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RB Jeremy McNichols


(on how good it felt to get the win against the 49ers)

It felt good. We had to come back after that loss on Sunday and play hard. We wanted to go home and spend the holiday with our family. This one came with a little bit extra.

(on playing against one of his former teams)

Being there, I learned a lot from that organization. Just playing against those guys, competition is so much bigger going against those guys and playing against your friends and everything, I think it makes you bring it a little more.

(on why the defense played better in the second half compared to the first half)

I just think we needed to play. We were just one play away. We weren't playing to our expectations. We knew once we got that one little spark, the rest of the game was going to flow in the offense's hands. The defense was playing lights out already, so we knew we had to do our part at some point.

(on wide receiver A.J. Brown and what he brings to the offense)

When our best players make big plays or explosive plays, it just brings a spark to the rest of the team. We get sparks from the defense making big plays, so we have to go out there and handle ours. When our big playmakers make those plays, I think it just brings a boost to the rest of the team.

(on why the offense was so successful on third downs)

I think we protected (Ryan Tannehill). He is one of the best in the game. When he has time, he can deliver and make plays. We got playmakers on our outside, our tight ends, everywhere, so once we get the ball in our playmakers hands, I feel like we can convert anything.

(on offensive lineman Dillon Radunz and how well he did stepping in)

That is huge. A young rookie stepping in a primetime game and doing what he did, I think that is great. It is going to give him a lot of confidence moving forward.

(on quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his speed)

(Ryan Tannehill) is faster than people think. When we see (Ryan Tannehill) run, we know he can take it however long. Explosive.

(on if he wants Ryan Tannehill to slide)

I mean, I am always like, 'Slide, (Ryan Tannehill), slide.' But I know (Ryan Tannehill) is tough and if he takes a hit, he is going to get right back up. We do want him to slide, he knows we need him.

(on the mindset of the offense during the final drive)

Just prepared. Just prepare on the sideline whether it be two or four minutes. We practice those situations starting in training camp. We execute them pretty well in practice and gain that confidence so when the game comes, we just have to go and execute and move the ball down the field and kick a field goal or get whatever we might need.

(on the trio of running backs and their mindsets each week)

I think it is just whenever it is your turn, you have to go out there and execute. Coach (Tony) Dews tells us every single day to know everybody's job and know the whole offense. When Dontrell (Hilliard) or D'Onta (Foreman) or I am in practice, everybody is watching each other. We don't know when we will be called upon during a game, so you have to be ready to execute the plays. Yeah, it is next man up. Whoever is in the rotation or whoever is out there is expected to make a play.

(on if the win feels good before Christmas)

It is amazing, man. Spend our time with our family, watch some football this weekend and have some days off after a win. A great win today.

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