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Titans-Broncos Postgame Quotes



(on how good it was to recover the fumbles after getting strips)

That's what you have to do in these kinds of games. You have to make plays like that in crunch time, and our defense did that most of the day. They've done that all year. In a game like this, of this magnitude, to come in and do it today and make a difference in the game was large.

(on if he anticipated the game being a slug fest and coming down to the end)

Yes, I thought it would be a one score game, I thought it would be just like it ended.

(on how the young guys on the team played)

I think it's a tough group, you know, you see them, tough to cover. I thought we made some plays today.  I thought our young guys got some good experience playing today, broke some balls up, more than normal which is a good sign, but I thought our defense played very well today.

(on the amount of time the Titans were in possession the first half versus the second half)

I think we were making first downs on the first and second down in the first half and we converted to be better on third down in the first half. Obviously, we weren't in the second half with results of three-and-outs, but we were putting ourselves in position to get third-and-short, those are plays we need to be able to make and we failed to do that. That was the difference; we weren't making first downs on first and second downs.

(on Kendall Wright missing today because of a rule violation and Tre McBride's ability to down the last punt at the one-yard line)

Big play by Tre (McBride). I thought all three phases contributed to this win and that was a huge one by him, to come in and make a play, a huge play by him.

(on if the team's strengths were built to win a game like today)

I think one of our strengths is being able to run the football, chew up the clock, it's part of our defense. It's a good way to keep our defense off the field; it's a good way to keep their offense off. We're going to be in a lot of close games, we've been in close games all year, and we haven't found ways to win them like today, but we found a way to win and that's going to be good for us down the road.

(on if wining close games like today is a part of a changing mindset)

It's a credit to everybody. Our staff got these guys well prepared. We had a very good week, back Monday after they had six days off, which they earned, and come in here and prepare like they did from Monday on was a credit to everybody. The staff put a good plan together and the players basically played like they practiced, which is what you want.

(on how much it helps the mentality to win late in a game)

It confirms that you know you can. We have won some close games against some good football teams and all it does it reconfirms what we're doing, that we can play with anybody in this league.

(on how it feels after 13 weeks to hear Tennessee Titans in first place)

It's good. It's really good. It's good to get over that hump of can't get over the .500. It's good to get over that. We're doing things, it's been three home games we've won in a row if I'm not mistaken- four or five- we're doing what we haven't done in years and let's get over those and start talking about other things that everyone says we can't do, that our team is accomplishing. It's fun to be with them doing this.

(on if Von Miller was tough to block)

He's extremely difficult to block, extremely. I'll have to watch the tape, watch the whole game to see how consistent we were, but pretty dang good.

(on what changed to force more fumbles this week)

That was all the way up to today. I don't know. The ball bounced our way. The hits on them were violent hits. I think we played with some violence in our defense, but those hits jarred the ball loose, so it wasn't like a hand in there, they were solid hits, violent hits.

(on Delanie Walker's trouble with picks)

The picture showed to me it looked like Delanie (Walker) did pick the first one, so I don't think Delanie would go out and do it again. He's trying to get open. It's not designed to get a rub or anything off a defender, he's not going to go out there and get the same penalty that got us in trouble once, so I question that call.

(on if he saw Harry Douglas' low block on Chris Harris Jr.)

I did not.

(on if the DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry tandem today was what he hoped to see most of this year)

Not really, no. Today was more we put Derrick (Henry) in with some specific personal groupings and those groupings were being called more, not because he runs it better but to get him on the field more.

(on if Marcus Mariota's most important number today was zero turnovers)

Yes. That team, again, I said they've won 29 straight without one turnover. Turnovers were going to be the difference in that game, and it was, that's exactly how those games turn out, turnovers.

(on injury status)

Really the only one we had was Sean Spence, he turned his ankle, but nothing serious, very fortunate.

(on if Taylor Lewan was just cramping)

Yes. He got rolled up.

(on Taylor Lewan's effort to stay away from trouble today)

I think he's been doing that for weeks now, he's trying to do things the right way. He plays hard, gets back in the huddle and plays hard again, so I appreciate him doing that and I think it makes a difference for our team. We had enough mistakes without Taylor (Lewan) doing anything today.

(on if the wind played a role)

I wanted to defer, I wanted to get our defense out there. All we've heard about is Denver defense and I want to get our defense out there and show we have a pretty good defense on our side too. They did exactly what we told them, three-and-out and we responded with a scoring drive and that's what you need when it's teams like that.



(on how it feels to record such a big win)

Great. It feels unbelievable and it's a huge win for us, huge win for this organization. The defense played outstanding today and we were able to score enough points to win and that is all that matters.

(on not putting up large offensive numbers as in recent games, but defense being a key in today's win)

That is how it is going to be sometimes. We had to grind it out a little bit on offense, you know, make plays when we needed to and guys did. Again, hats off to the defense, they deserve a lot of credit for this victory and it just says a lot about this team. When things aren't going well on one side of the ball, the other side can pick it up and that is all that matters is coming out with a win.

(on what he liked on key completion to Rishard Matthews)

Liked the matchup, they gave us a coverage we kind of expected, told me to maybe take a shot there. He made a great play. It was huge for us and that moment, we were able to flip the field, take a little more time off and give our defense a good opportunity to seal the game for us.

(on how team seems to put bad plays behind it and move past)

Absolutely. Sometimes you have got to go through games like this. You have to find ways to win, make enough plays. That's part of it. That's part of our growth as a team. We can go back and watch the film tomorrow, find ways to improve and just get ready for next week.

(on if early success with ground game caught Denver off guard)

Yeah, I think the offensive line did a great job of setting the tempo early. We were getting four or five yards a pop. The first drive was great. If we can do that, I think it really opens up stuff for our offense and you know, again a lot of credit to those guys up front.

(on what packages the team has with Derrick Henry)

We do our best to find matchups that we like with Derrick. He's such a versatile player for us whether running downhill or maybe a little bit of the zone read stuff. He's such a great player for us. Anyway we can get him in the game, it doesn't matter what the situation is, we try to take advantage of that because he is such a good player for us.

(on what a win says about a team that had first pick last year over a team that is defending Super Bowl champion)

Yeah, I mean you said it best. Again, it is a part of our process. It is a big win for us but we are not going to savor it too long. We've got to get ready for next week and we just have to find ways to improve and hopefully make a run at it toward the end of the year.

(on if he thought he was interfered with on pass attempt from DeMarco Murray)

I don't really have much to say about it, but it is kind of funny how that matchup was happening. I have gotten to know T.J. (Ward) a little bit over the years, whether it is him coming back to Oregon or us being together. So it was fun to go out there and be one-on-one a little, but yeah, he made a good play and you've just got to move on from that.

(on if their coverage was the reason for two pass completions to wide receivers)

No, not necessarily. Obviously, they have got some all-pros. They make a great amount of plays. A couple of plays here or there, I thought guys were being held, but you can't do much about that. That is out of our control. You know guys underneath were finding ways to get open. I don't have any idea how many passes we completed. We completed enough to the game and that's all you can really ask for.

(on where the team sits with three remaining regular season games)

We sit where we want. This is where we want to be. We can't control the outcomes of other games. We try our best to not pay any attention to them because they really don't affect us in terms of us playing. If we just take care, take control of what we can, find ways to win games, if we win when it is all said and done, we will stay on top.

(on if he plans to grow his mustache back)

No, probably not. It is funny you ask that. A lot athletes in sports, you get superstitious, but we won to today, so it doesn't matter to me.

(on getting everyone settled after the skirmish)

That's football. That is part of it. Tempers flare especially in a game like this with how physical both teams are playing. I thought our guys did a great job of getting us out and focusing on the next play and not let that destroy the outcome of the drive.

(on if he saw Taylor Lewan go to the other end of the field during the skirmish)

I heard he was sitting down or something. I guess that was pretty funny to see Taylor do that. For us, he's done a great job of controlling his emotions and that's all we can ask from him.

(on the job by the offensive line of keeping it clean in regard to pass rushers)

They did an outstanding job. We won the game up front and that's how we were able to kind of seal the game. Credit to those guys, they did a great job whether it was our receivers helping out or our tackles doing it one-on-one. I thought all five guys up front did a great job of handling their matchups and give us a chance to throw the football down the field a little bit and create some running lanes for the guys in the backfield.


(on the play that Chris Harris was injured on)

First of all, that's a clean play. It was a run play with me and him looking at each other and I cut blocked him. Like I told them, if they watch film, which they're supposed to do in the NFL, you would know I can cut block in the run game and that's a legal play. I guess he didn't watch film because if he watched me last week or any other game he would see that's what I do in the run game.

(on what Aqib Talib said to him on the sideline)

I don't know, I was just playing football man. Football is football, it's a physical game. I love the physical part about football, that's why I play football and no other sport. I don't really care what he said.

(on his teammates coming to his back)

Hey, that's why we got the win today, know what I mean? I believe in those guys 100 percent and they believe in me 100 percent and we're going to have each other's back no matter what. So, it is what it is, it's just football. I play this game tough and I'm not changing for nobody.

(on the sideline altercation rallying the team)

I mean it is what it is. I don't play too much into it. What happened, it happened. On to the next play for me.



(on defeating the Broncos)

I'm feeling good.  Confidant.  We came in here knowing we had the opportunity to win this game.  Knew exactly what we needed to do.  And I think we did a great job of executing it.  We're just really excited.  We are in a position where we wanted to be in April, which is a chance to win this division and get in the playoffs.  So we have to make sure to take this win, enjoy it, but in 24 hours, we have to turn it around and get ready to play a good Kansas City team.  We knew coming into today that our offense was going into a very good defense. And we talked about it all week.  We were going to have to carry the load and outplay their defense.  We were able to do that today and stop the run, not giving up any big plays, and then winning the turnover battle.  So, I think that was the big difference in the game

(on forcing fumbles against the Broncos)

Just trying to play fast, and play hard, and do whatever I can to help my team win.  It's December football, it's playoff football, so I know every play counts. Turnovers were a bid emphasis for our defense, and we knew they would be a difference maker.  Just fortunate that I was in the right place at the right time to make them.


(on the biggest win with the Titans)

Yea, the last two years we only won five games so this would be up there. To have this one is huge. To go out there and play against two of the best pass rushers in the league and play the way we did, it says a lot about this team.

(on the job he and Jack Conklin did)

It's so funny, you hear 104.5 [The Zone] and all you guys [media] on the radio just talking all the time, god forbid this, god forbid that, we're paid to play football too. They're great pass rushers and deserve so much respect but Jack (Conklin) and I knew what we were up against today and we knew we had to play the best football of our lives and we stepped up to the plate and played football the way it's supposed to be played.

(on the time of possession difference in the first half)

Yea, it was a complimentary day. In the second half I don't know what the hell was going on with us, we should have scored so many more points. We should have kept moving the ball and running the ball but for some reason we weren't getting the yards we wanted to like we did in the first half. That first drive was good, took some time off the clock, but overall it was a good day for the boys.

(on the feeling the offensive line had after the long drive)

That's what you want. We've consistently done that all year. Off the top of my head we did that against the Dolphins going into the half. Couple other teams as well. The thing that's different between this year and last year is that we capitalize. We've done that and we had to lean on our defense again and they handled in. People talk a lot about our secondary but they stepped up to the plate today. This whole team stepped up, we knew what we were up against with the defending Super Bowl champs coming into your house and you're on national TV for the first time in god knows how long, you want a little respect around here.

(on earning that respect from people outside the locker room)

I mean, you tell me. We just beat the Super Bowl champions, I think so. I think we earned a lot of respect today and we're not going to stop playing hard ever. This is what this team is made of, we're a bunch of grinders, we're going to keep grinding and keep going. So, it's not for me to say whether or not we deserve respect but it sure as hell showed something today.

(on winning without Marcus Mariota putting up big numbers)

Marcus is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He's going to put us in a position to be successful. We didn't throw the ball as much as we usually do because we were running the ball so well. The odds show Marcus didn't have the numbers but he passed it well and kept it clean all day.

(on staying away from the altercation)

Yea that's something my fiancée and I talked about. I was like next time something goes down, I'm out of there, dude. That's just how it's got to be. The crowd loved it, it was a nice little theatrical thing but that's done and I'll definitely be in there next time. It's just showing obviously I'm not a psychopath and I understand people are fighting, I've been caught for fighting and I need to go away. So, you know, it's good. It was a nice little fun thing in the moment, a little comedic relief in a stressful situation.


(on the Titans victory over Denver)

Man, it feels good to be in this situation and take advantage of the opportunity, and be able to live and see another week. An opportunity like this doesn't mean anything if you don't win the game, so it's only one.  We've still got three more to go, and we have to focus on Kansas City now.

(on comparing this year's Titans team to last year's team)

Each week you're not going to have your best game, but every Sunday is a new opportunity, and we were able to make some plays today.  I think we are a better team and this team is together.  We fight.  I told our secondary at the end of the game that we have a bunch of guys ...  Just to see the joy of everybody, whenever anybody makes a play.  There is no selfishness.  Guys just want to come out on top at the end of the game.

(on was today's victory over Denver, a big 'learn how to win' game for the Titans)

It was the next game on the schedule.  Next week it will be Kansas City, and that will be the most important game of the season.  After the Kansas City game, I think it's Jacksonville, and that will be the most important game.  So we just have to try to keep on taking care of business.  In 2011, we had to win the last game, to get a chance at the playoffs.  We ended up winning it, but didn't have the necessary things happen to get to the playoffs.  Similar to that situation, whenever you win a game that keeps your hopes alive to get into the postseason, it's a big game.



(on the Titans win today against the Broncos)

Extremely proud.  Ecstatic.  Just happy because we've worked extremely hard.  We emphasize game by game.  Denver was on deck.  Just to come out here and the performance, the turnovers, we didn't have (Jurrell) Casey up and that was going to be a huge blow, but guys were stepping up. Offense doing what they had to do. It was just a great all-around effort.  It feels really good. We haven't played important, meaningful football games here in a while.  And to come out here and put ourselves in position for the AFC South, and to beat the defending Super Bowl champions, who have been doing their thing all year.  And for us to come out here and really shut them out, that was definitely gratifying.  We were able to get turnovers.  We were able to get huge stops in the red zone.  That means it is a great overall team effort. Especially with young guys steeping up.



(on all three phases pitching in)

Yea, in the first half the offense did a great job of moving the ball. Second half our defense held them down. And in the end of the game our special teams came through for us and that's all three phases and that's all we ask for all week. I felt like we wanted to make a statement and we did that today letting everyone know we can play with whoever we want to play with.

(on being at 7-6)

It feels good. That's the first time I've been 7-6 since I've been here and it's a great feeling as you can see here in the locker room. I'm just happy, it was an exciting game.

(on the passing game struggling)

Yea, you know, it was tough out there. There were some calls that were made out there, I think they got me twice for picking. Things like that happen. I mean, you're playing teams that the league feels like is a good team, you know they kind of get the calls and I feel like that's what was happening today.

(on the fast start for the offense)

We wanted to come out fast. We said we were going to let our defense get out there and stop them which they did. That momentum carried on to the offense and we moved the ball very well and put points on the board. But again, I feel like we left plays and points out there and we didn't do enough to put more points on the board. That's why it felt like a last minute game in the fourth quarter.



(on the timing of his forced fumble to give the Titans the ball back with less than a minute remaining)

It was the perfect time.  It was a good reaction at the right time.  I was able to grab the football, and just do what I do at practice all the time.  Try to rip it.  It just happened to work. … It's funny.  I was telling myself, like that whole series, that I'm probably going to get an interception or something, but didn't know it was going to happen like that.  I'm getting goose bumps right now just thinking about it.  To do something like that to win the game is an awesome feeling.

(on what the Titans defense was thinking prior to Denver's last possession)

We knew we had to make a stop.  We had to execute.  Don't be scared, but just go out and play, and that's what we did.

(on the Titans playing a complete game defensively)

Maybe not the most complete.  We did hold them to however many yards, but I feel like we dominated them for most of the game.  We've had some dominant performances, but this one is icing on the cake so far, this part of the season. I have to say thank you to the back end (defensive backs) because they had good coverage and that allowed the QB to hold the ball longer, and let our front seven get up there.

(on the electricity in Nissan Stadium for this game today)

It felt like a playoff atmosphere.  Definitely, the crowd was into it. It was just a fun game.  To come down to the wire, for the defense is awesome.  It's definitely a great feeling to have a chance at the playoffs, and to beat the defending Super Bowl champions.  I feel like it will really get the whole state, and anybody who is an NFL fan, and all the people on SportsCenter to know the Titans are a real team.  We feel we were a dominant team but just were not getting credit for it.  I feel that this win, is definitely a win that will get us national attention.


(on how tough it was for Trevor Siemian to play today)

It is tough in the league, you know. You have got to battle through things he battled for. He gave it up for his teammates. We had some opportunities to make some plays there at the end. He will be the first one to tell you if he would have made a couple of those plays, it would help us out. He battled through. He did everything he could possibly do. We just didn't do enough.

(on struggling early in games)

It's really disappointing. We played really poorly first quarter. We missed two third downs and six inches. Defensively, we're struggling with the run. Offensively, we did nothing in the first half. Good news is, we were only down two scores and have every opportunity to win the game in the second half. We had plays to make down in the red zone that we just didn't make.  

(on frustration with the running game)

Obviously, we were playing catch up, so we are throwing the ball a lot. I think our first carry today we put the ball on the ground. I'm thinking on one or two runs in the second half—I know one of them—on first-and-10 we lost five yards. Obviously, there wasn't much commitment to the run. We were trying to get back into the game throwing it a lot. That's what we were doing best at the end of the game.

(on the hit on Chris Harris, Jr.)

I don't know. Someone just asked me that. I know Chris (Harris) got cut. Legally, I don't know.

(on the spark provided by RB Justin Forsett)

I knew he'd do some good stuff. Obviously, you don't want to put the ball on the ground, but he was comfortable enough to go in and help us pick up some blitzes and play. I mean, we needed him to play. We've got Book (Devontae Booker) and him. So I'm encouraged by what he can do moving forward, and like I said, we've got to protect the football. He knows that.

(on the fake punt that picked up a first down)

Yeah, we've been working on it. So we had an opportunity to get a run. We got exactly what we wanted, so it was good execution by Riley (Dixon) and Cody (Latimer). Good execution by both of them.

(on if the sideline fight was the turning point of the game for the defense)

I don't know. I think defensively we played hard. We obviously struggled stopping the run in the first half. The quarterback hurt us moving around. They didn't move the ball in the second half, I don't think. We moved the ball well. So we battled, we just didn't come up with any turnovers or anything. That's what that team does best. So we're already minus two on the day and that's the difference in the game when you look at it.

(on the playoff path with the remaining schedule)

I just told them I know, from the outside looking in, a lot of people are going to say it doesn't look good. I've been part of a hell of a lot worse and come out of it. We're going to keep battling. I'm a battler. Those guys in the locker room are battlers. We fought until the end, but we didn't play good enough to win. So we're honest with ourselves. We go back to work tomorrow.


(on why the running game struggled)

We have to be more effective. We have to start faster. It's just a combination of a little bit of everything. We just have to get back to the film and see what really happened.

(on the troubles on third down)

We have to be able to convert on third down and get more plays.

(on what changed in the fourth quarter)

We were executing and making plays. There are a lot of playmakers on this team. Guys were stepping up and making plays. We just have to start faster and do that earlier in the game.

(on his first game as a Bronco)

The first carry, I hate losing the ball. That brings the whole day down for me. We got the loss, so it's a tough one. I'll be better next week, but just an all-around tough day.


(on the play that injured his knee)

That was so illegal. I have never had a player try to end my career like that. That was dirty and he should be fined. That's not football. He tried to take me out for the game and tried to end my career, that's not football.

(on what it meant to see the team have his back on the next play after his injury)

It means a lot. I know the whole team had my back. You just want to win. You want to get the 'w' out of it. Us not getting the win, it hurts.

(on coming back in the game after the injury)

I feel OK. I was sore, I'm not going to lie. I was hurting a little bit, but I fought through it and I'm going to tough it out for my team. It hurt a little bit and it still does, but I'm going to tough it out.


(on slowing down the Titans' offense after the first drive of the game)

I think, defensively, we probably came out—I don't feel like we were lazy, I just feel like we needed some time to get adjusted. After that first drive when they went down there and ran the ball, I mean, everything was on all cylinders. We were shutting them down and weren't giving them much to work with. Shoot, we did our best to try to hold them down. Of course, they scored again, but we couldn't do much.

(on the Chris Harris Jr. play)

I was on the field, so I didn't see it. I turned around and saw Chris (Harris) on the ground, and that's when the whole explosion kind of happened. I don't blame our players at all. The way Chris described it, I didn't really see it, but if he intentionally tried to hurt somebody—you cut somebody's knees and they're not even paying attention to you. That isn't right. So, the reaction that we had as a defense, we're not wrong at all. I would have done the same thing for one of my teammates, any other one of my teammates, and I'm sure they would have done the same for theirs if we would have done that to them. So, it is what it is.

(on the reaction of Aqib Talib to the Chris Harris Jr. play)

Our defense is a close-knit group. We have each other's back. When one of our leaders goes down in that kind of fashion, I mean, you're poking at a pack of wolves. You feel me? So, the reaction that they got is what they deserved.

(on whether or not the Chris Harris Jr. play sparked the Broncos defense)

I think we already had the mentality that we were going to come out and play them physical because of who they were in the run game. They were physical and moving guys off the ball, so I think we came out with the mentality that we were going to try to be physical. But once that happened, of course, now the competition is raised. Now we want to really punish guys. It changed the game a little bit, but not too much.


(on what got the offense going in the second half after the slow start)

We were able to throw the football and exploit some of their coverages. That was fun to be able to throw the football around and try to get points.

(on what took so long to get the offense going)

It's just like that sometimes. We tried to get the ball moving in the first half and weren't able to. In the second half, it kind of took off, but we have to do better in the first half to get to the playoffs.

(on getting past this loss and getting ready for the final three games of the season)

You put it behind you and you look forward to New England.  That's all we can do. On this loss, it is what it is. We have to move on.

(on if there is a now or never mentality)

It's always a sense of now or never. Prior to this game it was now or never. We wanted this game, but we didn't do it. We have to go back and look at the film and evaluate ourselves and get better.


(on back-to-back good games but the team unable to finish and pull out a win)

Poor start, really poor start.  At the end if you have a chance to win it, you can't ask to be in better position after the way the first half went.  We had our chances down the stretch and we didn't make the plays, but the start sure as heck didn't help us.

(on how his foot felt through the game)

It was alright.  It was OK.  Everybody's got their own bumps and bruises they are dealing with.  I've got mine but it didn't affect me.

(on the daunting task to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot)

I think we've got the right group to do it with.  It's going to be an awesome challenge.  I know I'm looking forward to it.  Obviously, it starts one game at a time with New England coming in, but I think we've got the right guys in that locker room for it.  We're going to give it our best shot and see how we stack up.

(on if the Titans changed in the Red Zone)

A lot of credit to them.  They did a good job of mixing things up each time we were down there.  They brought pressure, they dropped out.  They did everything and kept us kind of off balance.  A lot of credit to them, but, no, we definitely had our chances to make plays.  I know I did.  Again, I got to see, go back and watch tape but we had our chances to win.

(on RB Justin Forsett bringing juice in the running game)
It's good to have him.  He's a heck of a player.  He's a veteran presence.  He helped us out, no doubt.

(on CB Aqib Talib defending his guys like that)

I didn't see what happened but I can tell you about this locker room.  We've got each other's back all across the board.  It's a super tight group.  I don't know if Chris (Harris, Jr.) went over there but we've all got each other's back.  I think we just compete really, really hard and it's an emotional game sometimes.  We've got each other's back, that's all I'll say.


(on why the Broncos' defense played better versus the Titans' rushing offense in the second half)

We kind of picked up more on the scheme they were running and made some adjustments on how the linebacker and myself were playing the run. The attitude changed, and you got that the last half of the game, so that's crunch time. That was pretty much it.

(on containing Titans TE Delanie Walker)

You know, I just played like I normally play. He's similar to a few other tight ends we have, so I tried to use some of those techniques. He caught one on me early which was my fault. I was being too eager. But it was a group effort, completely, between all the safeties and corners sometimes, too.

(on bouncing back from a tough loss and preparing for the New England Patriots next week)

We've got to have a dog mentality, a bear mentality, you know? Once you want it, you have to keep charging. You can't sit back and sulk and feel sorry for yourselves, man. We got to pick it up and get ready for New England next weekend.


(on embracing a 'do or die' mentality over the final three weeks of the season)

The schedule is nasty, but we can win those games. I feel like everybody has to be on the same accord and have that mentality of do or die. That's what we were talking about at the end in the meeting, and that's the mentality everybody's taking.

(on slowing down the Titans' offense after the first drive of the game)

That's the thing. It's all about adjustments, and we were able to slow them down. We didn't start like we wanted to, but we were able to make plays and get off the field, especially on third down. At the beginning of the game, they were stringing plays out and running around a little bit, so we were able to get some pressure on them in those key situations on those third downs.

(on watching the Broncos' final offensive drive from the sideline)

We always talk about the turnover battle, and we had two turnovers and they didn't. We weren't able to pull it out at the end. Yeah, it's hard being on the sideline. Trevor (Siemian) is out there battling and the offense is out there battling, doing what they need to do, but we weren't able to close it out because of that.

The Tennessee Titans take on the Denver Broncos in Week 14 action at Nissan Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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