Titans Halftime Quotes


(on the first half)*
We need to do a better job executing offensively. We couldn't get a first down, and as a result, the defense plays over 30 plays. We need to tackle better on defense. We didn't tackle the way we're capable of during the first half with our starting defense. There were too many third-and-shorts and fourth-and-shorts. It was good to see our offense finish off the first half with a nice drive. We capitalized on a penalty and finished with a nice touchdown pass. I was particularly impressed with Javon Ringer in the first half.

(on the importance of finishing the first half with a touchdown drive)
It was really important to get that touchdown at the end of the half. We had gone three-and-out on all the other drives, so we really needed that. It was good to finish on a strong note. (on what contributed to some of the offense's early struggles) We came up a yard or two short on those third downs. We just didn't do a good job of executing out there. We have some things to work on, and hopefully we can do that.


(on facing the Dallas offense)*
They ran a bunch of plays on us and really did a good job of changing things up. They changed protections on us up front, and they would run it up the middle and then to the outside on the next play. They pretty much threw the whole playbook at us, and we had to react.


(on the positives he takes from the game tonight)* We didn't give up any big plays while we were out there, but we need to do a better job of getting off the field on third down. They converted too many of those short third downs to continue their drives. Overall though, we didn't give up many points despite being on the field for most of the first half.

(on the atmosphere at Cowboys Stadium) It's awesome. It was a lot of fun opening up this place. This is a great stadium, and not only should the fans be excited, so should the NFL and all the players as well. It was a great atmosphere here tonight.

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