Titans-Cardinals Postgame Quotes


(opening statements)

Wow. What a great finish. We have had some finishes around here, but I can't remember one like that. Just a tremendous finish. Two good football teams battling it. We didn't think the way the game was going early that the team that had the ball last was going to win. But, it was just a magnificent drive. Converting two, three, fourth downs and nobody panicked and then Vince making that throw and catch to finish it with no time left. You saw it.

It is a great win for this team against a very good football team. So, I am proud of the win.

Yeah, we had some issues. We had our first (touchdown) kickoff return we gave up since 1999. We had some issues, but fortunately we overcame them.

(on how confident he was in Vince Young on final drive)

We just needed to make plays and that is what he did. The guys did a really fine job of protecting him. Young guys stepped up. Hawk's (Lavelle Hawkins) catches, Jared Cook's catches, Kenny's (Kenny Britt) catching the ball, just stepped up on that drive. They needed to.

(on if Vince Young's performance will take him to a new level)

We are just going to try and regroup and go win the next game. But, he played very well. That was a good defensive football team. It is a little bit unorthodox and I thought he kept his poise and he was confident. He just had that thing about him. On C.J.'s (Chris Johnson) long run, I went back to him and said I need some more points. He said, we're good, we're good, we'll be fine.

(on not scoring points late in first half)

That's me, that's on me. I had hoped we could take a shot at the end zone and throw it away. That's asking a quarterback to do too much. There is a difference, certainly a difference in that play and the final play of the ballgame. I think we all made up for the snafu at the end of the first half.

(on if Vince Young has Matt Leinart's number)

I am going to tell you what, Matt played pretty good. He (Vince Young) certainly had much more experience than Matt has. But, I was really impressed with him on handling the game today.

(on Kenny Britt's catches on the last drive)

Kenny's got that personality, he just puts things behind him. He just keeps playing. He's a football player and a playmaker. You can see what he did as a kickoff returner. They decided not to kick to him and kicked it out of bounds because he's very explosive.

(on what he was thinking on putting Kenny Britt back to return kicks)

We waited until Week 11 to break out our secret weapon.

(on what the Cardinals were doing defensively)

Well, they were bringing different combinations of people and obviously their first concern was C.J. (Chris Johnson). When you start to hug up a back, then you clog a lane and it was difficult for him to see at times. That was a great plan. They had a great defensive plan.

(on the decision to not dress LenDale White)

That's a coach's decision.

(on if LenDale White is healthy)


(on Rod Hood not dressing)

Well, getting to 45 is hard. The two younger guys, Rod he just wasn't feeling like he should have. The two younger guys are filling roles on special teams for us. We can't keep all the DB's up. The roster is a little unique. This is one of the first times in the last six weeks or so that we've gone with seven defensive lineman. I had to put a healthy Dave Ball down who's played very well. We just haven't had that opportunity. It was great to see Jevon (Kearse) back. He's been practicing well, getting back and getting in the swing of things.

(on the challenges for the offensive line on the last drive)

The challenge is, Mike (Heimerdinger) did a great job, is the protections. If you do that, then you've got a chance. Obviously, they pressured him right there at midfield on third down, came back with the same pressure and we anticipated. Hawk (Lavelle Hawkins) made a big catch for us on that fourth down play. They just keep their poise and hope they can keep resetting the huddle down the field.

(on how important it was to get Jared Cook involved)

It was. Jared can catch and he can run. Again, as I've said, the younger guys really all contributed tonight.

(on if Jared Cook is normally involved in the two-minute drive)

No, he's not but he's done it on the practice field for us.

(on Chris Johnson presence on the last drive)

It does. It's dictating coverage. You've got to be careful with the man-to-man stuff because he'll make you miss. It's just we had to get the ball down the field. Now, we considered handing the ball off down there in plus territory on the early downs. With the time factor and stuff, we thought we'd be better off taking shots at the end zone. I think CJ, since 1970, had the most rushing yards in a month of any back. Quite an effort and compliment to our offensive line and everybody else that's worked with him.

(on the last play)


I had the timeout left, it was fourth down, I just elected to use it just so they could settle down. We deployed a formation then called timeout to make the adjustment. I thought Mike (Heimerdinger) did a great job flipping the formation over and motioning the back for the same play. Basically, it wasn't in the game plan. Mike and Vince kind of drew it up in the dirt, if you will. It was something we've done before.


(on if this game remind you of the classic Rose Bowl game you played in against Leinart and USC)

A little bit, but we're in the NFL now. I really feel like he (Leinart) did a great job coming off the bench. But, overall, as a team, we just fought to the finish.

(on how gratifying was it to have led that game-winning drive with your arm and not your legs)

It was hard, but it really took a lot of patience and confidence. I really feel like the offensive line did a great job of giving me some time. Our guys, behind us, our skill guys, if our line is blocking, we have to do our part as skill guys. Just seeing Hawk (Lavelle Hawkins) come in and step up, (Jared) Cook coming in and stepping up, Bo making some big catches and Kenny Britt as well, that's big for us. To me, as on offense, after our defense got us the ball back, to hear 'hey, we're gonna come back and win this game' in the huddle, I mean, that's big for us. The confidence level of everybody was just big.

(on how hard was not to pull the ball down and run it on occasion on that last drive and if he wanted to)

Well, the defensive line was spying two guys on the inside, so they wouldn't let me do that tonight. They wanted me to basically use my arm downfield. The only choice that I had was to check the ball down to our speedy guys. And they made a lot of plays. Like I always say, it's all about being confident in my teammates and letting those guys do what they get paid to do and that's make plays. And they made a lot of plays tonight.

(on if someone had told him that he'd go 99 yards on 18 plays with no touches from Chris Johnson on that final drive and what would he have said)

Team effort. Team effort. A lot of team effort. If it's not myself or CJ, somebody has to make a play for us. Just like you all saw tonight, we have some plays that you all haven't seen and some players out there making plays for us, as well as Hawk and Cook. That's why our offense is the key right now, because everyone is stepping up. There's no "I" in our offense right now, it's all about all of us.

(on the deflection to Bo Scaife)

Oh my God, when I saw that, I saw the DB coming hard at it and all of a sudden, Bo came out of nowhere and grabbed the ball and it was just tremendous, the focus that Bo had to have to make that catch and keep that drive alive. He saved us. He saved us. So, much love to Bo for that.

(on if this is the best passing game of his career)

I don't really feed into stats, so I don't know. I just look at wins and losses.

(on what this performance, that drive, says to the skeptics, if there still are any)

I don't know … like I said last week, I love everybody (laughing). I love my haters. I love the fans who love me. I mean, I don't really focus into that. Everybody has their own opinion. Sometimes, they are right. Sometimes, they help me focus and see that yeah, I really do need to get better at this thing or that.

(on if he will send this tape to Merrill Hoge)

(Laughing) I don't have anything against Merrill Hoge. He's just doing his job

(on being a team right now that no one wants to play)

I just feel like, everybody is buying into their job, as being a pro. Our defense is doing a phenomenal job, getting us the ball back, they're being physical and making plays. Our special teams is doing a good job, even though they took the kickoff to the house on us, but at the same time, as a whole, I really feel like we're all doing a good job of taking our time and letting the game come to us and just taking it one game at a time.

(on if something special was happening on that final drive)

You have to buy into it. All the love to Steve McNair up top. I know he's watching and sending down love to us. And, Bo making that play for us, that was huge to us. So, like I said, I got all the love and respect for Bo for doing that.

(on overcoming the adversity of that first half)

That's one of the things that (offensive coordinator, Mike) Heimerdinger always says to our entire offense. We're going to make mistakes. We're not perfect. That's one thing we are not. Just get over to the sidelines and get ready for that next series and have confidence in our defense … that they're going to stop them and get us the ball back and we have to be ready. For myself, for the offensive line, for everybody on the offensive side, you have to be focused, you have to stay focused. Because, you never know what's going to happen. Just like you saw tonight, that's how we finished it. Everybody stayed focused after the turnover and after halftime.

(on where this game ranks)

Well, it's ranked pretty high. At the same time, we're still going. This is just my fourth year. I'm still a young guy.

(on if its higher than the Rose Bowl)

(Laughing) Nothing is higher than that.

(on if he feels for Matt Leinart)

Well, it's not about me and Matt competing. I have a lot of respect for him. We came out the same year. Like I told him earlier, we need to get some Magic Johnson/Larry Bird chemistry going. At the same time, I have so much respect for him, for how he handles himself as a quarterback. The same thing I went through, watching how he handled adversity out there today, I was just so happy for him, to see him out there making plays.

(on if it's possible for you to win out)

Everything is possible and our confidence level is definitely high right now. But, you have to take it one game at a time. We have some big games coming up, week after week right now. So, we don't want to go too far.

(on Lavelle Hawkins and Jared Cook)

You got a guy like (offensive coordinator, Mike) Heimerdinger, that's crazy, that drinks so much Diet Coke every day, he's on their head every day. He challenges these guys all the time. He makes jokes about them. You don't have any choice but to answer when your offensive coordinator is challenging you. You want to go out there and perform like they did. The type of confidence I have in them and that they have in themselves … just hearing (Lavelle) Hawkins out there saying 'Give me the ball, give me the ball' … that's the type of stuff you want out of your receivers.

(on being confident in Lavelle Hawkins)

I know what Hawk can do and everyone on this team knows what he can do when he gets the ball in his hands.

(on how much easier does it make it, having Chris Johnson out there)

Lil' Ugly, he's cool.


(on the mindset during the final drive)

In the huddle, the whole offense was like, we were going to win this game.

(on the differences from losing six in a row to winning five in a row)

Finally, the bounces are bouncing our way.

(on winning 10 games in a row to end the season)

Ultimately, that is our goal. You want to win 10 games straight and see what happens.


(On the game-winning catch and recovering from the fumble)

Well the catch was all in God's plan and we drew it up the early this week and Coach pulled it out of the hat. I was worried about getting my depth and everything like that and it went like that.

(On the importance of making up for the fumble)

It was real important to me, especially to the team and everything, but as wide receivers we have to have short-term memory. So, that wasn't in my mind right then at the time.

(On the last play while Vince Young was scrambling)

We work on scrambling drills every week in practice and things like that. Once you see Vince scrambling, he let's me know he is going to run it or he is going throw the ball, so all you got to do is stay alive and that's what I did.

(On Vince Young's composure on the last drive)

Vince Young is a spectacular athlete, God-given talent, he is using it to his ability and I take my hat off to him.

(On comparing his first NFL touchdown and the game-winning score)

You can't compare the two. It's really your first NFL touchdown and you're excited about it and everything. Now, you have your first game-winning touchdown and win, the whole game and everything. But, I can't do it without my team. I just want to look back on film tomorrow and watch it.

(On the possibility of Chris Johnson breaking Eric Dickerson's record)

I believe so. He is having a great year and we have a great offensive line and the receivers outside blocking. So, he has the potential to do it.

(On the emotion in the locker room)

Emotions, there is really no words for it, everybody is so happy that we start winning and things like that. You see people with expressions that you didn't see around here for a long time and at the beginning of the season and things like that. It just feels so special to be in the locker room with those fellas.


(on the win)

It was big. You know this team, just play after play, makes plays when we need to. Guys on defense, guys on offense. Feels like something special is happening.


(on the defensive improvement of the Titans)

We're picking up momentum, playing better and better every week. We've played two high-powered offenses the last two weeks, and got the job done. It's something we can definitely build upon and like I said, this locker room just feels special right now. I think one thing about this defense is that we always play hard. We always brought the intensity. It's difficult when you get down early in games to keep that intensity, but I think we started strong today and made some big plays and kept things rolling.


(on the offensive effort of the Titans)

We probably played our best game today. It was a great win. It was crazy. Our offense had fourth and four from the seven-yard line and they converted. And they just kept converting third downs, and then got all the way down to fourth-and-10, and I was saying to Jeff's (Coach Fisher) son Trent, who was on the sidelines, that it was like a game of Madden, fourth-and-ten. And it really counts for something. So I think the guys, the offense, did great. Ninety-nine yards, you know what I mean? That's big, right there.

(on the defensive effort of the Titans)

They weren't running free. I think we did a good job of giving them different looks. Covering, I think our corners and secondary did a great job of covering in the back end, and we were able to get (Matt) Leinart off the spot a little bit. I think their offense was a little jumbled up because Kurt Warner practiced all week and didn't play.


(on the Titans' future this season)

The big picture is right there. The big picture is being talked about, but we're being talked around. All we can do is win because we did a lot of things early in the year to put us 0-6 in the hole. We're not even a .500 football team now. So we can't really look at the big picture. All we can do is win and just put pressure on the other teams. They know they've got the Tennessee Titans over their shoulder, so they have to win as well. At this point, we're 5-6 and on a five-game winning streak, but at the same time, we don't have anything to lose. That's the attitude we have. We have five and now we're going for six.


(on the last-second victory)

Man, I don't know if I'd be able to sleep tonight, you know, if I were a fan here. It was a wonderful thing for Kenny (Britt) to fumble there early and then come back and make a play. It speaks volumes for what he's all about. Coach Heimerdinger calling some great plays and the defense making a stop when we needed to … It's a sweet victory because of how it happened, 99 yards to drive the football. And the defense stopping them there. It speaks volumes because if we're ever in that situation again, you know we can do it. It was a big win for us.


(on the importance of the win)


It was big. We're on a journey right now. It's not going to be tough. We understand there are going to be games like this. We understand there are going to be games where we feel like everything is folding. And I think we did a good job tonight. We just had some mistakes. We had some penalties. We had a couple of mistakes throughout the drives. But I think the best thing we did tonight was sticking with it.

We know no matter what, this team has a lot of tradition behind it. And we're going to keep fighting to continue that tradition on, I guess you could say. It's a big thing for us to continue this season on out. We're not going to give up on it, nor are we going to give up on any game. Somebody might have been sitting at home with 29 seconds left, and see the old Tennessee Titans, and wanted to cut the TV off. But that's not us anymore.

(on the mood in the huddle on the last game-winning drive)

It was calm. It was relaxed. No one was in a frantic, no one was panicking. No one was pointing a finger telling someone else to make a play. We all knew someone in that huddle was going to make a play. It could have be an offensive guard for all we knew. It didn't matter. We did a great job tonight of sticking together and just knowing that no matter what, until the clock hits zeros, we're not going to quit playing.


(on the play of Vince Young)


I can't say enough about Vince Young. Over the past year and these past five weeks, he's shown us a lot and I think there's a lot more to come.


(on the win)


You know, it is great.This is do or die for us each game, so you know we had to come out with a win. And just for us to win in the last seconds on a 99-yard drive just says a lot about our team and about our resiliency. We've faced a lot of bumps and obstacles in the season and for us to come out on top in this game, it feels like a real uphill climb and it feels good. **

(on the Titans' offensive performance)


I just want to make plays for my teammates. That's all we've got and that's all that's out there with me, so every chance I get to help my team out, I want to do it.



(opening statement)

Well obviously, this was a tough loss for us. It's always tough when you lose one at the end but you have to tip your hat to the Titans. They did a good job especially on that last drive. I think they converted three fourth downs, and that's a credit to them. I was proud of our team, they played hard even when things didn't go well, we responded and had a chance to win the game. From that aspect it even makes it more difficult because it is never easy to win on the road. We have been doing a good job but to be that close and to lose it on the last play even makes it more difficult.

(on how Matt Leinart played today)

I thought Matt (Leinart) did a nice job. Not getting a whole lot of reps, he certainly stepped up and made some big plays for us.

(on the defense called on the final fourth down play)


We had run three plays previously where we had a combination zone which had been given them problems so were running that same type of scheme. You know, the pocket broke down, he scrambled. When that happens you extend the play and that's what makes it so much more difficult.


(on the dilemma with covering Vince Young)

You know it's tough. There's not a lot you can say. When he extends that play and they made a play, that happens. It's disappointing that we let them go down the field but once again, they made some plays. They had two fourth downs until that point that they made and we were close on a couple of them. I have to give them credit for making those plays.

(on what is said to a team after a loss like this)

It's probably as close of a bad feeling as losing the Super Bowl. It is as close as to that as possible because we knew today that it was going to be difficult against this team and our team rallied and pulled together. When you're that close, when you're six seconds away from winning it, it makes it even tougher. The important thing now is that we can't let it affect us going forward. The thing I was proudest of today was the way our team held together and fought together and that's the attitude we've got to have going forward.


(on did Super Bowl XLIII go through your mind)

No, not until I just said that.

(on the quarterback situation this morning)

Well, obviously Kurt (Warner) had been getting better and better as the week went on but really what it came down to is that he had some stiffness in his neck that was causing some light sensitivity with his eyes. So we felt that as the soreness went away that is what was causing the situation. Today, when he got up this morning, the soreness out of his neck was gone but he still had that sensitivity. So that leans back to the area of is it concussion related or is it a situation like that. Once again, like we said, bearing to the side of caution, that is why that decision was made.

(on the confidence level growing in play calling for Leinart)

I felt good about the way Matt (Leinart) was handling himself early. I felt he made some big throws for us, some third down throws that were good. Obviously, I had enough confidence in him to call a pass off the goal line, which was a big play.

(on defending against Chris Johnson)

Well, he is a good football player. If you take away that 85-yard run, we held him under 100 yards, which is a pretty good day's work against him. Our defense did a nice job of trying to contain their offense the whole day. They kept them out of the end zone in the first half, which was big. The play at the end of the half was big. It kept points off the board. Unfortunately he got out on us once and that was a big play, but I was happy with the way our team responded because we got the kickoff and took that back down.


(on being surprised that Chris Johnson didn't run in the last drive)

I was just trying to get them off the field. I wasn't worried about who they were using.


(on his thoughts and if he expected to play)

I didn't find out until this morning. Obviously, I prepared all week thinking there might be a good chance I would be playing as a starter or not. I talked to Kurt (Warner) yesterday and I think I had a good idea that I was going to start yesterday, but they didn't tell me until today. I had fun out there. It is a tough way to lose, but it is just one game so we just move on.

(on feeling like an individual win for him after playing well in the second half)

I mean, you've got to look at the film. They're always more plays to be made. It was just a tough game. When we came in here, we knew it was going to be a battle. That is a good football team. I was happy with the way I played. It has been a long time since I had been out there, to come into a hostile environment and to play solid. We had a chance to win in the end. Our defense played great all game. They kept us in the game when we were struggling. We were moving the ball great, but we would kind of get tripped up. I think it is just one of those games. It's football. It happens and you move on.

(on being tired of Vince Young getting the best of him)

It was funny because it was second or third down, down on the goal line and Steve (Breaston) came up to me and he was like, God, this is deja vu all over again. He did that to Michigan and he did that to myself in the title game. I thought Vince played great. That is what it's all about, to put your team in position to wins games and he made plays in the last series, so hats off to him. I still think our defense played phenomenal, he just made some plays.

(on the coaches gaining confidence in you as the game went on and the impact on play calling)

To be honest with you, I think it would have been the same if Kurt had been in there. Maybe the first couple of series, but we did a lot of stuff on the game plan that were new wrinkles this week that I was prepared to run if they were called. I don't think he held back to be honest with you, especially in the second half when I was getting in the groove and I felt confident. I was happy with that. We weren't too conservative. Those were a lot of the plays. We stuck with the game plan.

(on having more reps in practice this week)

No. I think for a backup, I think I get a decent amount of reps, but it is just hard because the starting quarterback has to prepare. I understand that. It was tough because I don't get to run a lot of the plays, especially the new plays and some of the stuff that we called. So, when I go out there today, you kind of have to wing it and trust in your preparation. The ball to Beanie (Wells), where I almost got intercepted, that was a play that was a new wrinkle this week that I didn't get a chance to rep, the one up the sideline. Just stuff like that, but you always have to be prepared as a backup quarterback.

(on playing with a glove now)

I know, I told Kurt I'm doomed. I think I'm doomed because I'm still young in my career and I liked it. I felt good with it. We'll see, we'll see what happens, but I felt comfortable with it.

(on the play call when you were backed up on the goal-line)

It was originally a run play. We had a run play called and then he switched it as we were huddling up. It was kind of one of those plays where it is either a hit or miss. Ben (Patrick) made a great play, a great catch. When you're backed up, you just want to try to get out, get off your goal-line and get a couple of first downs. That was a big drive.**

(on the holding call when you were trying to run down the clock)

Yeah, it's tough. Penalties are always tough, especially in that situation. It happens, you know. We gave the ball back to the defense and the defense was playing great all game, they just made a few extra plays in the end.

(on how much he talked to Kurt Warner during the game)

Quite a bit, not more than whether it was a preseason game and I get a lot of time. Stuff that he sees on the sideline to be ready for, just positive encouragement. I felt good, confident and very comfortable. Kurt has been a great help in my career. It has been a rollercoaster career, but I think in the long run that playing behind him and learning from him will only help me.


(on the stretch run of the season)

We need to get a win. We have a big one coming up against the Vikings. That is the most important one because it is the next one.

(on the pain of the loss compared to the Super Bowl)

The Super Bowl loss was definitely a lot more painful. We are still leading our division, we still have five games left and we still can control our destiny.

(on Matt Leinart)

He did a good job. He put us in position, made good decisions, and didn't turn the ball over. You can't ask for anything more than that.

(on being on the sidelines for the Titans' final drive)

It definitely is a helpless feeling when you can't be out on the field during it. They made some plays. Vince Young had a heck of a game. He made some great scrambles and got his guys the ball and they made plays for him. A lot of his players made plays on that drive and throughout the game, so you have to tip your hat to them.


(on the game)

That is a good team. You have to take you hat off to them. They made the plays they needed to. We know coming in that it was going to be a dog fight. We just came up a few plays short at the end. Our guys shouldn't have their heads down. That game could have gone either way. They made the play, but I still think we are a dominate defense. Vince Young made some plays. We played against the best running back in the NFL. He broke a long run. We contained him all game and on one run he got out on us. We have to bounce back, be enthusiastic going in to work this week. We lost. There is nothing we can do about it. It would be different if we came in here and got blown out. It is one thing if we came out here and they just did what they wanted to against us. They didn't. After the game they shook our hand and knew that they were in a dog fight. We fought them more than anybody has since they have been on their winning streak.

(on the Titans)

They had luck on their side. They made the play they needed to. I take my hat off to them. Vince Young has those guys going, but I am proud of my team. Matt Leinart came in and did a great job. I know they were probably happy that Kurt (Warner) wasn't playing, but Matt came in and did a hell of a job for us. They are supposed to be one of the most physical offensive lines in the league and we didn't take any crap from them. We came out there and hit them in the mouth. They had to pay respects to us at the end of the game. Unfortunately, the game hurt at the end. I would rather get blown out than lose a game like that. We have to bounce back. We are playing against America's best team next week. We have to have some excitement. We have the opportunity to do what only one team has done in the NFL and that is to beat the Vikings. It is a golden opportunity for us.


(on Kenny Britt's game-winning TD catch)

We had guys coming from all angles. Britt is a tall guy, a former basketball player. It was just one of those plays, a 50-50 chance, and they came down with it. You have to give them credit, give Vince (Young) credit for staying calm and making the throw and Britt, at the same time, for making the catch and being able to squeeze the ball because we had guys hitting him from all angles. We fought hard, they fought hard. They just made the plays at the end to win the game.

(on how the team handles a tough loss)

Things like this make you stronger. Unfortunately, we came up short today but we're looking forward to coming back and going against Minnesota next week. You have to move on. It definitely hurts. I'd be lying if I was sitting here and said I'm not worried about it because we fought for a full 60 minutes and, at the end, we came up short in the last six seconds of the game. We're all professionals, we're all teammates, and at the end of the day, we're all going to stick together. We'll go to the film room Monday and make our corrections to go against Minnesota.


(on timing of his kickoff return TD immediately following Chris Johnson's 85-yard run)

I feel like it was a big boost for us, to get things back going because they scored so quick. And just to get ourselves back on the board before it got too deep in the hole.

(on execution of return team on his touchdown)

As a unit, we've all been frustrated. Everyone on the field was working together on that play and it happened for us. It takes everybody on the field to make something like that happen. I didn't have to stop my feet or anything. I ran at the hole they made for me.

(on his feelings after downing the punt at the Titans' 1-yard line before final drive)

It was a good kick by Ben (Graham) and I made the play. I was hoping we could just stop them there.


(on why he did not play in the game)

I didn't feel perfect, didn't feel 100 percent, so we came to the conclusion that it was just in the best interest of everybody at this time to be cautious. So we decided not to go.

(on lingering sensitivity in his eyes related to the concussion)

Whatever you want to call it, it feels like a light sensivity or my eyes just aren't quite adjusted right. That was the one symptom. I had some tightness in my neck all week, so I think we were trying to gauge whether what I was feeling was coming from the issues in my neck or whether it was an issue with my head. I think ultimately we couldn't make that determination and that's what led us to the decision that we came to. If we could've pinpointed it and believed that it was just muscular and in the neck, then I probably would've played. But we couldn't do that and for our comfort level, we decided not to go.

(on future testing and next steps in the evaluation process)

I don't know what we'll do moving forward. I'm sure we'll continue to monitor it day by day and believe that it's going to get better. We'll continue to work on the neck and things there, to see if that will alleviate some of the issues. One day at a time. I don't know if there's anything else scheduled because neurologically as far as the tests were concerned, the MRIs, everything looked good. That's why we proceeded all week long like it was going to be fine. Ultimately, you have to make that decision when it comes to game time. I think we were optimistic that everything would be fine and we'd feel good, because there was no other issues. Again, it came down to an issue where none of us felt comfortable with where I was at, so we'll err on the side of caution.

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