Rams RB Steven Jackson's Conference Call With Nashville Media


(on Chris Johnson)


I've had a chance to watch Chris quite a bit the last two years. We all know he's an explosive back. He's a guy that I really respect because one, he's the focus point. He's the franchise back there. He doesn't split the carries a lot. He's a guy that catches the ball out of the backfield. He's real good at throwing himself in there in pass protection. He's a smaller guy, but he's not afraid to throw his body around.

(on comparing himself to Chris Johnson)

I don't compare myself to him at all.

(on facing the Titans defense)

It will be really hard. It will be another challenge, a challenge that we've seen all year. We know we're expecting to face an eight-man box. They have really aggressive defensive ends and a linebacking group that's really aggressive, sure tacklers. We're going to have to grind out yards. We're going to have to be willing to be patient with the running game, take our two or three-yard carries and when we have one-on-one opportunities with our receivers we have to take advantage of that.

(on playing spoiler with the Titans playoff hopes)

No, we're definitely coming in focusing on the St. Louis Rams. Focus on the things we need to get better at. We definitely feel like we're a team that once we put together the details of our assignments, we could be a dangerous team. We have not written off this year. Although our record reflects that we won't be in the postseason we're not approaching these last four games or this game as a cruise game.

(on the spirit of the Rams)

Everyone's focused. Everyone is here being professionals. Everyone here is focused on beating Tennessee. We're not going to come in and feel like we're going to play spoiler. We're coming in to play good St. Louis football.

(on what keeps him motivated)

I think it's a part of my character. It's just my makeup. I've run like this now six seasons in a row. It just so happens that we're not doing good as a team, but my overall approach to the game week-in and week-out is consistently the same.

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