Titans Halftime Quotes

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER(on the first half)

It appeared that both teams were staying kind of basic and just playing, but it was some good football. It was good to get Tony (Brown) back, and it looked like Derrick (Morgan) was playing well getting a second week under his belt. Cort (Finnegan) struggled a little bit, which you understand with this being his first week back. That's why he needed to play. Overall, we made some plays. Kerry did a nice job with the drive to get some points at the end of the half. I'm disappointed with the blocked punt. That was a function of a player being in a position he hadn't been in before.


*(on ending his preseason with a touchdown pass)
It felt good to get that touchdown drive. It was a great job by the whole unit out there in the run game. The O-line had some good blocks, Ringer did a good job running, and the wide receivers had some nice blocks downfield on the drive. The touchdown was just a great call by Coach, and Bo made a nice catch in the end zone. We've been working hard all camp, and now it's time to get to work and get ready for the regular season.


*(on the offense going into the regular season)
This preseason we tried out a lot of different things. We had some struggles, but we also made a lot of plays. It's going to be nice to get into the regular season, move on from some of the basic stuff and make some plays.


(on how he felt being back on the field)

It felt great to get back out there with the guys and just play. I still have some things to work on with my footing, but it felt real good. It was fun to get back out there with the team and get back after it.

(on how the defense is shaping up for the regular season)

Honestly, I think we're ready to go. We're all fresh and firing to the ball. I think we just want to get the regular season started and show all of the hard work we've put in during the offseason.


*(on how much his work tonight will help him to be ready for the opener)
It was what I expected. They went right after me, but they gave me some good work heading into the regular season. They're a good offense, and this will get me ready for Oakland.

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