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Titans-Jaguars Postgame Quotes


"Clearly, our plan during the week, out of respect for their offense, defense and special teams, was to keep their offense off the field and we were able to do that – both the run game and converting third downs tonight.  The defense and turnovers were certainly the difference in this ball game.

"We have always felt that the team that is able to rush the ball at the end is going to have a chance to win and we were that team tonight. This is a tough place to play and we beat another good team. We will have to change some things then there was the injury to Vince (Young) and some other things, but I'm proud of the overall job."

(on how Vince Young is feeling)

"(He is) a little sore still. He's got a little knee, a little ankle so we will know more this week."

* (on if he could have finished the game)*

"He could have finished in the shotgun, but mobility was a definite a factor."

(on how Kerry Collins did filling in for Vince Young)

"Kerry did a nice job and that is why he is here. We are very, very fortunate to have two very-talented quarterbacks. One goes down then the other steps up and goes (in the game)."


(on coming in off the bench)

"You just never know and that's the life of a back-up in the NFL. It's harder for me actually to back-up and not knowing when and if it will happen, start prepare yourself and everything. I just take the approach I've always had and that is prepare as hard as I can during the week and get ready to go just in case. If my number is called then I want to go in and play well."

"It's important to be ready at any time and throughout the week it's important for a back-up to pay attention mentally because you don't get any reps in practice. You study the game plan and you do what you have to do and maybe put in a little bit more time because you don't get those reps. When and if it happens and my number is called, I just try and rely on all the experience I've accumulated over the years and try to execute the game plan."

(on how he felt early on)

"I felt OK. I hit a couple of passes early and that kind of got me into the groove of things. I felt that I calmed down pretty good and made some throws right off the bat. I think we converted on some third downs and I felt I was in my comfort zone. I felt pretty good."


(on running the football tonight)

"I felt it was okay.  When you combine the yards between Javon (Ringer) and I, I think it was a pretty good day.  I feel Kerry came in and stepped up well, making the throws and plays that he needed to make.  This year, this team is a team that will eventually make plays if we don't get away from the run. "

(on Ringer's performance)

"He's a good running back. I have no problems with him.  I know he will do what he'll have to do.  I watched him even when I got out of college and he's a good player."

(on late touchdown)

"I told Coach to put me back in the game.  It's a four-minute offense that we work on in practice and we work to get better at that.   When we played Denver, we had a chance to end the game and weren't able to do that so I feel like we can get better at that."


*(on interception) *

"I saw the ball at the last second and just tried to make a play on it.  I was fortunate enough to come up with it."

(on success against Jaguars)

"It's a conference game so you get familiar with them.  It's my sixth year, so like my 12th time playing them and after a while, you learn certain familiarities and how to play each other.   When they win, they seem to win big and when we win, we seem to win big."

(on defending backup quarterback)

"We like to get every starting quarterback out of the game because that seems to give us a better opportunity to win.  Trent was capable though.  He went on a two-minute drive in the first half that was pretty good."


(on sack)

"The whole defensive line had good pressure on that sack.  I was able to speed around the corner.  We just have to get ready for Philadelphia.  Victory Monday is over with.  We have to get back to work now."


(on tonight's performance as a team)

"You have to go back to our preparation during the week and our execution.   We took it from the classroom to the field.  We wanted to go out there and play as hard as we could.  We knew we had some good receivers and Jacksonville is 29th in the league in defense coming in so we wanted to throw the ball around to open up the run game."


"Not the night we were looking for tonight. Turned it over four times, lose our quarterback and I think we're 0-for the first half converting third downs which limits your ability to run the ball, and just not the kind of night we wanted to have. I thought we were ready to play much better football but coming out here and being minus-four in turnover battle and not being able to make plays on third down, really cost us. Other than David, I didn't get any bad news from an injury standpoint and as I told our guys we're on a short week getting ready for Kansas City. I know the hour is late so, questions that you might have."

(on David Garrard's status)

"I have to lean on the doctors. He wasn't able to return. What he indicated to me is that he thought he banged his head on the ground, that's what caused it. I didn't see the actual blow. But that's what he said."

(on if Garrard's interception was a miscommunication)


(on if he believed Trent Edwards put a spark back in the offense)

"Well, I thought we had a shot a couple of different times to get back in the ball game. We're going to get the ball to start the second half, the end of the first half we're knocking on the door and then we get the fumble. Then we come back early in the third quarter and we got another shot to go in and we throw another interception. We need to come strong for that ball and make that a touchdown, can't make it an interception. Those are a couple glaring examples of us not giving ourselves a spark. We were really without a spark all night, ground through it, fought through it, did some good things until letting Chris Johnson get loose at the very end there. I thought we bottled him up pretty good, I know we did. But gave him way too many opportunities with the way the game played out."

(on if he was surprised that the Titans came out throwing the ball)

"No, not really. I mean it's third down, who doesn't throw on third-and-eight or nine? Got to make plays there. We actually had that guy doubled, didn't use our help. We've got to play better there in order to get off the field. We had our opportunities and it wasn't good enough."

(on Derek Cox's status)

"He tweaked his hamstring this week. I thought we'd have a chance to get him to the game. I had him as probable, I really anticipated that he'd be able to go, but he couldn't go. Didn't feel like he could accelerate, and a tough place to play on the corner there if you don't feel like you can accelerate and play the way you need to play. So he wasn't able to make it."

(on where the Jaguars go from here)

"Kansas City."

(on the recent seven turnovers)

"That's hard. We don't win many of those and we're fortunate to be able to do some things to overcome that last week but you've got to protect the football and we've got to find a way to get some turnovers. We're not generating enough turnovers either. Clearly those are things we've got to be able to do."

"No I didn't feel that. I felt, it's the second game at home here where we've had some things not go well early. The offense sputtered, we get a couple crucial penalties against us that are debatable. We just weren't able to overcome the avalanche. When you add up the bad call, or questionable call in my mind, on the PI where they turn it into an offensive PI, give me a break. But we got it and we've got to find a way to play through it. The face mask, I mean David (Garrard) got hit in the head, Maurice (Jones-Drew) got his facemask pulled at least two or three times and we get some phantom call on our sideline. Those are things that you just have to find a way to fight through. Put those in there with a few turnovers and all of a sudden in a game where physically I really thought we matched up well and I thought we did some good things, but weren't able to make it much of a ball game on the scoreboard."


(on how he thought he played)

"I'll just say I played okay. I mean there were plays out there I thought I could have made better and there were plays out there that we were able to convert. It was just in a tough situation. We got down. I think when I got in, we were down 17-zero and the turnovers and not converting on third down, leaving our defense out there on the field too long…those are issues and reasons why we lost the game the way we did tonight. "

(on his ability to move the team into scoring position)

"I think that is something we can build on. That's something we can look back and look at this film and say we got down into the scoring zone and had some plays gone differently for us, the momentum of the game might have changed a little bit. We've got to fix what we've got to fix and move on. It's frustrating because you do get down there, you battle a good defense like the Titans and they stop you or you turn the ball over. It's frustrating to get down there and not score. "

(on how many reps he had been getting with the first team)

"Last week, I can probably count on one hand how many reps I got, but that's the situation of a number two quarterback in this league. You're not going to get a lot of reps. I just have to be prepared for that. I know you go through the week sort of sitting there taking mental reps behind the starter and then you go out and try to do your best. That's all I could do. I thought I was as prepared as I could be."

(on if the playbook is scaled back when he is in the game)

"We go through each week and rate our plays and there were obviously some plays I felt more comfortable with than other ones . There were some problems in the huddle sometimes where I might call a formation wrong, but the guys kind of stuck with me and I really appreciate the guys in the huddle tonight. They were battling for me the whole time and that's all I can ask of these guys. They are guys who want to win football games just like me and I enjoy competing regardless of the scoreboard."

(on if having an abbreviated playbook makes running the hurry-up offense harder)

"I think it definitely makes it harder. They know you're throwing the ball. They have a good defensive line…I think they had 20-something sacks coming into this game and they're pinning their ears back and coming after us. The DB's obviously know we're throwing the football, but we have to be able to operate under that circumstance, but it's definitely harder when you get down and have to try and catch up. "

(on what he thought about the play calling)

"I thought (offensive coordinator) Dirk (Koetter) called a great game. He's in a tough spot too with me in the situation I'm in. The way the game was going, he was still calling plays that I felt comfortable with and I've got to give him a lot of credit."

(on his physical condition after the game)

"That's life of playing quarterback in this league that you do get bumps and bruises here, but I'll get back. I've been through this situation before. So I'll be able to recover and get back to work Wednesday."


(on why the Titans were so successful stopping the run)

"I don't think they really stopped the run. We knew they were going to come out in an eight-man box. They run a couple of different coverages and we thought we could attack them there. They made some plays and we didn't play well. I don't think they stopped the run that well. We were breaking off some runs early and late. We just have to go back, watch tape and see what we need to fix."

(on the losses being lopsided)

"I don't know. I'm trying to figure out the same thing. It was Monday night, a chance for us to go out and show what we were all about and we really didn't do well. It can either go one of two ways. We can either feel sorry for ourselves or come back and get ready to play a tough Kansas City team that is playing well right now and try to fight to get a victory."

(on the loss being on national TV make it more difficult)

"I think to us and especially myself, if I lose in Monopoly I'm going to be mad, so it doesn't matter. A loss is a loss, regardless if it was on a national stage or a field with one guy watching. We just didn't play well and that's the sad part. We practiced well all week and we came out and didn't play well. We just didn't execute."

(on the uncertainty of not knowing who will be the QB next weekend)

"That's part of the game. If Trent [Edwards] comes back, Trent is the starter. If David [Garrard] comes back we've got to roll. That means we're going to have to work extra hard throughout this week to get ready for a team that stops the run well, plays great defense and does a great job on offense as well. It's going to be a tough challenge for us, but that's why we're here and play this game."

(on not converting third downs)

"Try to stay out of the third and long. I think we had a bunch of third and longs today. We really didn't get in our third and medium or third and short. That's where we're more accurate and convert more. We've just got to try to stay out of those long third downs and minimize our penalties. That's what hurt us a lot today, just a lot of penalties. We've got to keep fighting and working."

(on why they couldn't establish the run)

"We ran the ball nine times in the first half, so I don't think we tried to really establish it. We thought we could attack them in the air a little bit, but that's a part of our game plan that didn't work. We've just got to go back, look at what's going on and correct some things."


(on the offensive struggles)

"We couldn't find any rhythm.  When it rains it pours and that's all it was."

(on the disappointment on losing big in front of a national audience)

"It's disappointing.  Three and three, that's what we are.  We have to hurry up and put this one behind us, it's going to be a short week. We just never got our rhythm as an offense. To have David (Garrard) go out like that.  I think everyone felt like they had to press to make plays and whenever you do that you are going to see what happened tonight."


(on overcoming the loss)

"The same thing happened to us last week. We have to overcome adversity and come together as a team. You can't point fingers or get down on yourself, we just have to get ready for next week against Kansas City and that's what we're going to do. We'll come in tomorrow, watch a little film, practice on Wednesday and get ready."

(on the inability to get in a rhythm offensively)

"I would say my hats off to the Titans. They played a good game today and as far as us we control us by playing well. We've just got to watch the film, correct our mistakes and get ready for the next one."


(on the loss)

"This one is frustrating. We know the kind of team we are and that's not what we showed tonight on the field, which was a shame on the National stage and chance to go out and show everybody what you're about. We made too many mistakes and I take my hat off to those guys, they played well enough to win the game."

(on the inability to score in the red zone)

"It seemed to be one thing after another, it kind of snowballed on us but we have to go out there and execute. That was a sloppy job by us executing and when we got inside the red zone we just couldn't get a touchdown. You have to make Touchdowns to win in this league."

(on what needs to be done to bounce back)

"We just have to keep on doing what we've been doing. We prepare for these games well and guys are playing their hearts out there. I can't say it's for a lack of effort at all. We have a game to get ready for on Sunday so we can't linger on this too much, but again this is very frustrating and we have to find some consistency."


(on moving on to the next game)

"We don't have time to evaluate this one or hang our heads very long, I've already started thinking about Kansas City, they've got 24 hours on us. We'll go in now and get our bodies back and take tomorrow to recover and get back on Wednesday."

(on not being able to get off the field)

"Really on third down defensively that was the problem. We shut down the run really well until the end of the game except for the junk yards, which we have to shut down as well, but we just couldn't get off the field on third down. We've got to find a better way to get off the field on third down."


(on the disappointment on losing big in front of a national audience)

"We just have to be more stout on third down, get teams out of third and short and not allowing teams a three step drop and getting an easy play here and there.  We didn't do a good job of forcing any turnovers and changing the field position and getting the offense going.  We got a short week and we got to move on."

(on the feeling of being 3-3, with the three losses being blowouts)

"It is very disappointing, especially having the chance to showcase our team on national television and to play like this.  We just have to keep fighting and keep working and it's still tight right now in our division.  We are going to Kansas City and you know they are playing real well right now, in a hostile environment and we just got to move onto the next one."

(on the quickest way to move on to the next game)

"We just got to come in tomorrow and take care of our bodies a little bit and watch some film and be back at it on Wednesday."

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