Titans Brighten Patients' Day at Saint Thomas Hickman Nursing Home


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- For the patients of Saint Thomas Hickman Hospital in Centerville, Tenn., this Tuesday was just another ordinary day, until the Tennessee Titans pulled in their parking lot for a "Titans Tuesday" visit. 

Titans players, Antonio Andrews, Chigbo Anunoby, Marqueston Huff, Will Poehis, Bishop Sankey, Avery Williamson and Khalid Wooten visited the nursing home patients this morning with warm smiles and wishes of wellness.   

On their day off, Titans players brighten the day of patients at the Saint Thomas Hickman Nursing home. (Photos: Lynne McCracken)

The dining room was filled with residents and staff all waiting to meet the Titans players.  The most excited resident was Buford Wayne, Tidwell II, better known as "Bubba."  Bubba was first in line to meet the players when they visited in 2013.  Bubba tries to watch every Titans game on television as they are his favorite team.

 "The Titans organization has graciously embraced Saint Thomas Health's initiative to create one healing community between our five hospitals and we are excited to have the Titans players visit Saint Thomas Hickman Nursing Home." said Jack Keller, chief executive officer and administrator of Saint Thomas Hickman Nursing Home.

"Saint Thomas Hickman Nursing Home wishes to thank the Tennessee Titans organization and their players for the visit today with our residents," said Robin Crowell, chief nursing officer of Saint Thomas Hickman Nursing Home.  "As soon as our residents heard the Titans were coming to visit, the excitement began and it was great to have this visit after such an exciting win on Sunday!  Knowing the players came to visit on their day off means so much. "

"Buford 'Bubba' Wayne Tidwell and Bill Gray are roommates and both received autographed footballs and a few gifts.  When they turned in after the long day, they were holding on to those footballs," said Crowell.  "I am sure many stories will be exchanged tonight among the residents." 

Located in Centerville, Tenn., Saint Thomas Hickman Nursing Home is a member of Saint Thomas Health and part of a comprehensive network of hospitals and affiliated ventures with an integrated ministry of helping people lead healthier lives, transforming their healthcare experience through trusted personal relationships and holistic, reverent care.  "Nothing Shall be Impossible".

It's wonderful to watch how a group of Titans players can impact these residents and it is heartwarming to watch the exchanges. Today was not just another ordinary day at Saint Thomas Hickman Nursing Home.

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