Titans Celebrate Saint Thomas Midtown's 100-year Legacy

NASHVILLE -- The Titans began their longstanding partnership with Ascension's Saint Thomas Health, formerly Baptist Hospital, over two decades ago. On Wednesday, they helped celebrate the legacy of the 100-year anniversary of Saint Thomas Midtown on the hospital's campus in Nashville. The celebration reflected on 100 years of clinical excellence, medical innovation and faith-based service.

Celebrating the legacy of 100 years was much more than just an anniversary. For many Nashville natives, there's often a connection to Saint Thomas Midtown – whether it's their birthplace, where they've held the hand of a loved one during a moment of vulnerability, or have a relative who is an associate. Midtown is a part of Nashville's identity.

The celebration included several Titans alumni players, including Blaine Bishop, Kevin Dyson, Brad Hopkins and Chris Sanders, Titans cheerleaders and mascot T-Rac, with commentary from Ascension and Saint Thomas leadership.

"Today we're celebrating the 100th anniversary of Saint Thomas Midtown and the incredibly unique history and connection to the community that we've served for generations," said Fahad Tahir, President & CEO, Saint Thomas Midtown and West Hospitals. "The incredible history, the relationships in the community and using that to draw inspiration for the future and where we're headed.

One of the highlights of our growth has been recently reflecting on our relationship with the Titans and when they were the Oilers. Being intentional about what it meant to this community to have the pride and the celebration of having an NFL team here in the community and what it's done for the business community, for the culture and for the continued evolution of a growing city. We now have 100 people a day moving here calling Nashville home and I think what they love about it is that while we have all the ingredients of a growing and fun city, we also have the culture and roots that have always been what makes Nashville unique."

"100 years! You think about this institution and all the changes they have experienced along with the growth of Nashville. I had a daughter that was born here and just remembering the name change from the facility we used to practice in and when we first came to Nashville from Houston – it's special," said Hopkins.

"When I first moved here the first thing we did was our physicals and when we got hurt during the season, they were always with us. The one thing I love about Saint Thomas, formerly Baptist, is they walk you through things and they are with you the whole time," said Sanders ." I always talk about building relationships and being around people that care about you. The whole time I was here from 1998 until now, they always showed they really cared about me and that's what I remember about Baptist and now Saint Thomas."

The physicians, associates and leadership at Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown hospital live through a mission each day to serve individuals in need while helping our communities to lead healthier lives.

"Truth be told, this is almost like my extended family," said Dyson. "I've been in and out of here so much over the past 20 years, I'm just happy to be here. 100 years is a tribute to all the people they serve, the families, the athletes and it's a wonderful place."

"Anytime you can get an old salty beard like me that has seen the growth up front and personal is great," Hopkins chuckled. "I was one of the guys that traveled from Houston to be a part of the referendum to get Tennessee excited about pro-football being here and to see partners like Baptist, turned Saint Thomas be a part of the very beginning and see them still standing having a relationship with pro-sports here in Tennessee is incredible."

"What it means to have the Titans supporting Saint Thomas Midtown is an affirmation of our shared history together and energizing each other, our shared fan base, the patients we care for, the fans of the Titans, it's really a single community," said Tahir. "The Titans provide the inspiration and the athletic confidence and what the city means to that fan base and we provide the care, empathy and connection to that fan base. Together we create a better life for Nashvillians and Tennessee."

Originally founded in 1919 as Protestant Hospital, Saint Thomas Midtown has become a staple in the Nashville community, adapting to meet the city's every changing healthcare needs, and devoted to the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for people across Middle Tennessee.


In Tennessee, Ascension's Saint Thomas Health operates nine hospitals in addition to a comprehensive network of affiliated joint ventures, medical practices, clinics and rehabilitation facilities that cover a 68-county area and employ more than 8,000 associates. Across the state, Saint Thomas Health provided more than $127 million in community benefit and care of persons living in poverty in fiscal year 2018. Serving Tennessee for 15 years, Ascension is a faith-based healthcare organization committed to delivering compassionate, personalized care to all, with special attention to persons living in poverty and those most vulnerable. Ascension is the largest non-profit health system in the U.S. and the world's largest Catholic health system, operating more than 2,600 sites of care – including 151 hospitals and more than 50 senior living facilities – in 21 states and the District of Columbia. Visit www.sthealth.com.###

The Tennessee Titans joined Saint Thomas Midtown in celebrating the hospital's 100-year anniversary. (Photos: Lynne McCracken)

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