Titans Host NFL Play 60 Course at Sports Fest

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – This past weekend the Tennessee Titans took part in the fifth annual 104.5-FM Sports Fest. There were numerous games and vendors readily available to attract adults but the Titans appealed a younger crowd with an NFL Play 60 obstacle course.




Click here for a slideshow from the Titans NFL Play 60 activity course at Sports Fest.

The Titans welcomed hundreds of kids and a few fun-loving adults from all across Middle Tennessee, as they were able to run, jump and weave through the course displaying their athletic abilities and having great fun.

Youth from all ages took part in the obstacle course and left with the understanding they must receive 60 minutes of play per day to stay healthy. Some participants had so much fun they repeated the course multiple times!

Once they finished the obstacle course, each participant received NFL Play 60 prizes. Some participants even received bigger prizes, such as a Play 60 football, jersey, T-shirt and gloves!

As a whole, it was great fun for the whole family and the Titans were able to spread the message that everyone should participate in 60 minutes of activity a day.


The Titans "Play 60" initiative encourages youth to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity or play per day in effort to fight childhood obesity. With the help of local non-profit organizations, like Nashville Metro Public Schools, American Heart Association and the National Dairy Council, the Titans have enhanced this mission and opportunity to reach out to America's youth.  Since the inception of the Play 60 initiative, the NFL has committed more than $100 million to youth health and fitness through programming, media time for public service announcements and grants from NFL owners and players. Click here for more information about the NFL's Play 60 campaign.

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