Texans QB Matt Schaub's Conference Call to Nashville Media


(on how much better the Titans secondary is playing now compared to week two)

They're an experienced group. They're playing extremely well and they're veteran back there. So, they're extremely talented so it's going to be a tough test for us.

(on if the team is learning to adjust without Owen Daniels)

Well, yeah, we've got guys that can fill in and pick up the catches and what he did. He's irreplaceable with the talent he has, but we're doing it by committee and we've got a bunch of guys that step up and fill that role. We've got a ton of confidence in each one of them to make those plays in his place.

(on if the Titans are blitzing more)

Yeah, I think they might be doing a little bit of that. I think they're bringing a few more people and being a little bit more aggressive. They're a talented group and they have a great front seven. They're very talented.

(on if the three-step drop is the best way to attack an aggressive defense)

I think it's a way to get the ball out and get it to your playmakers hands in a hurry and let them do something with it. Combat the pass rush and things of that nature and also compliment the running game. If a team's struggling to run the ball a little bit, you get the ball and get it out and that kind of supplements the run game a little bit. I think it keeps things off balance instead of standing back seven, eight yards deep in the pocket trying to find things down field.

(on Cortland Finnegan playing left corner the last couple of weeks)

He's still the same guy and he's still playing at a high level. He's aggressive and a physical corner. He reads things really well. There's not much of a change, just a different vantage point from the other side of the field.

(on what a good yards per pass attempt means to a quarterback)

I think as an offense it means guys are making plays down the field and they're getting open. Obviously, the offensive line is doing a heck of a job and the backs in protection, and allowing us to get down field and make some plays. It ties 11 guys together that are executing their job at a high level and guys are making plays.

(on you can't have a good number in yards per pass attempt and not be moving the ball)

I would think generally not, especially if you're passing the ball quite a bit you're going to be moving the football and in turn hopefully scoring points too.

(on what percentage of interceptions come as a result of preparation or luck)

That would be hard to put a percentage on that. I think the majority of them of probably good defensive preparation and reading things. I think there are a good portion that are, whether it be a miscue offensively or just bad luck whether it be tipped or things like that.

(on how the defensive improvement has helped the offense)

I think it has been great. Our defense has been playing extremely well for a number are games now. They continue to get better. They're playing sound football, creating turnovers, getting off the field on third down. It's really helped us out a lot if we're slow to go in the first couple of series they're going to keep us in the game until we get going. They've been playing extremely well.


(on if it is fair that people say this is the biggest game in franchise history)

I think so. I think with each game they become bigger and bigger. That's what we wanted to do, is set ourselves up as a team to be in here in the later half of the season to be playing games that mean a tremendous amount. We put ourselves in that position and we are enjoying it. It's about getting ready to play and going out and playing good football on Monday night.

(on winning the last two games versus the Titans and making the rivalry a little bigger)

Yeah, I think that helps. When teams go back and forth I think that helps the rivalry a little bit. I think it makes everything more interesting especially within the division because you know the team extremely well and the faces stay the same for a few years. You get to know how each other plays and then it's just about going out and executing your plan.

(on if anyone has made more from the scuffle on the sideline in the first game)

No, it was just a couple of fines. It's just in the heat of competition and the battle. Things like that can occur. Obviously, it's unfortunate how things went down with everything, but it's a hard fought game and things like that sometimes happen.

(on Rod Hood)

I think he's a good football player, gets himself in position. He knows how to play coverages and read routes and he's always around the football. I think he's a very sound football player.

(on losing some offensive linemen to injury)

I think they've gelled together rather well. We've got a good rotation at right guard and Kasey Studdard filling in at left since the game there in Tennessee in week two. He played all of training camp when Chester Pitts was out. So, we had a good feel for what he would do when he got an opportunity to go in the game. They've gelled together really nicely and have been playing very well.

(on how the team recovered from the Indianapolis game)

We were due for a bye and a little time off. We've been going since the end of July at the beginning of training camp, so it was good to get a little bit of a break. Obviously, after the way the Indy game went it would have been nice to get back on the field right away. It's kind of take your pick. We're excited for this week and ready to get going.

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