Titans Cheerleaders Visit Fort Lewis, Washington

While at Ft. Lewis, the cheerleaders were able to spend a few days with the troops and their families. Titans Cheerleader Julia said of the trip, "You always hear of ways to support our troops overseas but it's easy to forget about the wives and families that are here anxiously awaiting their return. We met soldiers that were getting deployed soon, some that were in training, and families that lived on the base." 

The cheerleaders also had the opportunity to see a soldier reinstated and visit the military's fire department.  The cheerleaders received the unique experience of wearing all of the heavy artillery and uniforms that are actually worn in war.  They even had the chance to sit in military vehicles!  The ladies posed for pictures and signed autographs for fans at the base, including soldiers and their families.

"I think we all would agree that we were touched most by a family that came in Titans jerseys with a sign to take a picture to send to their dad overseas," Julia added, "I was amazed at how young some of the soldiers where.  The thing that surprised me the most is when I talked to them about going overseas I could hear the excitement in their voices; they said they couldn't wait to contribute what they could to the war."

Following the trip Julia stated, "It was one of the best appearances I've ever done, and I was truly honored that they asked us to come."

Titans Cheerleaders have also visited Luke Air Force Base in Arizona and Fort Hood military base in Texas, as well as traveled overseas to bases in Hawaii, Guam, and South Korea.  The ladies feel that the opportunity of entertaining troops is a privilege and a great reason to be a cheerleader, as these appearances are just as touching for them as they are to the troops. 

The cheerleaders look forward to their next visit this December. 

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