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Titans-Bears Postgame Quotes


(on what he thought about the game)

The way the game started is exactly what we had hoped, a good kickoff, a good tackle inside the 20. (The) defense gets a turnover right away. (The) offense is in great position. And unfortunately after that for the rest of the half there was not a whole of action by us.  We go three and out. We came away with the ball there and we need to score points in that situation. That's the first time that we got a turnover and didn't get points this preseason. So, that was disappointing, we missed the field goal.

They did a good job of controlling the ball. They controlled the line of scrimmage early on the offensive side and converted a lot of third-and-ones. By doing that, they were able to stay on the field quite a bit in the first quarter. I think the offense had six snaps. So, then the offense had a hard time getting something going because they were watching and so it just kind of played off of each other.

So, the good news was that the defense was able to hold them to limited points even though we weren't on the field on offense. We did a great job with the 80-yard drive before half.

(on if he thought the team wasn't in sync)

Yeah, I thought we were flat, I think we were a little flat in spots especially on the offensive side. Defensively, the same way, we couldn't get a stop other than that first drive. You hope that would start the momentum our way on the first series. The offense didn't help the defense by the way we responded to that. Like I said, they just did a nice job of ball controlling, not any big plays, a lot of grinding out, eating the clock and keeping the ball away from us. And, the good thing is that we did come back. The 80-yard before half was definitely a big boost and probably the best thing we did all day on offense was to take it 80 and punch it in on a nice run and get on the board that way.

Really the second half was again all about the defense, almost a flip of last weekend. This time, we were able to get the big play by Tommie Campbell for a touchdown when they were driving and then came back with a sack. You always talk about two-minute drives. One of the biggest things that kills a two-minute drive is a sack.  Malcolm Sheppard  makes the big play there to kind of pretty much make it almost impossible for a field goal to beat us at the end.

We had some young guys step up and make some big plays, which is nice to see. (We) didn't do as much on offense as you like. We've got a lot to look at from the film and get better from, which is a good thing I guess. It just shows you that last week we lost one when the stats look good for us and this week we won one went it went the other way, so that's the NFL.**

(on feeling like the team took a step back tonight after the first two preseason games)

I don't look at it as a step back.  I just think… we never got ourselves going.  Like I said, the defense did early and then they had their turn.  I just think they had some good defense. I mean, this league sometimes, offense, defense, you play against teams that are pretty good and we give them some credit too but, yeah, we think we could definitely play better.  We could definitely make plays.  We've got to be able to get off the field on third-and-one like we did the first couple games.  So yeah they executed better than we did during parts of the game but we eventually made enough plays to win the game.

(on Kenny Britt)

I think it's just good to have that whole situation behind us right now.  You know, it's something we had to deal with as an organization when the lockout ended and we had a good talk with Kenny and we feel real good about being on the right page and how we go forward.  I guess the league did the same thing.  I think the commissioner must have had that same conversation we had and I think it's nice to have that behind us, have it behind Kenny so that we all know there can't be anymore mishaps and we have to go forward.  We're just looking forward to getting him on the field.

(on the acquisition of Kevin Curtis and his speed)

We're going to have to see, you know, speed and we know what he's done in the past.  We've been looking like we've talked about different positions of adding competition.  We just felt that was worth taking a look at him and bringing him in for the short week and see what he can do maybe at the game on Thursday night.


(on if team was flat in the first half)

Well, especially since we didn't take advantage of the early turnovers. Our plan was to receive the ball and take the ball on offense. We kind of had a pretty aggressive gameplan coming in to it, in terms of throwing the ball and just giving wide receivers opportunities to show what they can do. The defense came up with that big interception and right away we had a short completion, but then an incompletion where we had an opportunity to make a play, and basically we had a three and out. Then, we had another three and out. So, I think we had six plays in the whole first quarter. I think flat is a good way to describe it.

(on the news of Kenny Britt not being disciplined by the league)

It wasn't something that we talked about at all. I just learned it. That's great. He's a great player. One of my hopes is that he can get out there and take some reps with the offense, instead of taking reps with the scout team. We didn't have an offseason, we didn't have OTA's and now we really haven't had training camp together, so it would be great to get on the same page and you saw tonight that there was a lot of sloppy play in the passing game with mixed reads and mixed signals and just some missed opportunities. We need to get that cleaned up as soon as possible.

(on being dominated statistically, yet still winning the game)

I know how good those guys are, defensively. They have, for like 50 years, been awesome on defense and they've got some great players on defense. We talked about how last week, statistically, we were awesome with 198 yards rushing, we reached all of our goals in every different area, but lost the game. At the end of that game [Coach] Munch [Munchak] held up the stat sheet and was basically like 'you can throw this in the trash if you don't make plays at the end of the game to win it.' I wasn't out there to watch it all unfold on the last play, but you know, tonight he stood up with that same stat sheet and said 'hey, our stats were terrible, we were flat, we didn't take advantage of our opportunities, but you made plays during the game to win it.' And, he called out Shep [Malcolm Sheppard] and Tommie [Campbell] and called out all the different people that had those plays. Chad Cunningham, wasn't one of the names that we thought we'd hear, but he stepped up and made a huge play.

(on establishing good chemistry with Nate Washington)

That was one of the goals of the night. Nate is a guy that has had a good camp, but it just hasn't shown up in the stat sheet in the preseason games. He's not complaining or anything like that, he just goes to work and does what he is asked to do. But, we were trying to get him some opportunities and we hit some of them. He had probably a hand-full of catches and had one longer one. But, there were opportunities early in the game – second play, third play, even the first play – for me to get him the ball. I just have to trust it more and then hit him when we get chances.

(on missing Chris Johnson tonight)

I don't know. I've never had him out there. So, I don't know how to miss him. I just think we weren't real crisp. We didn't play tonight like we practiced. At the end of the day some guys stepped up and made some big plays. Nate [Washingotn] did, Cookie [Jared Cooke] had a nice little hot route when they came after us once on a third or fourth down. It was a big play for us. Ahmard [Hall] had a big play on that screen pass that got called back. It was a highlight. We've been talking about maybe getting him the ball in his hands a little more and he showed that he's ready and he can do it. So, there are definitely some positives.


(on performance tonight)

The second half seems like it went pretty quick. The clock was always moving. There wasn't a lot of stoppage in play, so we'll get a chance tomorrow night to look at it and kind of get a better idea. We would have liked to move the ball a little bit better in the second half.

(on how the Bears' disrupted the offense)

I think when you look at it, we had opportunities to make plays and we just missed a few tonight.

(on his run in the fourth quarter and the difference between college and pro)

Just kind of getting a first down there and trying to run the clock out. It worked out well for us and allowed us to run some time off the clock, get three more downs to work the clock in our favor. But the guys are a lot faster, they react to you a lot quicker, and they are on to you faster than they are in college.

(on the offense being flat tonight)

Like I said, I think we had opportunities to make plays throughout the whole game and we just missed a few.

(on timing with WR Yamon Figures)

Yeah, he runs good routes and I know where he's going to be. We had an opportunity on a couple of those plays where some of the opportunities that I'm talking about, we had an opportunity to get one down the field and later on we had a chance for the one he did catch, it was a little better ball, he might have a chance to make a guy miss and have a big play for us. So, just little things can make a big difference.

(on opposite statistics from last week's game in St. Louis)

Like I said, we'll go in and look at it tomorrow and be able to really see what the film has to say and have a better assessment of how it went after that. 

(on throwing the ball more in the second half)

Like I said, the clock seemed like it went quick. We got the two drives early in the third quarter, and then they ran the clock out and started the fourth quarter with the ball. We had an interception for a touchdown, which was great, gave us the lead, but we didn't get back on the field. So we just didn't have the ball a whole lot in the second half and when we did, for the majority of the first quarter, just trying to run the clock out and win the football game. 


(on if he had seen the Bears run the same play that he made his interception on)

Going into the week we said that anytime we line up inside the numbers we were going to get some type of crossing routes. I just basically made a play for the ball and did my job on the play; the ball came right to me.

(on if he thinks his play on special teams will help him make the team)

Yes, it has. I had a big play last week and I just have to go out there and do the best that I can.

(on if he thinks his interception return is the type of play that will help him make the team)

It feels really good. Anytime you go out and make a play when you're trying to make the team, it feels good no matter what type of play it is. A touchdown feels even better I guess.

(on if his interception return for a touchdown was a dream that came true for him)

Yes, I guess you could say it is. I think the equipment dude took the ball from me, so I'm going to see if he still has it.

(on if his teammates ragged him about his celebration)

They definitely did. They told me that I had a 1994 high-step and I have to upgrade my dances.


(on the outcome of his meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell)

I'm happy that it is resolved and it's behind me now.  Now I've got a 100 percent of mind on football and this opening season. 

(on heeding the NFL Commissioner's warning to stay out of trouble)

I hope I don't get nobody's nothing, no call, or anything again in life unless it's 'good job on the field'.

(on worrying about what was going to happen)

There's always a doubt in your mind that things might happen to you.  But hey, I left it to the man upstairs, and prayed about it and it came out good on my behalf.

(on spending more time in Tennessee, as opposed to New Jersey)

My house is in Tennessee, and so is my wife and my daughter, so I'll be here for the rest of my life, I guess.  They are liking it.  Cool Springs Mall is right there, so they are loving it.

(on things now going his way)

Everything is moving 100 percent forward right now and I'm happy about that.  Hey like I said, I can now concentrate on nothing but football. 

(on whether he expects to play next week)

I'm hoping.  I'm going out there on Monday and see what I've got and hopefully, I can go out there and play with my teammates.   


(on Titans offense tonight)

We were real spotty out there.  We definitely didn't show as well, as we showed in the previous two preseason games, but they had their first team out there to.  Those guys get paid on that side of the ball and they were making some plays.  We just have to go out there and get back in the film room and see what we did wrong, and make the adjustments and come out there and start back next week.

(on his run in the first half where he jumped over a defender)

It's instincts, but it's just coming from experience that the smaller guys are always going to try to hit you low.  They are going to hit you low because they don't want to have that contact on them.  That's why they can play for 12 or 13 years in the league, because they have saved their bodies. Knowing that, I always try to jump those guys because I don't want them hitting me low and flipping me.  Coming from experience, when I saw him ducking his head, I just go ahead and jump over him.


(opening statement )

For the second week in a row, we have got to be pleased with some of the progress we made.  We have gotten better in most areas from the Monday night performance that we had. Offensively, we are moving the ball.  Our running game, with our passing game, offensive line did a good job for the second week in a row giving Jay (Cutler) protection.  Again, running game wise we had holes open.  Our running backs were able to get a few yards with it. 

But negatives. Turnovers - too many.  I think they were plus two in the turnover ratio and we still need more points. It's one thing to get yards but they don't determine the winner based on yards. It's about points and we have to get points.

Negative though, the amount of drops.  Some big-dropped passes that we had that really could've given us a little bit more life offensively.  Defensively, we have talked a lot about taking the football away and we haven't been able to get that done. With all the things that happened, they were plus two in the turnover ratio. We have got to take the ball away. It's kind of as simple as that. But we did some good things.  I feel like we had control most of the game but you would have to say their defense outplayed ours.   Again we took a step headed toward Atlanta. And then on special teams we miss that field goal early but Robbie (Gould) came back strong there.

Injury wise, Des Clark has a knee injury and Marion Barber went down with a calf injury.  I don't know how serious they are, we will let you know that later.  Hopefully not long for both of them because they both have done a great job for us.  

(on missed tackle by Major Wright for the touchdown)

You are going to miss tackles.  There are tackles missed each week. Sometimes a safety shows up a little bit more.  As long as Major is missing one tackle, we can live with one tackle missed.  But we wanted a little bit more production.  I thought Major had an opportunity to make a play on one of those long balls.  We aren't quite there yet, but we will get there.

(on the protection of the offensive line)

I felt the production was pretty good for the second week in a row. I feel like we also did a good job opening holes with the running game too. Offensive line, they are playing together and we see progress being made.

(on the interception)

I mean that was kind of a bad throw.  Whether the receiver is in the wrong or whatever, we can't do that, it's as simple as that. We can't throw the ball directly to him.  We would like to have that one back.

(on defensive improvements )

We were working on a lot of areas, but we are pretty vanilla right now. We'll rush the passer well during the course of the year. I feel pretty confident about that.

(on Chester Taylor not playing )

We wanted to take a look at someone else tonight, in particular, Kahil Bell. Kahil hadn't got an opportunity to play much. We wanted to get a good look at him. We were able to and I think he did a good job of taking advantage of the carries he got.


(on the offense)

I thought we moved the ball well. I looked up and saw we had 400 yards of total offense. We ran the ball extremely well. We threw the ball. Like I said, we have some detail things to work at and learn from on the film. We got a little better. That is all you can ask for.

(on the interception)

It wasn't tipped. It was in front of me, I felt like I got a little tug, especially out of my break. But it is the NFL. He made a good play.

(on catching the first ball)

It was good. It was my first catch as a Bear officially. It was good to get on the score sheet.


(on wanting to be the number one receiver for the Bears)

It doesn't matter to me. I am just coming out here doing my role. I am coming out playing hard. First, second, third, I am going to do it to the best of my ability.

(on the Bears receivers)

We are doing good. We are not where we need to be. There is some work to be done. We are definitely getting close. We continue to get better each game.

(on adding Roy Williams to the WR corps)

Roy is a great player. I am excited we got him here. I look forward to the season with him.


(on getting a sack)

Before the series, I talked to the D-line coach and he wanted us to run a game (stunt) and I said, 'ok, cool.' When the opportunity presented itself, I called that game. We ran it perfectly. Our DB's did a fantastic job holding them and I was able to come around.


(on the offensive production)

Drive wise we seemed pretty productive, but I know we left some points out there.  We will go in there and figure out what happened.  We'll eliminate those mistakes and get consistent.

(on comfort level playing at guard)

It was good to get a camp in at guard and to get a chance to work through some technique issues.  Coach Tice had broken all of the film down from last year and we had some specific things we wanted to work on and we are still working on them.  Playing inside you have to play lower.  A lot of o-line play is technique, consistency, and working hard.  That is all we are trying to do.

(on extra pressure on the offensive line)

I don't know if there is any extra pressure per se.  We are out here to play ball and we want to win the Super Bowl so that is a week at a time.  We just need to keep working and go from there.


(on the progress of the offensive line)

As the intensity picks up I feel like we are getting better.  We are working better as a group and that is what it is about.  We still have a tough challenge ahead of us. Once we start the regular season that is when we will have to go out there and prove it to everybody.

(on the improved offensive line play)

Coach Tice talks about our communication and our technique.  We have to go out there and do things the right way and if we do our technique right we are going win the majority of the time. 

(on the comfort level playing center)

I am feeling more comfortable every time I go out, and the more plays I get, the more time I get out there, and the more work I put in, the better I will get on the field.  It is a long season and a lot of things are going to happen, but the more I play, the more I get a chance to see, and the more work we get together is better for us.


(on the defensive line rotation)

I am not going to get into any personnel decisions.  I don't know how it is going to go.  I don't know how the rotations is going to be.  We will see about that in another week or so. 

(on his feelings about number of snaps he plays this year)

It doesn't matter to me.  I can't say I would like to play less.  I can't say I would like to play more.  It is just how the plays went last year.

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