Titans add depth at linebacker with Purdue's Keglar




(on if this was where he expected to go in the draft)

A lot of them were saying that I would go in the third or fourth round, so I was expected to go somewhere in that range.

(on his knowledge of the Titans)

I know that they had a very impressive defense last year. I think their defense was fifth overall, I believe this year. I just know a little bit about them because a couple of our players from Purdue went there: Gilbert Gardner, he plays with the lions now, and Mike Otto who currently plays for them right now. I know a little bit about the Titans so far.

(on if he grew up a Colts fan)

Yeah, growing up in this environment, you are kind of just forced into it. I was a Colts fan most of my life.

(on playing the Colts this season)

It's going to be exciting to be a Titan and be able to go and play against them. It's always been my dream just to play in the NFL. This is a great opportunity now.

(on going to Colts games as a kid)

I went to a few as a child and I went to one last year. I was watching one of my old teammates play. He played with the Chiefs and I was going in support of him, Bernard Pollard.

(on waiting for the picks to develop in the draft)

I was real anxious because I was expecting to go today, so I have been watching every pick today. I was waiting patiently, it wasn't really nerve-racking. I was just kind of anxious.

(on playing inside or outside linebacker for the Titans)

I don't really have a preference because the only changes are that I would have to gain a little weight to play middle linebacker that would be fine and you know that gap integrity is really the only thing that changes from outside to inside linebacker. I have played outside my whole life, but if I had to make the changes it would be no problem at all.

(on where the Titans want to play him)

They want me to play outside linebacker and that is where they see me fitting in their system.

(on what style of music he plays on the piano)

I grew up playing a lot of classical music and I know a couple of jazz songs, but mostly classical music.

(on how he got into playing the piano)

My mom made all the children take piano lessons. I was kind of forced into it and ended up liking it a lot and continued with it until I was about 13.

(on possible session time in Nashville recording studios)

I will continue to play a little bit; I might be a little rusty right now, but I could definitely do that.

(on the children in his family taking piano lessons)

I had two brothers and sisters and we all learned how to play the piano.

(on who was the best piano player in his family)

Me, definitely.

(on the help of draft prep time with David Pollock)

Actually, it helped a lot. He had experience with the combine and playing a few games in the NFL. He just had really good insight on the drills and the type of things they look for and will critique you on. Those were the things we focused on when he was coaching us up. It was a lot of help.

(on the current Titan linebackers)

I know that (Keith) Bulluck is an outstanding linebacker; he's fast, he's big. He has a lot of experience. I think he's been there for nine seasons. So that is one of the guys I watch mostly; watching some of their film and when I pay attention to them on the TV screen. I just know a little bit about them.

(on how he fits in with the current Titan linebackers)

I feel like I would be a great backup for them. I feel like I have good sideline to sideline speed as well. I just need some experience to come in and play of special teams. That is where I'll make my biggest contribution. I think my style is being quick and I have some instinctive actions that I can bring to the table myself.

(on playing piano for concerts and the size of the crowds)

I entered the state competition in Indiana. It wasn't the top level; I'd say there were about 50 people there; So not any humongous crowds or anything like that.

(on how old he was when he played piano concerts)

The first time I went I was 12 and then 13. I also played in front of my church when I was a little kid, so I guess there were about a couple hundred there.

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