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Titans-Bengals Postgame Quotes




(opening statement)

That was a good run for our team. We had to find a way to win. We had opportunities to do it early in the game and we didn't, but when we had to at the end, we did. I know I use the word resilient a lot, but that's, I think, the makeup of this team. It's amazing that they believe in themselves and they just know we always have a chance to win. That's important in this business

(on the last game-winning drive by QB Marcus Mariota)

We made some plays. We made a lot of plays; a variety of guys made plays. They took what they gave us. I thought they did a good job with clock management; we didn't want to leave them very much time. When we needed a play down there, we made the play. That was big, that was really big.

(on RB DeMarco Murray's effort on the scoring play)

Big play, that's a big play. Good job by Marcus [Mariota], that's a third read, which he did a number of times today and resulted in a score. Just dumping it down.

(on if he was worried QB Marcus Mariota would have to come out of the game when he went down hard)

I was, yeah, I was. I was, but he's about as tough as they get. He wouldn't come out.

(on QB Marcus Mariota's injury)

His shoulder, left shoulder.

(on where the team's belief in their ability to win starts)

That locker room. I think some of the games we've played too has reinforced that we have a chance to win close games. I wish it wasn't the case as much as it's been, but whatever it is, whatever it takes. We had scores sitting right there in front of us that we didn't finish.

(on QB Marcus Mariota's ability to raise the stakes in clutch situations)

That's him, that's just his MO. Nothing flusters him. Again, like I told you, after the pick, came back, made some very tight-knit throws that we needed. That's just who he is.

(on remaining composed after mistakes)

It was frustrating. We kept letting them hang around when we had chances to put a good lead up on them.  It was almost an invite to have a big score on us. It wasn't surprising with the way things went our way. You were just waiting for them to take the lead at some point because we wouldn't finish some drives. We had chances to make plays, two touchdowns and a field goal, those were points staring at us right in the face.

(on if the plan was to have QB Marcus Mariota running early)

No, just the way top-15 plays, it wasn't a matter of – we had a number of options on the plays, one of them being him running. Based on how they defended, they just ended up being that way.

(on if running QB Marcus Mariota made a difference today)

Yes, that would be the case. We had more in there today.

(on if WR Corey Davis was having trouble later in the game getting separation)

Yes, he did. He struggled there late, got a little bit flustered. That play, I don't know if I've seen one like that. The anticipation by the quarterback and the receiver to be able to catch that was pretty impressive. There's some things that Corey (Davis) – again, this is his third game, he's doing some good things – there's some things he needs to learn from. He is a guy they have to pay attention to, where he is. He's got to slow the game down a little bit when it gets down to the second half when we know we need to make some plays.

(on if WR Corey Davis tried to do too much on the fumble)

False security is obviously a huge topic all of the time. I just said, as big are you are, the next time it happens again – it's an experience that he's going to learn from, next time put your shoulder down and barrel in. As big as a receiver you, put the ball away at all cost.

(on the Bengals defense)

Their down defense was outstanding today, outstanding. Especially when we stole the third quarter offensively with our third downs, I thought defense just kept hammering away and kept it a close game.

(on the ruling as a touchback)

That's a rule, that was the rule. The odds of that, it's never happened to me since I've been coaching. So, I've never had that play happen until today.

(on spreading the urgency of the offense throughout the game)

I think we do. This is the fourth game in a row that we've opened up with a scoring drive. If we catch the touchdown, if we kick the field goal – it is spread out, it is scoring throughout the game. It is, but it doesn't feel that way to anybody because we fail to do it.

(on the variety of players chipping in)

That's the plan. Some of the reads and how they defended it, it would be in different guy's hands. It ended up in Adoree' (Jackson), DeMarco (Murray), Derrick (Henry) and obviously, Marcus (Mariota) as well.

(on if the penalties by Bengals gave Titans some opportunities)

It did, and if they didn't do what they did we'd have wide open guys. We had some double moves that they were holding our receivers. Every hold they had we had a double move on, and they were beat to a point they had to hold. That was probably a smart move on their behalf.

(on this being the Titans first four-win streak since 2009)

It's one game, one game. I'm going to let them enjoy it for a little, but short week.

(on what the week looks like with a Thursday night game against Pittsburgh)

I can tell you that when they come in tomorrow there will be no Bengals discussion, we'll go right into Pittsburgh. There's no video, no post-game talk, we're already behind. As I stand here we're behind, so it's right into Pittsburgh.

(on going 3-3 in the red zone against the No. 1 defense in the league)

It's important, that's a good defense. Obviously, very good down there being number one. We're trying to get back to where we were, of being effective down there. We've had a couple of good weeks, but we need to continue to do that.

(on the way the team scored three points before halftime)

We practice those things. Every Saturday we have five or six situations – some have never happened since I've been coaching. This one, with [Eric] Decker, the timeout helped to see how they were going to defend us. Once we saw that, the situation that we use came into play, and it worked out just like it does in practice.

(on the first drive being the best of the year and if it's become the model)

We try to do that every week, I'm pretty sure we do. Pretty good defenses we've been facing too, I'm going to say that. We've faced six out of nine top-10 defenses, pretty good defenses trying to stop our run game. We're trying. I think the thing we did better, we're converting third downs and that's what we haven't done in three previous scoring when we had to settle for field goals, we did not do a good job with third down.

(on injuries sustained today)

(Da'Norris) Searcy's got a little bit of a groin, Marcus (Mariota) with his shoulder, Delanie (Walker), he's got a hand or a wrist. Other than that we should be good, unless something comes up here tonight before tomorrow morning.


(on the mindset of the offense going onto the field late while trailing)
Just make a play. Guys up front did a great job. All the skill positions made plays made big plays and that's all you can really ask for. We were able to score at the end.

(on how his running ability changes a defense)
Not sure. I just play within myself and just try to make a play for the guys.

(on if he said anything to settle down the offense after mistakes)
Not at all. We were moving the ball well. We knew going in it was a tough defense. We just had to make our plays when they came and guys kept their head in it and eventually we were able to make the play to win.

(on what went through his mind when he saw DeMarco Murray stretch out for the touchdown)
Just happiness. I mean he made a great play. That's the type of effort that will help us win games, and he had a great day today. For him to reach in to make that touchdown was very impressive.

(on if the scramble down to the seven-yard line is where he hurt his left shoulder)
Yeah I feel good.

(on not coming out of the game after that play)
If I can walk, I can play, especially in that moment I just wanted to give our guys an opportunity to win and skill guys made a bunch of good plays on that drive and we came out with the win.

(on if he likes being in position where the team needs a late score to win)
Yeah I mean as a competitor, as an athlete, you want to make the play that helps your team win and it's fun to be in those situations. Obviously, we don't want to be in them all the time, but it's exciting to see when it gets down close and it's go time guys make a play and we're able to pull it out.

(on if scoring three red zone touchdowns against the No. 1 red zone defense is a  step forward)
Yeah definitely. We've just got to continue to build off of that. Guys made a bunch of big plays in there and when you're able to do that, when you're able to score in the red zone, it's huge momentum and it builds confidence.

*(on how much of the team's belief in themselves comes from him) *I think it's part of the job. No matter what the score is, you can't be gun shy. You've got to go out there and try to make a play for your team. Guys constantly throughout the day today made big plays and when you're able to do that as an offense even though you have moments of where you're stalling, it shows a lot of grittiness and it's good to see.

(on Corey Davis' catch – turning around quickly with the ball almost there)
It's a big time play. For him to keep his concentration and come down with it was huge.

(on if Corey Davis is getting closer to consistently making big plays)
Yeah definitely and we've got to give him an opportunity. We have to give every single one of those guys in the locker room an opportunity to make a play and as you build confidence as they make those plays, eventually it will make it a whole lot easier.

(on how Adoree' Jackson helps the offense)
Yeah he just adds another dimension. To be able to do that on offense to move pieces around to create matchup problems, you have to give a lot of credit to the coaches for formulating that and setting us up in good situations.

(on how this team is different from last year)
I think overall, guys continue to breathe confidence, continue to believe in each other and when you have a unit like that, it just makes it a whole lot of fun. I enjoy going to work with these guys and it's a fun group to be part of and, I look forward to going back out there and getting to work.

(on if Cincinnati had the best pass rush he'd faced this season)
I would say so, but that's probably a good question for those guys up front. You know when you play a unit that can create pressure without bringing a whole lot of different blitzes, it says a lot about their defense and then on top of that there were doing some things that was a little different and we just had to communicate. Guys in the end on the last drive were able to do that, and we were able to make some big plays.

*(on what having more run-pass option plays do for the offense) *It just adds another dimension. It adds a little versatility. When you're able to do a lot of different things, show one thing do another, it's tough on the defense. We'll continue to build off of that and allow these guys to get in space and make plays.

(on how often he threw the lateral to Adoree' Jackson and how often he ran with it on the option in practice)
It's probably 50-50.

*(on if he'd ever seen a fumble into the end zone that results in a touchback before today) *No. That's kind of the first situation that I've been a part of. He (Corey Davis) was just trying to make a play. I don't fault him for that. It's just kind of a weird situation, but that's the rules and I'm proud of the guys for being able to bounce back and put a drive together at the end.

(on how having multiple running backs contribute changes the offense)
No I think if you're able to run the football, you can do a lot of different things on offense and we have a lot of guys that when they get the ball in their hands, they can be very, very dangerous. It's just finding how we can do that, how we can get guys the football and allow them to get into space and when you're able to run the football the way that we did today, it creates a lot of different things for us on offense and allows us to maybe even stretch the field sometimes. It's huge. I think as we continue forward if we can grow off of that and build off of that, that will just make our offense that much better. **

*(on if Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray are benefiting from having Adoree' Jackson on offense) *Yeah I think when you add another wrinkle into the offense, it allows space and opportunities for other guys as well. I've got to give a lot of credit to the coaches for scheming those things up and creating some plays that give us the advantage.

(on what he liked about the opening drive)
Guys just made plays. I think when you're able to move the football , when you're able to run the football and do a lot of different things, show a lot of different looks, it's tough on a defense. So hopefully as we continue to grow and continue to build, we can do that consistently.

(on when he'll start preparing for Pittsburgh)
I'll start doing it tonight.

(on preparing for a quick turnaround)
Really it's just getting as much treatment getting whatever you need to get so you feel good. It is a quick turnaround, but that's what the NFL asks us to do, and we'll be ready to go on Thursday.


(on the game-winning drive)

To be honest with you, that's football. Those type of games, you got to tough it up. It came down to the fourth quarter. They made some plays. They put our offense back on the field where we had to go down to score and we drove all the way down and put points on the board. Again, that goes to Marcus (Mariota) in those type of situations. He just knows how to handle it.

(on the play in end zone where he had to come out of the game)

I am really not sure until I see it. I just got hit. I got hit when I was coming down in my wrist pretty much. You know at the end of the day, who knows. I can't speak on it until I see it. We won the game, that's all that matters.

(on what it says about the team being able to win the close games)

I think I said this before, we are never going to give up. We are always going to keep fighting and that's the difference from years before.  They didn't have the fight. Now, we have that fight.

(on what he believes has caused the team to have the fight)

I have to say, it has got to be the coaching staff and the want to. You have got to have the want to. Everyone in this locker room has it. I am just honored to play with these guys.


(on the drive to secure win down the stretch)

There is not a drive that is not physical. When you have pass pro, you have got to lock it down. When you are running you got to (expletive) make it count. It is really a simple game, it is 11 versus 11. You just got to make sure your one beats their one.

(on the poise of Marcus Mariota)

I mean we talk about it every week. The guy's unreal. He's a winner. He knows how to do it. He knows about time in the pocket when we give time in the pocket. He trusts these receivers. I can't say enough about him, Marcus Mariota.

(on the team showing the will to win)

That's the big difference between us now and us two years ago is these situations we get into. Was there finger pointing or whatever, I don't know. Regardless of whatever it was back then, what's huge now as an offense we saw their score, I don't think anyone flinched. I had my Gatorade cup and I gave it a squeeze and threw it down and I was a little pissed about that, but our defense has been holding it down for us all year and it was our turn to pay it back, so that is all that matters.


(on if he thought he had the ball over goal line on what was first called a touchdown)

I mean that is what I thought, but I am not going to lie. I am not going to do that.

(on his range of emotions after he thought he had first NFL touchdown reception)

Terrible, it was terrible. I shouldn't have put my team in that position, that is all. I felt bad.

(on what was the talk in the huddle on way to posting game-winning drive)

It was all positive. All the vets in there, Ben (Jones), Marcus (Mariota), Delanie (Walker) they were trying to keep us all positive because there was a lot of commotion going on. They did their part and kept us positive. We knew we were going to score.


(on the Titans victory today over the Bengals)

I feel the defense came out and played another good game of football.  That's what we talk about out there. Coach (Deshea) Townsend and Coach (Dick) LeBeau said this is that type of game, people. This is an NFL game, it's not going to be a blowout game. It's going to be a close, gritty one that you've got to grind out. So, we just came out there knowing they are a great team. Their record doesn't say they are a great team, but they've got four weapons at receiver, two really good running backs, a veteran quarterback and a defense that plays well. We knew they were a great team, we just had to come out and compete. We are going back to what we know. Our techniques that we started out in camp, making sure we are doing the things we are able to do and are capable of doing. We came out there today and played a great game of football.

(on the Titans offense controlling the ball today)

We like that a lot, whenever our offense can stay out there on the field as long as possible, and so our defense can get off there and relax and go over adjustments and things we need to go over. So when we go back out, we can get a three-and-out, force a punt or a turnover, or whatever, so our offense can then get back on the field.

(on the Titans not panicking when the Bengals came back and took the lead)

I think it is about believing in each other through our practice.  We know the type of team we are and it's all about the inside.  Really wasn't worried about it much. Our offense was getting down there and moving the ball down the field. We (Titans defense) were just saying, once they (Cincinnati) got down there to the red zone, who was going to get the pick.  That's all we were talking about.  Who was going to get the pick to win the game.  It was funny, because they threw it to me their first drive and I thought, 'I'm going to get it,' and I ending up dropping a pick.  It's just us.  That's how we think.


(on the Titans winning four games in a row for the first time in recent history)

One thing about it, I know last year, a lot of talk was on the secondary, even in the offseason. One thing I know for sure, the secondary is definitely not the weakest part of this team period, and we were making plays and we have to keep making plays. Overall, we made a lot of plays today. I've been talking about it all year long, when the offense is not playing its best football we have to step up and make plays.  Good teams find ways to win, and today we missed a play, the offense came back and scored.  I feel like this year, we have found all kind of ways to win. Come from behind, give up a big lead and things like that. We just find a way to win every week.  

(on the improved play of the Titans secondary)

One of the things we take pride in is not being up and down. You've got to want to be consistent. You can make nine plays and miss the tenth one, and you've had a bad day. It's all about being consistent, and we're all going to continue to work. The best thing about it is we are not exactly where we want to be, and we ae not perfect. But, we are striving for it. As long as we keep going in that direction, we'll be good. That's just to appreciate playing NFL football. I'm just blessed because it feels great to go out there every week and face some of the top talent in the NFL. Every week we are tested, and I'm going to be tested on my skillset as well. It will always help me get better as I continue maturing into my game, it's only going to help me get better.


(on The Titans not overlooking the Cincinnati Bengals)

They are a consistent playoff team. Don't let their record fool you, I don't get concerned with a team's records.  Everybody gets paid that plays for an NFL team. Every team has athletes, we knew the Bengals presented a challenge because they have experience.  We knew it was going to be a game like this, and we were able to finish in the end.  (Andy) Dalton has been in these situations, he has won numerous games.  He has been in numerous playoffs, regardless of their record.  I am very, very proud of our defense able to stand today and kind of hold the Bengals' offense in check a little bit. 

(on the Titans offense keeping the Bengals defense on the field and scoring when they needed to)

That was huge, we had them. One mistake in the second half on the long pass play, enable them to get back in it and it easily could have been disappointing, as far as results. But, our offense was able to withstand it, come back out there and make a long drive. Score when the need be, take a lot of time off the clock and the defense was able to finish it off. 


(opening statement)

I feel for our players, for the opportunity to get ahead in the game and our inability to get it stopped there at the end. Again, we give up a score before halftime, a field goal, and then we give up the score, obviously, at the end of the football game. It's a 10-point swing right there. Those are huge things. We say we're not making enough first downs on offense. At one point, I guess, we're one-and-nine and we're certainly not getting off the field enough on defense and with the penalties we had today – we come into this game, these guys get in the lot, and we got every call on us today, so we've got to do a better job. That was – third down again, is the difference in the football game. We don't make enough on offense, convert there, and obviously on defense, we failed to get off the field and allowed them to drive the football.

(on the importance for LB Vontaze Burfict to stay on the field)

He has to understand, I've pointed it out, in those situations, everybody is over there and you just can't push back. Sometimes what happens, you push back and it's the official, you can't do that. He knows better. We pay a price, we pay a price because he hurts us when it's on the field that way, and then he's not on the field, so both ways. We settled down and we played, and that's what we needed to do. We settled down and played and that was good.

(on three third down holding penalties in the fourth quarter)

Yeah, they're big. They're big.

(on his vantage point on the fourth quarter touchdown)

It shouldn't be a score. It was all the way away from me, I don't know. I can't see that. They did get him on the ground, though.

(on the 70-yard touchdown in the second half)

We had a couple of plays and an opportunity, and we just got to keep pushing that football. That was a good job by Andy (Dalton) of pushing the football, A.J. (Green) with the catch and run. We didn't do a good enough job separating from them in situations, and we're getting the calls and they're draped on us. So, just look at it. We've got to do better. We understood how they were going to play and we've got to do a better job of creating separation.

(on the frustration of having a player kicked out of the game two weeks in a row and all of the penalties)

We can't have the penalties. We just can't do that.  


(on losing the game at the end after fighting back to take the lead in the fourth quarter)

Obviously, lots of emotions in that fourth quarter. At the end of the day we have to make more plays offensively. We have to make it so we aren't in that situation in the end. It's tough because we fought hard.

(on the penalties)

Penalties hurt you, you can't have them. It's something that we are going to have to correct.

(on if there are reasons behind the amount of stalled drives, especially in the second half)

I think at the end of the day somebody has to make a play, that's what it comes down to. We didn't do it enough. You never know when it's going to come. Obviously, we made the big one with A.J. [Green] making a couple of guys miss. It gave us the lead at that point. We have to make more plays throughout the game so we aren't in that situation at the end where the defense has to battle at the end.

(on what he saw on the play that resulted in the touchdown pass to WR A.J. Green)

It was one-on-one with him and he ran a great route, caught it and was able to split [the defenders] and I didn't think anyone was going to catch him.

(on if he is surprised when he sees one-on-one coverage against A.J. Green)Teams obviously know where A.J. [Green] is. He got one-on-one there and when you get those opportunities you have to make a play, and obviously he did on that one.

(on John Ross admitting he made a mistake on the deep ball and it being part of his learning curve)

He had one-on-one and I was trying to give him a chance. It's something that he will learn from.


(on the frustration of losing a close game)

It's frustrating, but we just got to keep working and we got to control the little things. The little things are what get us in trouble. We obviously got the talent to be a good team, but talent don't win games, it's the little things that win games so we just got to keep working and keep fighting. The second you give up, that's when things get worse. So, we just got to keep fighting.

(on the team's effort)

We fought hard. Like I said, it's the little things. I think we played with passion. It's disappointing to lose, but it's a whole other thing when you feel like you didn't put your best effort out there on the field. But, I do think we fought hard.  It's just the little things that we got to control.

(on the Titans' game-winning touchdown)

It was very disappointing. I beat the left tackle but he (Marcus Mariota) got the ball out quick and (DeMarco) Murray made the play.

(on costly penalties in today's game)

For myself, I've got to make sure I stay onside. Sometimes that's part of being a pass rusher, but at the same time those things hurt. Offsides, defensive holding, pass interference, those are the little things that we can't afford to happen to us, especially in situations like that (at the end of the game).


(on the frustration of losing a close game)

It's frustrating. It's been a frustrating season.

(on his forced fumble on WR Corey Davis)

I was trying to punch the ball. Our coaches told us this week that he (Corey Davis) runs loose with the ball, so I just went out there and tried to do my job.

(on keeping the Titans off the scoreboard in the second half until the game-winning touchdown)

I don't even know what to say. It's frustrating, man. I want to win. I don't care about the personal, individual goals, I don't care about that (explicative). That (explicative) (doesn't) mean nothing to me. I want to win. I want to win as a team. I want to win as a unit, because when you win everybody looks good, and when you lose everybody looks bad. It's a team game, man. We got to play together.

(on the Titans' offensive game plan)

They were doing different (explicative) the whole game. I'm going to tip my hat to their coordinator (Terry Robiskie). I thought Pittsburgh was bad, those guys (the Titans) had a lot of plays, a lot of formations. 

(on struggling to get off the field on third down)

They (the Titans) just converted. Nothing special, they just converted. We got to get off the field on third down. We still had an opportunity to win the game. I'm not going to take anything away from the team success that they had, but we just didn't come up with the win. We got to get back to the drawing board and keep working at it.

(on playing for pride)

I ain't going to give up. I'm going to ride it out until the end no matter what, win, lose, or draw. We got to get back to it next week, but in a minute it's going to turn into a pride game and I'm not ready to go that route yet. I'm still looking forward to the team goal of getting a win. We got to win so (the season) doesn't become a fight for our pride.


(on shutting out the Titans in the second half until Tennessee's final drive)

Wow; I didn't realize that. They stole like three points on us. (They) did a good job at the end of the first half, you know, with that quick little slant, timeout. You could tell they probably practiced that. They stole that three, we missed the extra point, that's four. You know, you never know which plays are going to win it. I mean, (Delanie Walker) had a great catch on me towards the end there in the fourth quarter. You know, I can't lose those one-on-one battles. We all got to look each other in the mirror; look ourselves in the mirror. Can't lose one-on-one battles like that, especially on third down. Can't give up catches, we can't have penalties, all of us, you know, linebackers and DBs. But, you know, it's a team loss. It's never one person.

(on the Titans second-to-last play of the first half; Marcus Mariota pass to Eric Decker)

We thought they were just going to try to take a little throw to the outside and if they didn't see it they'd throw it away. But, they kind of got us, you know. There was very little time left on the clock. We didn't know they had enough time to catch it and then take a timeout. They did a good job with that, though. You could tell they practiced that. It's a good job by them to steal those three points right there. They did a good job.

(on whether Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict is treated unfairly by officials)

I didn't see that. I didn't see the second penalty. The first penalty, I saw him put his hands up when they called him. You're running to the ball and you've got your momentum taking you so you're trying to pull up. I don't want to say it's unfair, but I would say that they; maybe I won't say it.

(on the difficulty of playing without LB Vontaze Burfict)

It's like, I'm the next man up, so we had to have another guy come onto the field. Hardy Nickerson was in there; Jordan Evans was in there; all the linebackers played today, so it's hard. With Vontaze (Burfict), you know, it's especially hard because he's a guy who makes plays. He's a guy who makes big hits and gets the team going. You see big hits like that. he's a smart player. He kind of has an idea of what's coming before it happens a lot of times. Stuff you can't coach; stuff you can't teach. So, it was hard without him, but no man is bigger than the team. So, we should be able to go out and get a win regardless. That's why it sucks we gave up that touchdown at the end. We grinded them out all the way to the end and they scored with less than one minute left. So, hat's off to them. We're all pissed off in here. The best thing we can possibly do is regroup and every person look themselves in the mirror and say 'Hey, this is what I have to do to get better.'


(on what the Titans defense did to create contested catches during the game)

We knew they were going to be handsy out there. We knew they played a lot of man coverage, so we just got to do a better job of getting their hands off. I know, myself, personally have to do a better job making those contested catches.

(on the Bengals struggles converting on third down)

We just got to lock in and control what we can control. There's no magic that will get it done. We just have to go out there and do it ourselves, focus in and handle what's in front of us.

(on the way the final few minutes of the game played out)

It was definitely a rollercoaster, but I think we kept fighting until the end. It showed even when we had time left on the clock we were out there still trying to compete and make plays.


(on not connecting on a deep ball)

No, it was all my fault. I kind of messed up what I had to do. I think it's a slim chance you're supposed to do something like that. That was all my fault. It had nothing to do with Andy (Dalton). I thought it was a great ball. I got to listen to what I was told and just continue to do it right.

(on missing out on additional opportunities after the misconnection on his early target)

Yeah, definitely. It's like you being a kid and you go the whole year being good and you mess up that one time and you don't get anything for Christmas. That's what it felt like. It definitely stings.

(on the Bengals bringing him back slowly)

Yeah, man, I think it's still tough though because I barely did camp, barely did preseason. I think it's imperative to still bring me back slowly instead of trying to not throw me out there and just automatically assume I'm going to be the guy everyone thinks that I'm going to be. It just doesn't work that way, especially not in this league. And I can already tell that being a young guy. I just got to continue working. We got practice and a few more games left so whatever happens is going to happen. I just got to continue, like I said, to work hard and put in the extra time.

(on if losing the game late stings more)

I mean, a loss is a loss. Nobody in our room likes losing. Regardless of what A.J. (Green) did; regardless of what Joe (Mixon) did; they both had fantastic games today, but they don't care about that. We get back to work and all that's on my mind now is, obviously, next week. We will let this go, but definitely want to correct everything that was wrong and continue to make some things positive out of these negatives.


(on his fourth quarter touchdown reception)

This game is very emotional. It's up and down, this game we play. We stayed the course and make the play when your number is called. It happened to be mine and I just made the play.

(on the Bengals struggles converting third downs)

Yeah, man, it's tough. I think we're putting ourselves behind the sticks on first and second downs. That's putting us in third-and-eight or third-and-11. If we have some more positive plays on first and second down it would really help us get those third downs.

(on the Bengals struggles as a team)

It's tough, but it's the way it's falling right now. All we can do is control our attitude, the way we work and keep fighting. The one thing about this team is that we're not going to give up no matter what our record is. We're going to continue to fight. Things don't go your way all the time. That's why you have to stay level-headed and keep working.

(on the Bengals having to play without one of their best players for the second straight week)

It's tough. Last week was probably one of the worst times of my life. I was just ready to get back and play football. It's tough for him, being one of our best players and getting thrown out of the game is not a great feeling. You hurt your team and I certainly did that last week and I regret and am embarrassed by what I did last week. You can't lose your cool. That's one thing I've been good at my whole career, but last week it got me. I'm very embarrassed. But, he's going to be fine. We talked to him and he'll be back next week.

(on the penalties committed by the Bengals)

It's tough, man. We work our butt off each and every week not to come out here and lose. So, not getting a W really hurts, but we have to continue to get better. We can't have these penalties, we can't turn the ball over. I sound like a broken record, but you can't win like that in this league.

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