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Titans-Chiefs Postgame Quotes



What's it like in the locker room?"It's a pretty good locker room. It's a well deserving locker room for the resiliency. This team won't quit, it never does, never has and I don't see it ever happening with these guys in that locker room. It's a good locker room."


Can you talk about how your defense was able to keep you in it? **"Really good in the red zone, defense today. I think we've been pretty good all year to be honest with you. We've had turnovers at critical times in the end zone which has been great and again talk about complementing each other, needing to stop, these are things we didn't do earlier in the year, we didn't have some stops earlier in the year when we needed them, we got them and then to come back like that and get us – the whole day it was get us to the 30, got to get inside the 30 for a field goal because of the weather and for Ryan [Succop] to go out there and bang that thing in there that's complementary football: stop them, drive it, kick it, win it."

What was going through your mind when you saw the officials arms go up?"Very emotional, another emotional win for these guys."

What was supposed to happen on the two-point conversion?"Man coverage, trying to get a rub play down there and they played it well, they jumped outside, number three which was well done by them."

Who were you going for?"There's a couple of guys, really all three guys are involved with it."

What was the thinking on going for it? "I wanted to win, I wanted to win the game right there instead of going into overtime, instead of having to possibly do what we did there at the end. I wanted to get us up and make a statement to our team that that's why we came here. When we got the ball I went around the sidelines and talked to the guys on this team, the leaders and I said that this is my plan and they were all – let's go. They knew before the drive started that we were going for it."

How far did you think he could hit that field goal from today?"It managed to be seen. I don't know, he managed to kick a 53 and that's all that matters to me and this team. I give him a lot of credit because you can look at yourself – I was short on one and I need to line back up there and these guys, a lot of it is mental and he got right back up there and banged the game winner which everybody on the sideline knew he was going to do."

You said the goal was to get inside the 30 because it is hard to kick, did you think he could get it there from that distance?"I did, I thought he could because I've seen him kick it in practice. Not in these conditions, but he has a strong leg and he has a lot of confidence, we have a lot of confidence in him and I think he knew it. The whole team was over there, all believed it was going through."

Can you talk a little bit about your resiliency, I know you turned the ball over, you trailed behind early but you had a couple of goal line stands and getting your chance at winning?"That's what you have to do in December, in big games against good football teams, you have to find a way to overcome yourself sometimes and we did that. We did enough to really be behind more than what we were and our defense did an unbelievable job of stopping them on a goal line stand and the interceptions and the third downs. Our offense, when we needed to put some things together there in the second half, put some drives together for points, big drives, those are things – again we're learning how to win some of these games which we've been talking about from the beginning, you have to learn how to win some games and this was one of them. Coming in at half time, talking about resiliency, this is what our team is, who we are and they responded like I thought they would."

What was the goal line standard for you guys at that point in the game?"It's a huge momentum for us, the tough part is again that's why you have to go for it sometimes, you know you have to pin your opponent back on the one, it's disappointing, we got it out to almost the first down, we failed on it. Typically if you don't get it out with a first down its points for the defense, which they ended up with a field goal. Obviously that's the difference, swung from a touchdown to a field goal."

Would it have been easy, after you get the two, for guys to hang their heads?"No, they looked at the clock, I knew how much time was left, it was thought out, well thought out, we were going for the win. We felt like if we could get a three-and-out we still could move the ball down and kick a field goal with the time that was left and it all played out like we talked about on the phones."

We didn't get the two and you kicked it off, did you still hear a lot of energy?"Oh it was high energy, belief that we were going to win the game."

How did Marcus Mariota play today?"I thought he made some good throws. I thought he played well, made some really good decisions with some of the runs that we had, zone reads, very good decisions, I thought he played pretty well."

What was the offense's demeanor going back on the field for that last drive?"We're going to go win. We practice that every week, so it's not like we've done that in games so they have a lot of confidence in what we're doing. I thought the line at that point, now they don't have any help on the edge, those two tackles and the tackles held up in the most critical of times."

How bad were the conditions?"I don't think they were as bad with the cold. I didn't think there was a big difference in the game because of the weather to be honest with you. Other than the kicks. With kicking and punting there was a difference."

How is Jason McCourty?"He's got a shoulder deal. We'll know more about him tomorrow. [Karl] Klug is probably the most serious injury. I'm not sure if it's his Achilles again or not. [Phillip] Supernaw did not finish the game -- concussion. Da'Norris Searcy same thing – I think they held him out with a concussion."  

Does getting a win like this on the road alter your own expectations in your own locker room a little bit?"No. They know the expectations. We know what the expectations are and we know what we're capable of. It just gives us more confidence in tough games in December. Maybe not this year but certainly in the future. We know we can play good football teams, division leaders and we can win at their place."

Did you second-guess any of the challenges?"No. I've never done that. I'm going to make sure there's more than one eye -- mine included when I make those decisions. I was standing there on an out-of-bounds one. The second one with the spot, it was too close of a game not to challenge it. This was one of those games that was going to come down to a field goal and it was too close of a spot to not challenge it and see if we could get them in a fourth-down situation."

Houston also won today. You guys are 8-6 with two to go. What do you think of that?"That's what you hope you could be. We're still in it and tied with them. We've got one next week on a short week and our focus will be on Jacksonville."

Do you feel like we're starting to see the 'payoff' from a hard-fought season?"I think it gives you an edge every game. That's my personal opinion. At this time of the year, teams have played a long season and they're beat up. We're still bringing it and that's what we do. That's not just in December, that's every game that it's important."



Tough day offensively, but defense held you in it. Can you talk about their effort today?"They played outstanding. The last couple weeks they have done a great job of keeping us in the game. Today, for what they were able to do, holding them at no points in the second half, it was huge. It really gave us the opportunity to win the game."

When you were at your own 25, what did you have to do?"We knew we had to get down and get into the 50-yard range for Ryan [Succop]. So we knew if we could get a couple of big plays that we would have a chance at it. Delanie [Walker] and Rishard [Matthews] made great plays. They got us down there and Ryan did a great job at finishing it off at the end."

On Ryan Succop."We have all the confidence in the world in him. He has done a great job for us all year, so we knew if we gave him an opportunity he would do his best to make the most of it.

What went through your mind during his kick?"I was kind of pacing back and forth on the sideline. I ended up towards the back half of the sideline next to Tajae [Sharpe] and Harry [Douglas] and he kicked it and I saw it go through. I might have been on the field before the refs put their arms up. All in all, it was such a great team effort. You know for us to pull that one off was huge and we just have to keep the momentum going."

How did you prepare for the weather today?"The same. I was not thinking about it."

Talk about the decision to go for two."I love it. You know to have the confidence in us and have the opportunity to go and win it. I did not question that call at all. I hope Coach Mularkey continues to believe in us, but I loved it and I loved the call."

On what he told his teammates."For us we all wanted an opportunity and wanted to keep the guys in it. Told them we have an opportunity to score and win the game."

What was that play supposed to look like?"They did a great job of covering it. It is one of those mad plays where you hope you get the guy on the flat. They pass it off well, really covered it. Then we have an opportunity to go anywhere with the ball."

You were down 14 points and had three turnovers. Tell us what it was like to keep your mindset and stay with it."Just stay the course. We have been in a few of these where we found an opportunity to either come back and win the game or just get back into it. The mentality on the sideline did not change. We continued to stay the course, execute the plays and get that opportunity to win."

On not protecting the ball."You know it was one of those deals, I was tucking the ball away and he ended up swiping at it and got it. You know that is going to happen. Guys get paid a lot of money to do that. He made a great play and those are going to happen. Turnovers are going to happen, but I am proud of the way we were able to respond, especially on defense and I was happy we came up with a win."

Do you think that resilience is the primary characteristic of this team?"Absolutely, amongst other things. I think that is what defines this team and it is the culture we are building around here. Guys continue to believe in that and continue to believe in the culture Coach Mularkey is instilling. We are on the right path."

Was there a point when winning became the expectation?"You know I really think it started in camp. The mentality for us in the locker room has not changed. The guys really believed in each other and believed from the beginning what this team is capable of doing. So for us, it is just another day at work. We continue to focus on believing in each other, believing in what the coaches are doing and lead us in the right direction right now."

What is this team capable of doing?"We want to be able to make the playoffs. We want to win the division. We have an opportunity to do that. We are in the thick of it. We cannot look at the big picture. We have to focus on taking it one game at a time. Get our mind focused for Jacksonville. We will see where the cards fall and hopefully we will be where we want to be at the end of the year."

On the Chiefs defense."You could say that. That team does a great job of creating turnovers. It is what they do. I just think for the way we were able to battle back and not let that get us down says a lot about the team and says a lot about what we can do."


On the go ahead touchdown. "We did a great job executing and getting down the field. We got it on the one yard line. Tried to get it in and that's what we did."

The offense was able to move the ball pretty effectively in the second half. Talk about how the offense played. "When we got a chance in the second half, we got to fly around, made plays and we tried to get a score. I felt like we had great tempo throughout the second half."

You guys scored and went for two. What did you think of that decision? "That's coach [Mike Mularkey] having faith in us. He put it in our hands. We came up short. But then, the defense got a stop. Thanks to them, we got back out there, put the two minute drive on and got the field goal by Ryan [Succop]. He did a great job."

Ryan missed the first field goal. What was going through your mind? "Thank God that was a warm-up for him. I knew he was going to make the next one."

You come in here under these weather conditions, with your place in the standings, and pull out a victory. This win has got to be pretty sweet. "It's a big win for us. We're very happy with this win. We know we needed this win. Kansas City is a great opponent. They have a great organization and a great team. We're excited for this win – a win as a team."


On coming up with a key catches in the final two offense drives. "In situations like that, Mike Mularkey depends on me. Marcus [Mariota] depends on me. This offense depends on me. When my name is called, I'm going to try to make the play the best I can and that's what I did."

How frustrating was it to go for two and not get in? "Mike Mularkey believed in the offense. But, most definitely, he believed in the defense. He knew, if we got it [the conversion], we could win the game with our defense going out there and stopping them. If we didn't get it, our defense was going to stop them and give our offense an opportunity to go down and put points on the board, which we did. So, I thought it was a great decision because it worked out."

What if it didn't work out? "Then, we lose. But, we took the chance. We left it on the field. There were no regrets. We did what we said we're going to do and we went out there and did it."

On the final drive that led to the field goal. "On the sideline, we talked about it – leave it out on the field. We knew that we had to get close enough for Ryan to make the field goal and I think everybody left it on the field. We made some big plays that got us in field goal range. They froze us. He was a little short. That gave us a great opportunity for Ryan to see he needed to put some more leg into it. There you have it. We got the W. We get to go home to where it's warmer."

Succop misses the first one. You guys get lucky because Kansas City called a time out. Talk about that. "It was scary. I'm glad they called a timeout. Thank you for that Kansas City. Like I said, it gave us the opportunity for Ryan to see what he needed to do. He put some more leg into it to get it through the uprights, which he did." 


On going for the two point conversion? "It's really a testament to how our coaches really believe in this team. They have a lot of faith in us to go get the job done. [Coach] Mularkey wants to go for two, knowing that our defense and special teams were going to come up with the plays they needed to make sure we gave our offense a chance to get back into the end zone. The special teams did a good job of making sure that ball went through the uprights. Ryan did a helluva job today kicking that ball."

Did you watch the kick? "I watched it all the way through – all the way through."

Were you shocked he could get it there? That ball had to be like a brick. "Shocked? I wasn't really shocked. I've seen Ryan kick those kind of balls every day in practice. He constantly makes them. With the cold weather, yeah, a lot of people might be shocked. But, I had faith all the way. With the Lord on our side today, with the way they were calling the game, we still stuck in it. Ryan believed and got a second chance to go do it."

In the second half, the defense was able to shut down the Chiefs. What was the difference? "The difference is, we just settled down and played our game on defense. We know we're a top defense. We've just got to make sure that we settle down and don't let teams kill us where we know they can beat us. Once we settled down, they tried to hit us with draws again and they couldn't do it. They tried to hit us with deep balls and they couldn't do it. We know we've got a great defense. As long as we calm down, and trust one another, we can definitely make a great defensive stand."


On what this win means?"I think it means a lot. This organization has been through a lot during the last couple of years, but I think for this team and the guys that are a part of this group, it was a much-needed win and it was a huge win for us."

On his reception to setup the late-game touchdown: "It was a great play call by Coach [Terry] Robiskie. We ran it earlier and they played it well. I think Marcus went through his progressions and the receivers on the outside ran a great rub route. It was a huge play. Marcus threw it perfectly and I was able to make the catch.

On the sideline after Ryan Succop's first attempt of the game-winning field goal: "We knew he was going to make it. We go through these situations every day in practice. We've seen it throughout the course of the week every week leading up to this game. He's made the kick every day in practice, so we knew if we were able to give him the opportunity he would put it through the uprights and luckily they called a timeout and gave him another shot."


On the comeback and QB Marcus Mariota's performance:"The comeback was big. We did a great job sticking in there and fighting until the end. Marcus did a great job of keeping everybody positive and letting us know that we're going to go out there and make plays. The defense did a great job getting us the ball back. Special teams did a great job containing their returners. They did a great job keeping De'Anthony [Thomas] and Tyreek [Hill] contained. It was an overall team win today."

On the fourth & short pass to RB DeMarco Murray: "I think it was a crossing play for us Marcus did a great job of finding DeMarco and DeMarco did a great job of getting open. I thought he scored, but he didn't. We went down there and put it in the end zone."

On the failed two-point conversion attempt: "It says a lot about Coach Mularkey. He's going to believe in us until the end. It sucks that we couldn't go out there and get his back. It is what it is. He definitely displayed a lot of belief in us and ultimately it worked out. Everyone did a great job of contributing."


On the game-winning field goal: "I wasn't even paying attention (to see if the ball went through the uprights). I just knew my job was to block on that play. They were rushing my side, so I had a front-row seat."

On overcoming three turnovers today: "When those things started happening, we just needed to cool down. The offensive line was pissed and we just had to take a deep breath and do our job and get things cleared up. We did the best we could and once we really got into a groove that's when good things started happening for us and the outcome was exactly what we wanted."

On the frigid weather conditions: "It was cool, but I wasn't cold at all. But in the second half, when it was cloudy, when the sun was gone three or four plays into it, I have never been colder longer into a drive. I've never been colder as a drive kept going."

What does this win mean for the remainder of the season? "It's right where we want to be. We want to play meaningful football in the month of December and that's what we're doing. So we want to keep playing ball and keep playing as hard as we can and stack two more wins together and go to the playoffs."



You've been in those situations before where the other team calls a timeout to try and ice you – what is your mental approach to that? "Today, it was a little bit different to be honest with you. The first ball, I thought, I hit really well, and I don't know what it was, but when it's like 10 degrees outside – whatever it was – the ball obviously doesn't travel the way that it normally would. You don't get compression. I felt like I hit the first one good and when it came up short, there was a second in my mind where I wasn't sure if I could even reach from there. So, on the second one, I kind of just had to throw technique out the window a little bit and really go after it and hit it as hard as I could. I told some of the guys this earlier, you could give me 10 kicks from there, and I don't know if I can make one. Honestly, in today's weather, the cold and just kicking a frozen football. There's one explanation of why that ball went in and it was because it was the Lord's will for it to go in today, and I know that's the case. Glory to God, man. What a day."

What was it like for you to kick that winning goal against your former team? "To be honest with you, it's more about our team. It's not really about me kicking a game winning field goal against my former team or anything like that. It's about the men in our locker room, it's about our team and what we have going forward. It was a huge win for our team, so very grateful that we were able to be able to come out on top."

What was your number? "You know, we were kind of looking around 47, 48 yards is what we kind of had during the game. That was obviously a very unique situation, and sometimes, you just have to throw those numbers out the window. When it's a last second play like that, that's kind of what you do. Like I said, there's one reason that ball went in and I know why."


Opening Statement:"As far as the injuries go, Marcus [Peters] came out with a groin spasm. He was able to go back in. Demetrius Harris had an ankle sprain. He was able to go back in. Really came out pretty healthy. As far as the game goes, you have three turnovers and you only get seven points off of it, is not like us. Obviously the red zone was an issue. We got stopped down there twice – one with the interception and one where they stopped us with the run. All-in-all I take the responsibility for it. We've got to do a better job, I do, of coaching them up and putting them in positions to make plays. When given the opportunity we've got to make them. My hat goes off to them [Tennessee], they did a nice job and played a nice game."

What went into the decision to go for it on fourth and one in the first half instead of kicking the field goal?"Well it kind of worked out. You either strike and score the touchdown or you get great field position and you come back and score another touchdown."

Are you thinking about the time at that point too?"Yeah, that's part of it. It was all set up for us to do the right thing and it didn't work out."

Was there any thought to challenging the De'Anthony Thomas run by the end zone?"The ball didn't cross. That's the way we saw it. Normally what they would do is call it a touchdown and then review it. The guys upstairs told me it didn't cross, so that's what I went with."

What was your message to the team on how to move forward?"You can sit here and point fingers, you can do all that stuff that bad teams do, or you fix the problems. So we've got to make sure we do that. We're still in a good position. We've got a good football team coming in here. We need to have a good week of practice. That's what's real. I have enough trust in this team that we'll do that."

What's been causing the offense to fall off in the second half?"I'll take responsibility for that. I've got to put the guys in better positions to make plays."

Why do you think you haven't been able to execute the four-minute offense?"It's a thing here or there. Again, I'll tell you that I need to put them in position to make plays. That's what we've got to do."

It seemed like Jeremy Maclin got more involved in the offense again this week?"Yeah, I think he had a pretty good day. There's always a few pluses in a bad result. I thought he did ok."

On effectiveness of stopping the Tennessee rushing attack?"I'm not sure it really came back to hurt us as much as the pass game did right there at the end. They got some yards, but I think all-in-all, there wasn't much there that ended in points."

Are you surprised they went for two after the touchdown?"That can go either way. I think they wanted to get in, get out, and be done with it is the way they were probably looking at it."

What's your general philosophy on icing the kicker? Did you want to get the timeout called before they got the chance to kick it?"Yeah, I tried to do that. I actually called it relatively quick. Listen, it didn't work. I've got to do better on that. It backfired."

This week when you're looking at the lack of offensive productivity, do you think you'll be looking at the play calls or the execution?"I'm going to go back and look at it. I'll start with myself on that. Make sure that I'm giving the guys an opportunity to make plays. That's my responsibility."


Is there a common thread in the last three games that no points have been scored in the second half? "I mean that's the first time hearing it. They're all different. Every game's different. Every second half is against different opponents, so it's hard to lump in. Certainly, today, yeah frustrating. A lot of plays to be made there. Throughout the game for us, I felt like offensively all over the field there was a bunch of key situations. Just felt like right now if we could just make one or two of them, then it's a different day. So, it's frustrating for us. I think offensively, as a unit, we had a lot of chances from start to finish and didn't get it done. So, it's frustrating there. Certainly, in the second half, it wasn't good enough at all – any of us offensively. We didn't do anything. In a game like that, moving the ball, field position are points that are critical and change the game."

Is that execution? "Yeah, it's across the board. There is no one thing. It'd be hard to point to any one thing, but execution is a big part of it for sure."

How much frustration does it give you for not converting those short yardages? "Yeah, a bunch. I think the two third-and-ones – our last two drives there – both ended on third-and-ones, both short yardage. I think you'd convert either of them. Likely, that you'd think the game is different as well. Even the one earlier with time, you know, you get a first down there and run more time off the clock, likely different. The goal line, obviously, two cracks at it from the one – got to find a way to put it in. Then, critical error with the turnover there trying to force it into the end zone on the third down. Field goal points there are big as well."

What did you see on that? "Yeah, they were on the seven. Pushing in the end zone, it was man coverage and at that point they kind of had two extra hats sitting inside. I felt like [Jeremy] Maclin had the one-on-one. Just throwing it late and forcing it. That's one of those ones, if you throw you have to throw early before the guy turns his head around. Forcing it, trying to push it in the end zone too. It felt like [Travis] Kelce – looking back – at least on the sideline, Kelce did a great job at winning it underneath. You know, it might change it where he catches and tries to run it, but probably where the read goes."

Travis Kelce said you guys got conservative in the second half? Do you agree? "Yeah I mean it is easy to say when things don't go well. Certainly we were not in a rhythm at all. We did not get anything going. We were pretty stagnant in the second half so it is easy to say when things are not going well. You got to look at it and get better. It can't happen. Like I said, this time of year, these are all huge games and the littlest things make big differences."

Defenses make adjustments in the second half. You guys have had issues dealing with those adjustments in the last three games. What is going on?"We have to get it figured out. Like I said it would be hard to lump all three together. They are all different units. They are all different coaches and players. They have different strengths and styles of play. It would be hard to combine them all right now for me. Certainly here today, as an offense, we just didn't get it done. We had a lot of opportunities across the board: key situations, short goal line and red zone where you convert third downs. You got a chance to change the game."

On the option on third-and-two, what did you see?"Yeah it's a play we have run for a lot of years. You know you are trying to isolate the lone safety out there on the edge and really get two for one on him. It felt like he played the back all the way, went running to the back, so for me turning up, those linebackers slow to the top and we are there. That is something where we were trying to isolate the edge defender and put pressure on him. At that point once you took the pitch guy and try to make anything bad happen there, you know something dangerous, you know with the guy playing out on him, try to turn it up. Hats off to them. They played well."

On the four-man situation:"I thought we converted last week and we got the first down. Tonight I thought we put ourselves in good situations. I mean getting to third and one and third and two in a four-man situation is about all you can ask for. I think in that situation you got to convert. It is a critical place. I mean first down, game over and no timeouts. We knew that. You got to get it done."


Comments on facing Tennessee: "They made plays when they needed to.  They are a good team.  We knew we couldn't sleep on anybody coming into this game.  They just made more plays than we did."

Did Marcus Mariota do anything you didn't expect or did Tennessee just make more plays? "He made plays when they needed.  We put him on the spot.  Our defense played well.  Late in the game, they just made pivotal plays."

What is your mindset going into next week's game? "The same as every week.  We work on us and we can't be beat.  You can't have games like this where we don't make plays."


How different was playing this week without Derrick Johnson calling the plays? "I was doing that, already, before because I am the mike linebacker.  It was alright.  We missed him out there.  He is not here anymore so we have to grow up and keep moving."

How does this loss motivate you going forward? "You know, we have to keep going forward.  This was a big wakeup call.  We've got to learn to finish.  When we have momentum, we have to finish.  We are just going to keep working."

How did the defense overall play today? "We made some plays.  We made a couple of turnovers.  We didn't make the stops when we needed to.  We are going to get that corrected and keep working."

Did you let Tennessee hang around in the game too long? "You could say that. Offense, defense and special teams, we all left plays out there on the field that we should have capitalized on but we didn't.  That's alright, we are going to get back to work on Monday."

Where does this leave you guys going forward? "We are just moving forward.  We are going to take it one day at a time, one practice at a time and one week at a time.  We are on to Denver now."


Did you feel like you have all the momentum in the first quarter? "Yeah, we thought we were playing well and made some plays.  It came down to not making enough plays towards the end of the game."

Was finishing the problem for you guys? "Obviously, they came back towards the end of the game and made some plays. We didn't finish some of those plays and get off the field."

Comments on his fumble recovery: "I was just hustling to the ball.  I found out that it had squired out.  I picked it up and tried to make the most of it."

When do you think the game went south? "I wouldn't say the game went south.  I just think there were a few plays out there that we could have made to change the outcome of the game."

Did it feel like you were on the field too much in the second half? "We are called on to do our job.  When the defense is out there we make plays.  We try to put the offense back on the field.  I thought we tried to do that taking the ball away.  We never feel like we are out there on the field too long.


How tough was this one? "It sucks. This one sucks."

The offense was explosive in the first quarter. What changed throughout the game? "Other than play-calling, I couldn't really tell you. I mean I'm not blaming it on play-calling -- we've got to go out there and execute. I feel like we got a little conservative. I don't know if it was the weather or what. I don't know. We'll have to look at the film and see what happened."

What were the conditions like out there for you guys? "It was cold."


This offense hasn't scored in the second half in three straight games. Is there a common denominator there? "I thought we were awful on third down and we didn't capitalize in the red zone. We could have put that game away much, much earlier so we have nobody to blame but ourselves."

What is there to be hopeful for when looking for this offense to get some second-half productivity? "Everything we want is still right there ahead of us. We just need to go out, get back to the film room, get back to practice, correct our mistakes and learn from them."

Do you feel 100% and good out there? "Yeah I feel good. I was able to make some plays down the field a little bit today but it wasn't enough. I feel pretty good though."


What happened to this offense in the second half? "We stopped making plays as a unit. We felt comfortable with ourselves and things fell apart. We just need to step up whether it's offensive line, receivers or whoever. We all need to step up. We are a team so that's what we've got to do."

Some people thought you got too conservative with play-calling in the second half. Would you agree? "No. I have nothing to do with that. I just go out there and play. That's what I'm paid to do. I go out and play, run fast and do what I'm told. Whatever they tell me or anyone else to do, we do. That's not our job [to call plays]."

What did you see on the touchdown play? "I didn't see anything. Spencer [Ware] made a great block in the hole, I saw an open field with a safety and I was able to take it to the house. Everyone did what they were supposed to do up front. Chris [Conley] and Jeremy [Maclin] covered up their guys on the outside."


What did you see from a kicker's perspective on the game-winning field goal? "He took the first kick and was able to make adjustments on the second one. They kicked the first one and saw the only thing they needed was some extra 'juice' on it. Ryan [Succup] hit it good and it went through."

The first kick essentially works as a practice kick? "Yeah definitely. It's definitely a practice kick. Our coaches tell us, 'If you can get the snap and kick off when they call the timeout, do it.' That way you get a good look at it. That's what Tennessee did. They took their first kick and made the adjustments."

What were the conditions like out there? "It was tough for both teams. It was going to be a battle and we knew that. It was a tough day, but I think we've handled it well."


What changed during those last three quarters? "We had some big plays pop off early in the game. We had some big plays in the second half too. It's just when we got into position to score, we didn't take advantage. It's something we need to take care of."

Is third and short and short-yardage situations going to be an emphasis moving forward? "Yeah it always is. That's where you score points and extend drives. We didn't get that done today."

The Tennessee Titans take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15 action at Arrowhead Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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