Titans-Colts Postgame Quotes



(on the game being frustrating and painful with the result)

Very, because of some of the things we did early with the botched extra point, not recovering the onside, that's four points right there again played into the factor of managing the game at the end. Things, the snap-and-hold they do a thousand times a week. Big momentum, take the first drive down and score a touchdown and all of a sudden your momentum changes with one snap and you know we were well prepared, very well prepared. I thought Hoff (special teams coach Steve Hoffman) did a great job of having those guys ready for an onsides, said last night they were going to onsides, told them. And we were ready for it, we just didn't make the play. Those are plays we have to make especially when we know the likelihood is greater than not. I mean I called it out even before he kicked it, it was coming. Those are things that help you win close games and we are going to be in a lot of close games like this. Those are things we have to do a better job of making plays and we have done that. We have won some close games. We have to do it over and over, more consistently.

(on making the crucial defensive stop)*

We have to do that. We have got to find a way when we know, especially again, we have to find a way deep down to stop them and it is not because of lack of effort by any means. It's not that, we just…whatever it is, from top to bottom, we got to find a way to stop these guys.

(on why Indianapolis was more effective in protecting quarterback Andrew Luck)

They protected with more players, they had more guys. They did a good job. I knew they would, very good scheme by the coordinator. They threw a lot of much quicker passes and they were in a lot of third-down-and-shorts.

(on the defense not being able to force a turnover)

That's disappointing. That's a huge factor in winning or losing every week and we got to find a way to do that. Our hands are around a lot of loose balls, I mean a lot. It's just not falling in our lap.

(on the defense not forcing a fumble to this point in the season)

I don't think we have, no. It's not like it is not practiced and worked on and talked about. It's just, it is what it is. It's a fact though, we haven't.

(on this being the team's toughest day in the secondary)

I would say, I think we have done a very good job of stopping some very potent receivers. Today, I thought their plan, I kind of had an idea, get it out quick, which they did and they took some shots over us by protecting him, but he's that good of a quarterback. He is going to make players make plays. He just gives them an opportunity.

(on play where Marcus Mariota was stripped of the ball)

We felt very good about our situation with the time and a timeout left. We felt like we could get down, really felt good about it. It was no different than the first half drive when we took it down for a score. We felt very good talking about what we had to do. Again one of those things we have to stop doing.

(on if Marcus Mariota held on to the football too long on the play)

We were trying, it's a little deeper of a throw than we had and he stepped up and we had penetration up inside. The combination of stepping up from edge rushes into a guy that got some penetration, it's you know, again you got to put the ball away, you have got to protect the ball better, but give them credit for the rush.

(on being more consistent of third downs)

That's every week, that's literally every week. You are talking about possessing the football, keeping the ball out of their hands, moving the ball down the field and we have. Again, we conversed some 3-and-15s and you don't want to be in that scenario but we were. We have got do a better job.

(on if some passes from Marcus Mariota were high)

I will have to look at it. I thought some balls sailed on him, they did. I will have to look at it.

(on throwing on third-and-one play after having success running the ball)

Because, we were in our no huddle. He saw something there and again he had Andre (Johnson) out there. So again that's one of those throws that sailed. Like you said, we wouldn't be talking about it if he catches it, but that's the fact.

(on deficiencies in all three phases)

We made it hard on ourselves, we did. We certainly made it hard on ourselves. We overcame a lot of things to score points, too, I will say that, which is a sign of a team that is pretty good.

(on how much the defense missed Perrish Cox after his injury)

He's been playing well for us, so I'd say we missed him. He has played well.

(on if he feels like this is a good team after the loss)

Yeah, I do. I feel it's very good.

(on why the team is good if it loses in the last three minutes of the game)

Because the first 57 (minutes), we played a good football game. That's why. And we've played well, if you've been watching. If you know anything about it, we've played well in spurts.

(on Quinton Spain's knee)

They're taking him right now to go check out his knee. Right now, we're just saying it's a sprain, but we'll see once we get the X-rays and MRI back.

(on if having a short week is good coming off the loss)

I don't know if a short week's good at any time. I really don't know if a short week is good. It's not. It's not good for planning. It's not good for players. It's not good, but we need to respond. I give Indy credit. They took a pretty devastating loss at Houston, came right back in here and played really good football. (They) didn't let that affect them, and I'm making sure that ain't going to happen with us.

(on if this game is a missed opportunity)

Anytime you lose, it's a missed opportunity. We knew the opportunity. We knew what was at stake. Fortunately, we have a game Thursday. We're going to get right back into it.

(on why Kendall Wright's productive performance last week did not transfer to this game)

(inaudible)…We didn't go out and design a whole game plan for Kendall (Wright). We didn't do that last week. We had a couple plays for him. We had a couple plays for them this week. A couple just didn't develop like they should have.

(on what he says on the sideline when Andrew Luck escaped pressure and converted on third-and-long)

Well, a lot of them, I thought we did a better job of containing him from getting out. It was the stepping up. He stepped up into the pocket and got out. There's rush lanes, but there's only so many lanes. He's done it for a long time. It's frustrating. It's frustrating for us.

(on the roughing the passer penalty on DaQuan Jones)

I thought it was not a good call.

(on if Perrish Cox has a concussion)


(on the drive in which the offense converted several long down-and-distance plays)

I think it's a sign of a good football team.



(on if he thought today's game was one for the win column and would end the streak)

Yeah, anytime our defense goes out there, I've got total trust and faith in those guys.  Unfortunately, we came out on the wrong end of it. I wouldn't trade that situation with our defense with anybody.

(on what happened with the fumble)

I was trying to step up in the pocket and make a throw to the left.  You know, they moved from the pressure, probably could have moved away from it.  It was one of those things that was kind of perfect timing for him. I was separating my hands to throw the football.  He just kind of poked at it and ended up knocking it out.

(on third down opportunities missed today being a recurring theme)

You know, that's on me.  There are several things we missed in the passing game – down the field with the post to Rishard (Matthews), you know, third downs here and there, and that's on me.  Those guys were getting open.  I just was missing it high.

(on opportunities to beat the Colts and divisional implications)

Definitely. Unfortunately, including myself, just missed on those opportunities.  Like I said, I wouldn't trade that situation with anybody.  I believe in those guys in the locker room.  Sometimes you come up short.  You've got to battle your way back.  We have short week this week, flush it quick and move on.

(on the big challenge to put today's loss behind the team and play again  in four days)

Not at all, not at all.  I think with what happened today, guys are hungry to get back on the field.  It's an opportunity to get back on track and get rolling again.

(on being out of rhythm in the second and third quarters after the first drive going so well)

Not necessarily.  Again, that was really on me.  I mean I just missed throws in the pass game, especially on third down.  We can't be missing those opportunities.  We've got to continue to move the chain, allow us to either score points or pin them deep.

(on consistency being the one thing that could be holding the team back)

Yeah, I mean I would agree with that.  Again, there are certain areas here and there that we can get better at.  I thought we ran the ball well today, just unfortunately, we just missed some things in the pass game that put us behind the chains and put us in some third-and-long situations and they were tough to get.

(on if he admires Andrew Luck and what he's been able to do in his career, especially in the fourth quarter)

Yeah, credit to him and their team.  He's been doing it for a long time.  He kind of thrives in those situations and that's part of it.  We really lost this game on us.  We missed opportunities.  We kept them in the game and like you said, Andrew (Luck) does those things and he can thrive in those situations.



(on his feelings after the loss)

A lot.  I'm pissed.  I'm upset.  Really at a loss for words right now.  That makes 10 in a row to lose to the Colts, and me personally, I've been losing to this guy since college.  It hurts me deeply.  I've just got to find a way, and my team just has to find ways to win these close games.  I think we had them in two third-down critical situations on their last drive, and we didn't pull it off.  So we are very disappointed in ourselves.  We should have definitely finished the game and put our offense back on the field to let them run the time off.  We just didn't get it done.  Our offense did a great job of coming back and taking the lead.  We let our offense down, as a defense.  We've got to find ways to clinch that time, and let our offense back on the field to do some more victory kneels.  We've got to find ways to do that.

(on short week to prepare for Jacksonville)

We're ready to get back out there on the field and get going. But we have to let this one soak in, and take it for what it is, and then get back out there tomorrow.


(on losing to the Colts)

For whatever reason, we can't figure out how to beat them.  We were in a good position at the end of the game, and we just let that long drive happen, and they scored a touchdown. We can't do that. That's the difference between winning and losing.  You get off (the field) after third down, you win the game.  You don't, and you extend drives and that happens.  Really, if our offense scores twenty points, we should sure get the win on that, but we gave up too many points today.  It's a game we thought we should have had, and definitely let slip away. We have to move on.



(on the Colts victory today over the Titans)

We just didn't finish.  We fought extremely hard to get ourselves back in the game, to the very end.  With a 23-20 lead, we were feeling very confident, but we just didn't finish it.  These are the games we have to win.  We've been doing so in the past, this year, but we have to be consistent.

(on if Titans defense had trouble putting consistent pressure on Colts QB due to max protection)

I wouldn't say it was a problem.  You guys are looking for the sacks, but you're not going to get sacks like that all the time. So as far as the pressure, the pressure was there.  Go look at the film.  The pressure was there.  You just got to do a better job getting off (the field). It should have been an advantage for us, but it didn't work out.  We have to look at the film and see exactly what went wrong.  But yeah, they did that (protection) throughout the whole game, trying to maximize their blocking, so (Andrew) Luck could get some deep balls down the field.

(on playing again so soon after today's loss)

Short week.  Jacksonville on Thursday night.  Obviously for both teams, us and Jacksonville, it's a short week.  It's definitely going to be a tough turnaround, but we've got to get it going.  We'll start tomorrow.


(on the Titans offense moving the ball today versus the Colts)

That was the plan, to move the ball every possession and put points on the board.  Obviously, we struggled a little bit towards the end of the game. But that's just a situation where we have to find a way to win.  Early on, we did an excellent job of spreading the ball around, running the ball and did good up front all day.  At the end of the day, we just have to do a better job of executing, as an entire offense, and find a way to come up with a victory.  We just have to come back to work tomorrow, correct what we did wrong, fix our mistakes from this game, and just move on to the Jacksonville game and get ready for Thursday night.


(on the Titans loss to the Colts today)

I think everybody today played as best as they can. I always have to be my own worst critic. I think there are plays we left out there.  We had opportunities to put points on the board, and we went three-and-out.  Things we can't have.  They (Colts) made plays on our defense when they needed to.  No time, actually (to dwell on loss), because we have practice tomorrow, so I don't even know if we're going to watch film on this game.  I wish we would have gotten this one, but we just have to move on to the next one.  I thought when we went down and kicked that field goal to go up 23-20, that we were going to stop them and win it.  To control the rest of the game with our offense, but that didn't happen. They went down and got points. 

(on Colts QB Andrew Luck)

We knew that (Colts QB Andrew) Luck plays really good in the fourth quarter.  He's the type of quarterback who can come back and get his team in the game, and he showed it today.


(opening statement)

Really no injuries to talk about. Obviously, a great win, much needed division win on the road against a really good football team. Credit the Titans, they played one heck of a game. I got a ton of respect for this organization and Mike Mularkey and his staff. We got off to a fast start which was good. Didn't play well towards the end of the second quarter. Had an opportunity with first and goal at the 7, shoot ourselves in the foot and have to settle for three, and then give up a two-minute drive.  The coaches and players did a great job, came in at halftime and we made some adjustments. There are going to be ebbs and flows, there are going to be ups and downs but this team found a way to get a win here today.

A bunch of great performances by a bunch of guys. Some young guys stepped up on critical, critical third downs makes on offense in Jack Doyle and (Devin) Street making a play and getting the crap knocked out of him, coming back in and making a huge play. Congratulations to Adam (Vinatieri) on the record that he broke, and it is such an honor and privilege to be able to come to work every single day and work with that guy. What he has done throughout his career and what he continues to do is truly amazing. We have got a lot of stuff to clean up. We will get cleaned up, showered up and get out of here, get home, get back to West 56th and go to work on some of these things that try to make things very difficult for ourselves at times.

(on finishing strong being a springboard into the season)

A huge one especially coming of a disappointing loss against Houston on the road. For these guys to respond and rebound and come to work. Great, great character in that locker room, coaches and players. They refuse to surrender. They know they are a good football team. We can make things a heck of a lot easier on ourselves obviously, if we just get some things cleaned up and we have to do it. We have no choice. It doesn't get any easier, we know that. It's great to get a win. It's a whole different feeling, it's a whole different world, whole different locker room. You guys know that. We will use that. We will have to be smart. Success is just as hard to handle just as defeat. We will handle it appropriately.

(on relying on Andrew Luck due to injuries to starting receivers)

Obviously, we rely on him a lot but everyone had to step up their game. All those young guys had to come up and step up their game. I'll wait to see what the tape looks like.

(on guys stepping up to make plays)

Huge. Edwin (Jackson) goes in there and makes a couple of plays.  At the end of the game you're sitting there reminiscing and talking about how he played toward the end of last season and you think about the plays that he made in the Miami game in '15 and the way he played in the last home game against these guys and made a huge, huge play. And Rob (Robert Mathis) on the scoop and score, I know everyone in here is probably saying he should have got down, he should have got down, don't score, we can get on a knee and we don't have to go out there and play more plays. I don't blame him and I'm really, really happy for him and this football team and our defense. Something we can obviously build on.


(on different guys stepping up)

It's part of the league. We as a team, if we're dealt those cards we embrace it. We welcome everybody in and say this is what we have to do and this is what you have to do to help this team get a win. That's the beauty of it. That was Chuck's (Pagano) big message all week. Just do your job and do your part. I thought the coaches laid out an inventive, aggressive game plan for us to go do that. We managed to make enough plays at the end, and we cut down on some mistakes offensively.

(on being on the winning end of a close game)

A locker room after a win, you're going to be hard pressed to find a more joyful spot in the world. It's addicting, it really is. You wish you weren't so much a slave to that feeling and that emotion, but I think we are. There's a lot we still need to clean up, but to find a way to win that game—that strip sack, the hands team with the ball going out of bounds, it's good to finish it that way. It's a good win.

(on the protection of the offensive line)

They did a heck of a job against a team that's rushing the passer really well. It wasn't perfect and it's never going to be, but those guys fought and did a heck of a job. Kudos to them.

(on the season T.Y. Hilton is having)

He's having a great season because he's a premier player. He's one of the heartbeats of this team. I know I love playing with him. He's a great friend and a great teammate. He just goes out there and makes plays.


(on the reception off the tipped ball on the game-winning drive)

They got a hand on it and the first thing that goes through your mind is to not let them get it. I kind of felt like I was still by myself, so I tried to squeeze it and tried to run.

(on the game-winning touchdown reception)

I'll have to look at it on film, but T.Y. (Hilton) probably took five guys out of the way and I was open.

(on what a win like this does for the team moving forward)

It shows what kind of guys we have. It shows we have the type of guys that will bounce back and be ready to roll and know that it is a new week. Another week is coming next week, so we will have to forget about this one and get ready to roll again.


(on getting a divisional win)

This is big. It's a division win. I take my hat off to Tennessee. They are a good team and they play hard. We knew coming in that it was going to be tough, but we had to win. Now we are 3-4 and we are going to move on to Kansas City and try to get a win again next week.

(on the offensive line)

The coaches challenge them every day. They are a young group and they are fighting. They are getting better each week. That's all that we want – for them to continue to get better and keep working together.

(on Jack Doyle)

One of the best teammates that I have been with. He is going to continue to do everything right every day. I am just proud of him. He always tries to do everything right, and when you do that, things happen for you like this. I'm very happy for him.


(on getting the touchdown on the final drive)

That whole drive I was just talking to the offense and saying, "This is what we do in practice every day. We are not settling for three. We are not putting Adam (Vinatieri) back on this field. We have to score."

(on the touchdown to Jack Doyle)

It was a perfect play call. For me, once he called it, I knew it was a touchdown. They had been doubling me the whole game and once I went to the corner, I left Jack [Doyle] one-on-one and he is going to win that matchup every time.

(on if there was ever any panic after the false start on third and goal)

No, we were good regardless. We work on that situation so many times.

(on being able to finish)

Our main thing was just to keep swinging at the tree. You have an ax and you have to keep chopping and keep chopping.


(on setting an NFL record for most consecutive made field goals today)

I was excited to have the opportunities. It never hurts to have short, chip shot field goals too, but there's been some long ones throughout the thing. You know, I can't say enough good stuff about the guys up front. They're so unselfish and getting up there and blocking well and Matt (Overton) and Pat (McAfee) do such a good job. You know, it's really 11 guys that accomplish that goal. Well, it's not, it's about 45 guys that have helped fill in and do parts of that. I'm just happy they've all gone through and hopefully we can keep it going.

(on if he was asked about the record a lot this week)

Just you media guys. Most of the other guys, you know it's kind of like that thing that's in the background; you don't really talk about it or mention it too much. I think everybody knew it was there. Pat (McAfee) was the first one, obviously, when it went through. He gave me a big hug and said a couple of key words, but basically congratulations you old man.

(on setting the NFL record for most consecutive made field goals)

You know, there's a lot of good kickers out there that have played a lot of games and obviously Mike Vanderjagt held the record and I can't say enough about him – one of the most accurate kickers of all-time. So, you know, Gary Anderson was the other one that was right there too. I have huge admiration and respect for those guys and everybody else too. I never really think about and concern myself with personal goals and personal records and stuff. For me, I'm happy that we won the game and that this is a little bit to go along with it. I'm sure I'll sit back some day down the road and enjoy it but just very excited that we got a win today.

(on his last long made field goal streak ending at Nissan Stadium)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I missed it on this end zone; I missed it left. Trust me, I remember that one. I usually remember the ones that I miss much more than the ones that I make.

(on kicking so well at the age of 43)

You know, age to me, is nothing but a number really. Honestly, I'm a fairly competitive guy. I like surrounding myself with the young guys in the locker room and I take it to heart like everybody else does. We all want to do our job. We all want to do our job well and, you know, sometime the ball flies well. You know, I'm just very fortunate. Like I said, I can't say enough good stuff about Matt (Overton) and Pat (McAfee) and the guys up front. They make my job easier and they calm me down on the field and all that stuff. All the kudos in the world to those guys.

The Tennessee Titans take on the Indianapolis Colts in Week 7 action at Nissan Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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