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QB Vince Young's Conference Call to Indianapolis Media


(on what the stretch has meant to him)

"It means a lot, especially getting back winning and things like that. That's the good part about everything. The thing is just how everybody is playing together. That's the key right now."

(on the ups and downs and the balancing) **

"It's a learning process. I just have to continue to keep working and staying focused. That's the biggest thing."

(on everyone saying he alone is responsible for the five-game winning streak, but others being involved, too) **

"It's pretty much my job to let everybody know it takes a team effort. Everybody is contributing to the wins right now. That's my job of telling everybody what it is. I'm doing my job, the offensive line is doing theirs, the offense is doing their job, defense is doing their job, as well as our special teams. It's a team effort right now."

(on Chris Johnson)

"You just call him Chris Johnson, a God-given talent with the speed that he has and the physical ability that he has. Also, his knowledge of the game. He does a lot for our offense."

(on maturing during the past year and what he has been better at now)

"Just giving the play some time to develop and just taking what the defense gives me, staying very patient and making different decisions downfield."

(on if the game has slowed down)

"I just feel like knowing where guys are, feeling more comfortable with the offense and being patient is the biggest key right now."

(on last week's game-winning drive and showing his leadership)

"Somewhat. Just maturing, that's the biggest thing, maturing right now, taking time out and learning the game of football. I always put Kerry Collins into it because he helped me out, sitting there paying attention and watching him. It's a game that every week I just want to get better and better. And that's what I'm doing, just staying patient and getting better every week."

(on how much he doubted himself when he wasn't starting)

"I never doubt myself. I was just being patient and waiting until my number was called. I just got better working on my craft, behind the scenes, staying in shape, and taking care of other business that I needed to structure. I took that time to sit back and watch and learn."

(on loving critics as well as those that praise him and where he got that from) Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"That's in the Bible. You love your enemies, you love everybody."

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