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Titans Halftime Quotes


(on the first half)  

Unfortunately, the first play was not the way you want to start the game off.  But I think the defense did a heck of a job after that first play.  They rebounded well and shut them out for the rest of the half. Jerry called some pressure, and he called a great game.  It was really good to see our defense bounce back like that after some adversity.  On the offensive side, it's great to see Harper come in and run the ball so well.  He's running with great confidence and has had some really good runs.  That has been really encouraging.  On the negative side, we really want to finish some of those drives. 


(on the Titans running game in the first half)  

It felt good to be able to get some bigger runs tonight.  We definitely wanted to improve on that and get more.  Jamie ran good all week in practice, and that translated to the field tonight.  He made his cuts and got up field.  He was making the right reads and the right cuts and was running really hard.  Any time a defender was around him, he took it right at him.  It was good to see him running so hard, and I'm happy for him.   

(on drives ending with field goals)  

It was one of those things.  We should have had a lot more points on the board.  We're getting to the red zone with sustained drives.  Now it's just a matter of, when you get down there, finding someone to make a play.  We can't have guys looking around for someone. We just have to step up and do it.  It's the preseason, and we're moving the ball.  We just have to work on the red zone some more in practice.  


*(on the defense's performance in the first half)  *

I think we did a really good job in the first half.  They came out and threw a little trick play at us, but at the end of the day, those were the only points they got in the first half.  We're really doing what we need to do, play after play and situation after situation.  We got a turnvover and then some sacks, put pressure on the quarterbacks.  They're going to make some plays, but overall I think we did a great job.   

*(on bouncing back after the early Rams touchdown) *

We put that one in the trash can after it happened.  That's it.  That was the first play out of the box; now let's focus on what we need to do.  I think we did that. 

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