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Ruston Webster Addresses Reporters at Scouting Combine



(On Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota)

I think (Winston and Mariota) are two very good players. We are in very good position We do like Zach Mettenberger as a player.. He is a young quarterback. He is la good player. These two guys have a unique skill set. We are looking at those two plus others.

(On what he needs to find out about both players)

We will spend a lot of time with those guys over the next few months. We will meet with them here and do our du diligence all the way through. They are very good players. There would be no reason not to. And it starts with meeting with here.


(On considerations going into the second overall pick)**

Line of communications is always open in any draft and this is no different. There are a lot of good players that we could pick at that spot (first) there are several players worthy of that spot. I don't want to rule anything out right now.

(on what he has told Zach Mettenberger about this process)

I've talked to Zach multiple times. I am going to shoot him straight and tell him where we are. I want to be as straight forward as possible...I was not able to give him a commitment (as starter) for next season.

(on the status of QB Jake Locker)

Jake is a free agent. He is still going through rehab. It is a situation with his shoulder. We will see.

(on what he likes about Leonard Williams)

When you think of a three-four defense typically you think of a big two gap player. Rare to find players that can do that; play one gap, penetrate and get up the field and rush the passer. It's hard to find a guy that can block and be a receiver. When you have guy like Leonard who can do both that's something special.

(on Jameis Winston's off the field issues)

Jameis and with any player you have to do you research. You have to know the reality of the situation and don't go along with perception. Give the player, I don't want to say benefit of the doubt, but do your research. We have done a lot of work on Jameis.


Titans brass continues the evaluation process at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. (Photos: Gary Glenn, AP)

(on taking a QB in the first round vs. later in the draft)**

You draft a guy in first round and people want to see him play. He may not be ready to play and they may not be ready to play around them. Important for quarterback to get in the right scheme, right coach. That's why you see quarterbacks go in the second or late in the first.

(on taking a running back in the first round vs. later in the draft)

People have had success getting running backs late. Teams are in need of a quarterback and a left tackle. Those positions are premium to everybody. If you see somebody as a great running back and your scouts grade him as a franchise players then he will go in first round. There are guys in this draft that have that kind of ability.

(on taking an offensive linemen in the first round vs. later in the draft)

Emphasis will always be on tackle. See some guards and every now and then a center go in the first.

(on importance of solving QB situation in Tennessee)

For us to move forward the quarterback position has to be settled. You have to know that they can go for 16 games.

(on difficulty of evaluating injured players at combine)

Evaluating hurt guys at the combine…sometimes at the combine you get too focused on the combine. All of those guys have really good film. You have to take their durability into the decision. You're going to evaluate them and grade them in general from off their film. You can't overrate that they can't do this out here. Also the medical portion of this process is important.

(on upcoming free agency period)

I don't think you can turn your team around in free agency unless you have an outstanding quarterback. You have to hold with guys that fit with your offense and defense and then move on to draft. Our cap room is good. Vin Marino who handles that for us has done a good job. We are good shape. The guys who are going to take us to the next level will be drafted first.


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