T Dennis Kelly


Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

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(on if there is anything that has thrown the group collectively out of sync)

No, I just think we have to get back to what we were doing earlier in the year. We can't let one play or maybe a penalty or something throw us off our rhythm. It seemed like earlier in the year, we'd have a penalty and then we'd pick up the first down. It's just one of those things where we just have to try to fight through the adversity in drives.

(on if pressure to score every drive makes the team emphasize one mistake or penalty compared to earlier in the season when they played looser)

No, I don't think that has any place in anybody's minds.

(on when the game flipped in his mind and how disappointed he was that the team didn't compete better down the stretch)

Obviously, we just kind of stalled offensively in the third quarter. It put us in a tough spot. We need to continue drives. We need to keep getting first downs and need to be able to score touchdowns, and we didn't do that.