RB Derrick Henry


Sunday, Nov. 29, 2020

# # #

A lot of guys have said postgame that the more physical team was going to win today. How do you feel like you guys did from that standpoint, especially in the run game?

"I think we were just focused on what we could do as a team – being physical, finishing drives, getting off the field on third down for our defense and protecting the kicker and returner on special teams and just playing an overall great game in all three phases. I thought we did that today."

When you're in a game like this early on where it seems like the offenses are going to go point-for-point almost, what kind of pressure do you guys feel in those moments? How did you think the offense responded today?

"I don't think there was any pressure. I think we all were just focused on putting together drives and getting points. That will always be our focus, and that's what we were going out there trying to do – just going out there, putting drives together and finishing in the end zone and give ourselves a chance to win."

It kind of felt like last season the offensive line began playing its best in the second half of the season. Does it look like it's trending that way again? Do you think today was their best performance in front of you this season?

"They did a great job today opening up holes, driving the guy back in front of them, playing well collectively. I just had to go out there and do my job, and they made my job definitely a lot easier. I appreciate those guys and we just have to keep carrying this momentum forward to next week (inaudible)."