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T Dennis Kelly



Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021

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(on if the lack of complementary football hurt the team today)

Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious the defense played really well today. Offensively we just didn't get it done enough and didn't score enough points, so in that regard, we let the team down in that regard.

(on what Baltimore was doing so well in the run game)

You know, they had a really good gameplan. I think they knew what they wanted to do, and they did a good job of trying to, I guess you could say, shorten the edge as much as possible. So, we just never really got into that rhythm after those first couple drives and obviously that's the result.

(on if the unit wanted to go for it on the fourth-and-two punt in the fourth quarter)

I mean, I think any unit is going to want to go for something like that. But, you know, the decision was made to punt. I think I heard (Mike) Vrabel, or saw Vrabel say that our defense has been playing well. They were and so we were able to kind of steal some field position off of it. You know, it would have worked out great. So that's just kind of the way it goes.

(on Head Coach Mike Vrabel's words to the team postgame)

Its tough. I think the biggest thing is that you don't really prepare for that speech. You know, it's been a long year with everything going on, everyone involved. There was definitely a lot of disappointment, for obvious reasons. It's a hard time to talk to players and coaches who have put everything into it, everything they had over the X-amount of months to this spot and then be done kind of just like that.

(on the Ravens reaction to the final interception)

I guess its whatever. I don't know what that whole 'It's disrespectful' thing came from. We've literally done that since (Mike) Mularkey has been here, going to the midfield. If that's the tool that (John) Harbaugh wanted to use to motivate his team, it must have worked. It is what it is.

(on what Baltimore did to stop running back Derrick Henry)

They're a good defense, for one. Like I said, I think they did a good job of trying to shorten the edge and not let Derrick (Henry) kind of gain his momentum. Obviously, going into the offseason, going into next year, we need to make sure we do not allow that to happen.

(on the overall frustration for the offense today)

Yeah, I think I kind of mentioned it earlier, especially given the performance we got from the defense. As an offense, we always go onto the field kind of expecting to score, and so for us to not be as effective and efficient as we wanted to be, you know, obviously stings.

(on any relief the team may feel now no longer needing to deal with the daily COVID protocols)

I wouldn't necessarily say there's relief right now. I understand what you're saying in the overall scheme of things, but that sense of relief hasn't hit, I guess you'd say.

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