody does.  We just need to continue try to stay motivated, keep our heads up and keep pushing forward.    We just need to try to keep doing better and stay motivated to score.


(on emotions shown walking off the field)

You don't like this spot. It is not a good feeling.  It is not a good feeling.  But it's something that you; in this sense it's funny, you have to cherish that feeling.  That feeling that I had walking off the field; that is something that you cherish.  That is something that you always keep with you for as long as you play.  That feeling when you look into a fan's eyes and they are down, and they feel like they just played the game with you and they are sad for you too.  That is a feeling that you always want to keep.  You keep that and you hold that, and every time that you start feeling a little tired and you start feeling a little down, you remember that feeling and you bring even more effort to the table. 

(on frustration of not figuring out problems)

It's like life.  Football is like life.  Adversity can strike anytime.  I could drive my car right now and get a flat, unexpectedly.  What I am going to do? Am I just going to sit there and just wait until somebody fixes it, or I am I going to get out of the car and fix it myself?  The ball can bounce either way.  It's about what you say you are going to do about it.  You can sit here and mope, and just point fingers.  This isn't what this locker room is about.  That is why you haven't seen it.  This is why I can keep smiling day in and day out, because I know that I have another opportunity to work.  I've got another opportunity to work and get better; and get this thing on the right track.  Just as easily as we've lost the few games, we can just as easily win the rest of the games.  There is no reason that we can't. 


(on how tough it is to bounce back)

It's real hard.   The mindset is on to the next one, to tell you the truth.  We can't lick our wounds for too long.  We've got the Colts on Thursday; five game losing streak.  The only way to stop the bleeding is to win the game.   

(on Jacksonville's execution)

They controlled the clock, ran the ball, ran the ball.  (David) Garrard didn't have to do too much as far as throwing.  They executed, we didn't. 



(opening statement)

That was a real big divisional win for us to come here and get after the Titans the way we did.  In this series, the team that has won the physical battle has won the game a large percentage of the time.  We knew it was going to take that coming in and we did solid job on both fronts.  Obviously, Maurice Jones-Drew was special today and we rode Maurice hard today.  He had a superb game; I think he had a career-high today in rushing yards.  True to Maurice, I talk about him, I've talked about him being a champion and having the heart of a champion and part of that is having the humility.  The team was just kind of celebrating his day and everybody wanted him to say something and the first thing he said was it is all about the offensive line and you guys did a great job for me today.  That kind of humility is really what this group of guys have been about, unselfish, hardworking, committed, staying together, getting better.  We feel as a football team we are getting better.  We know we need to be better down the stretch here in December and this is certainly a big ball game for us to get this one here.    

(on the difference between the first game against Tennessee and today)

Well we just played a lot better football.  We played across the board really.  We made plays and it comes down to making plays.  We didn't let Chris (Johnson) get going.  We were pretty solid against the run. We forced a few turnovers and didn't give up the ball ourselves.  And we ran the ball very well today.   

(on the challenge to Jones-Drew to get 150 rushing yards and why)

That challenge doesn't stop now that he has reached it.  He responded well to the challenge.  We started talking about that five weeks ago and I think that is five straight over 100 and he is coming on playing really great football for us right now. 

I didn't give it that much thought on why 150, it's not a magical number. I can't pretend to take that too far. **

(on how it felt at the end of the game to run the clock out)

We have had big games against them before and when we have controlled the game it's been a lot like that.  The team that wins the hitting battle typically wins this ball game.  We have had some big wins before, we have had other big efforts like that but we needed this one today.   The last time we had that type of outing was back maybe in 2007 when we went into the playoffs, but I don't know. You will have to look and see historically when it is, but I know we have had those days before and it was great to get one today. 

(on comparing last year's 7-5 team at the current point of the season, to this year's team)

I think anybody that's covered us, and been around us, knows this is a different team. Certainly we do feel well positioned.  Seven-and-five right now has us in the lead in our division. We are playing good football. We've won four of our last five; we're gaining confidence as a football team. We are doing some of things you have to do, as a team to give yourself chance to win games to win games. We know there is room for growth and we are working hard at it. I like the humble approach our football team is taking. It's an unselfish approach. We want to recognize the amount of work that is still in front of us. So, we will keep grinding and pushing to become a little better and prepare each week to win the battles that we face. Last year's 7-5 didn't have us in first.

(on the importance of the opening drive setting the tone)

It was a convincing way to begin the game. Clearly, we came in with a certain mentality. We knew what was at stake. We talked to our guys this week, we understand, you can't think that anybody that pays any attention wouldn't understand exactly what's at stake. We have to play good football and stack some wins up. We all know that, or knew that, coming in. What I talk to our guys about is being loose and purposeful. So, I want us to recognize that we are doing some good things. We are a good football team. I want us to not get tight. I want us to be loose. At the same time, there has to be a purpose about everything we are doing because we are on a mission. I thought our guys did a great job going about our work.

Greg Jones (FB) spoke to our team Saturday. He talked about the need to finish here in December with the opportunities that we have and finish this ball game. I thought you saw a great example of us doing just that. He was the lead blocker on a lot of those runs at the end to finish the ball game. It was a nice day today.  We will heal up and get ready for the Raiders next.

(on the ability to convert on third and fourth downs)

That's one of the keys of being able to run it. One of the keys of being able to possess the ball is making third down conversions. Conversely on defense, if you don't want to spend all day on the field, you have got to get off on third down. So, that's one of the keys in this league, I think it ranks somewhere behind turnover ratio, protecting the football is number one. We were able to do that today and I think that went a long way toward us being successful.  

(on defense improving from last game)

I don't know if I would go back to that particular game myself. Although, feeling the pain, sometimes is a good reminder. It's really, for us, we've made steps.  I really feel like, going into the game before a bye, the Cowboy game, I thought we did some things there and kind of turned the corner in terms of coming together. We've just made progress; we've just made steady progress throughout the course of the year.

I'm disappointed that we didn't pitch a shut out. I would like to see some shutouts come back to Jacksonville. We just haven't earned that yet. We have played well in spurts. We are shutting people out and shutting them out for a half, three quarters, and that's what we are striving for. We want to become a great defense again. We are playing well in spurts but we are not quite there.

(on the sense of a possible showdown for division title with Indianapolis)

No I don't, at all. What I really sense is that we have the Oakland Raiders coming up in about seven days. That's my childhood team; I actually remain a Raiders fan. Obviously, I'm a Jaguars coach, first and foremost a Jaguar. I have always been a fan of the Raiders and the silver and black. We will be ready to play that game. We know that what's most important is the next opportunity we have as a football team. I really believe our guys understand that. We will fly back and enjoy the flight and then we will get back to work. Preparation will begin for the Raiders' game. That's the next one and that's the biggest one.


(on difference between this year's 7-5 team and last year's 7-5 team)

I think this team is resilient. We're shown it all year long. We've had some ups and downs. We've been able to respond to some bad games, to some adverse situations in games and still be able to pull out the wins. I just think this team has bought in. They've bought in the way that Jack (Del Rio) and Gene (Smith), the way they have brought these guys in here, the right guys, the guys that prepare each week, that are hungry each week to win. We have a combination of all those things. We're just real determined and we're not going to beat ourselves this year. The core guys that we do have here, they've just bought in. They're excited about what we have going on here. There's no me's, there's no I's on this team. It truly is a team. And everybody has bought into that idea.

(on performance of the passing game)

The few times we did have those opportunities, I feel like I was seeing exactly what they were giving us. I was just going through my reads and the offensive line did a great job for me, allowing me to get the ball out of my hand. But really, they did a great job of allowing Mo to get the yards that he got today and the many attempts that we had. In cold weather games, snow flurries, that kind of stuff, you really have to be able to run the ball in those situations. When you get closer to the end, to the playoffs, those kind of things, the weather's going to be bad most places. Just like in '07 going to Pittsburgh both times, not the best, not the ideal conditions. We have a group of guys who are determined. When you can run the ball like we did today, you give yourself a great chance.

(on finishing the season strongly)

When you get down here close to the end of the season, close to playoff time, it's the teams that are separating themselves that are executing on offense, executing on defense, and making plays. If you come out and get a fast start in these ballgames, you can really submit your will and make them have a long day. That's what we have to do, continue to come after guys. We have to continue to attack and not let it be easy for anybody.

(on importance of scoring on opening drive)

It's very important to come out to a fast start. We preach it all week long. We have really good success in a game when we come out to a fast start like that and we go down and get points. That does nothing but help us.

(on importance of division win)

It was huge. It was a huge game and a game that we had to have. In division, we're right there at the top and we don't want to give anybody any more games. We've had it in the past where one team has just exploded out of the gates and made it tough on everybody else. We're right up there and right now leading it. We just have to continue on that same path and in that same mindset. We believe that this is a great year for us.


(on him having one of his best running days)**

It hard to say that when I had the guys in front of me did what they did today. I only had to make one guy miss most of the time. Guys are running down field blocking doing a great job of keeping guys off me. Receivers did a great job of getting down on their safeties. That performance was a total team effort. I know I was carrying the ball but without those guys blocking and Greg Jones sometime sealing a guy off or going out kicking his guy out, pretty much knocking a guy down, it wouldn't have happened.  

*(on how fun it was to have a day like today)       *

It's real fun. They came to our home and put it on us pretty bad, ran all over us. Well they really didn't run all over us. We did a really good job stopping the run until late in the game. They stuffed our run game and they made us one-dimensional. So today we wanted to come out and make it physical, be able to do a little bit of both and that's what we did. We were able to throw the ball well and run the ball well at the same time. I think we're great when we're balanced. So we just want to continue being a balanced offense and keep improving week after week.

(on Jack Del Rio challenging him a few weeks back)

It's a challenge, definitely a challenge. Week after week you want to please your head coach and please all the players around you. I think the offensive line took it more personal than that. We've rushed the ball I think for 200 yards the last couple of games and that's credit to those guys, our tight end Marcedes Lewis, Zach Miller, Zach Potter and our receivers down field blocking. Like I said, our team is a total team effort. We don't come out here to say that we had one guy. We've got a lot of playmakers and we're going to just keep trying to get them the ball and make plays.

(on having the feeling of it coming down to a showdown with the Colts)

It's a possibility but we've got to go through a tough Oakland team first. We've been watching them throughout the season and they're getting better. They stop the run well. They have an explosive offense. We're going to have to get to them before we can get to Indianapolis. So right now we're going to take it one game at a time and keep improving as a team.

(on his and David Garrard's ability to break tackles)

Well David (Garrard) is our big back. He does a great job of making guys miss in the field alone. He'll lower his shoulder when he has to. Like I said it before, it was a total team effort. We can all run the ball, David included. Also, you saw that Zach Miller got a chance to run the ball a little today and we're kind of slowly but surely evolving as an offense. We just want to continue on that roll.

(on if he likes being the focal point of the offense especially in a playoff run)

I think that's what everyone wants to do but here it's not really that. We've got an opportunity to continue to win and try to win our division. Like I said before, I couldn't of done this by myself. Those guys were doing a hell of a job moving guys out the way. Vinny (Manuwai) pulling around on some of our power plays, creating a hole. Our offensive line mushing guys off the ball and sometimes David would keep it. Everything was clicking today so we just want to keep working on that and improving as an offense. We know we've got a tough pass against Oakland and that's what our next challenge is.

(on what Chris Johnson is going through being a good running back on a struggling team)

Chris is a great running back. Once you get that recognition, like when I first got here we were a great running team and you could see eight, nine guys in the box. You could try to spread them out if you want to but guys are going to load the box and make you throw the ball on them. He is starting to see that. He's doing a great job. He had some great runs today, making guys miss in the hole and that's what you've got to do. I know it gets frustrating at times but you just got to continue to work as an offense. The running game is only one part of the machine. You got to be able to throw and do a couple of other things as well, block guys and make guys miss. We were on that part on Monday Night and we couldn't do anything right. We couldn't run the ball, we couldn't throw the ball and they did a great job. We were able to come back and make it our type of game.

(on being 7-5 this time last year and which team is better)

Well our experience is better. We understand that we've got to take it one game at a time.  That's all you've been hearing us say is one game at a time because last year you see the playoffs and I'm not saying that we were overlooking anybody but in the back of our minds, we were thinking about playoffs. So right now, it's about doing whatever we can to keep pushing, keep fighting, scratching and crawling. Whatever it takes to get a victory. Our defense did a great job. There was sometimes in the second half when we didn't get a drive going and the defense stopped them. Our special teams made great plays and it gave us another opportunity as an offense to go. We've got to be a great team to get into these playoffs. Our next challenge is Oakland and that's all that really matters.

(on going for it on fourth downs)

We want to be an aggressive offense, aggressive team. That's what we've been doing before. This week was a divisional game and we knew that we had to really make it physical, a type of game that we want to play which is physical. We are going to get third-and-shorts, fourth-and-shorts and go for it and put it on our offensive line. Those guys stepped up to the challenge and moved guys off the ball, quarterback sneak with David twice. We ran a power one time when Rashad (Jennings) scored. When the guys are opening holes like that, you have no choice but to recognize them.**  


(on the game)

To play like we did feels great.  We are really gaining momentum at the right time of the year.  This team is really clicking right now and it feels good.

(on avenging the loss to Tennessee earlier in the season)

We knew we needed to play better than we did in that Monday night game against these guys.  It started with being physical.  They are a physical team and we had to be physical today.  We were able to run the ball and keep pounding it and that was key for us.


(on his interception)

We wanted to get takeaways on defense and put the offense in position to score.  It was huge early in the game.

(on covering Randy Moss)

It is an opportunity to show yourself matching up against those guys that are deemed to be the best in the league.  You relish those opportunities. 

(on the victory)

We realized that we control our own destiny.  We wanted to make sure to take advantage of  this opportunity to come on the road into their house and jump out fast.  Not only do you have to start fast, but you have to finish faster.


(on stopping Chris Johnson)

We were upset about the way we played last game against these guys on Monday Night Football.  We kind of held Chris Johnson all the way to the end of the game and he busts one for a long run in the fourth quarter.  We didn't want him to get 100 yards today.  That was our whole entire goal. 

(on the play of the defense)

We knew with the opportunity that we had in front of us.  If the defense played good defense our offense was going to take care of business.  Keeping them out of the end zone was huge.  We could have cleaned up a little bit in the third and fourth quarter, but the effort we had all game long was great.

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