Titans draft wide receiver Hawkins in fourth round




(On sounding a little out of breath)

I was celebrating with my family.

(On if this is where he thought he would go in draft)

I didn't know, maybe late second round. But things happen and God wanted me to be a Tennessee Titan and I'm happy to be a Titan.

(On where he was hoping to be drafted)

I was probably hoping to go second or third round.

(On what he knows about Titans and their offense)

I know that they have a lot of good running backs and they have Vince Young, a guy that can make plays throwing the ball and running.

(On if he is excited that Titans' third round draft pick, TE Craig Stevens, someone he knows, will also be on the team)

Yes. Craig Stevens and Chris Henry.

(On knowing Titans Running Back Chris Henry)

Chris Henry played on my high school team.

(On starting out his college career at LSU)

I got a little homesick. I was 17 years old and it was my first time being away from home. I wanted to be back close to my family.

(On what happened at San Francisco)

I played at San Francisco for one year and I transferred to the University of California for my last two years.

(On if he thought he was overlooked in draft because of California teammate, wide receiver DeShawn Jackson)

DeShawn Jackson is a great player. A lot of the times he has gotten a lot of the hype. That is just the way things go.

(On how watching other receivers get drafted ahead of him will motivate him going into the NFL)

I think it was tough just seeing a lot of guys going in front of me. I fell to the Titans and I'm happy to be a Titan. I'm happy to play in the NFL and I'm going to do my best.

(On Titans using pick they received in Pacman Jones trade to draft him)

First of all let me just say thanks to Pacman Jones. If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be a Tennessee Titan. Thank you Pacman Jones.

(On what he knows about Dallas Cowboys Cornerback Pacman Jones)

I don't know Pacman Jones, just from what I have been reading in papers and have seen on TV. I don't really know much about him.

(On what his style is like as a player)

I would say my style as a player is like (Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver) Anquan Boldin. Real physical and fast. I know that I'm faster than Boldin. I need to get a little stronger. I think my game is like Boldin.

(On how fast he is)

I'm a 4.4 guy.

(On being a trash talker)

Let me first explain. I do talk trash in practice because they are my teammates. I don't talk trash though. I don't know where that came from. Whenever I make a play I might get up and talk but I'm only talking to myself. I have never had an altercation with a player. I don't really talk in the games. You only have a split second before you have to run down the field and block and get back to the huddle.

(On if he has been to Nashville before)

I haven't been to Nashville but we did play the Tennessee Volunteers.

(On if he has a favorite memory from the Tennessee-California game)

I have a bad memory from Tennessee because they beat us pretty bad.

(On how much he played in that game)

I played the whole game.

(On how he did)

I had four catches for about 50 yards.

(On if he feels playing for Titans is a good fit for him)

I think it's a great opportunity for me to come in and make an impact. I'm just so happy to be a Titan.

(On his impression of Vince Young)

I think he's great because he has the ability to run and throw. That does nothing but benefit the wide receivers.

(On what coaches told him they expect of him)

The only thing they said is they expect good things out of me. I'm going to do my best for the Titans.

(On if he will get homesick)

No. This is my job. Just like when you have a family and another job is paying more money you have to get up and move. Now I'm a lot older and a lot more mature.

(On if he thinks there is a spotlight on him because his pick is the one Titans received in Pacman Jones trade)

Of course, with the media. If I start falling out they will say this is the guy they got for Pacman Jones. I think a lot will be put on me.

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