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QB Kirk Cousins


Sunday, Sept 27, 2020

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"You know, really tough loss today. I'm proud of the way our team fought; we just weren't able to come away with the win, which is what matters. There were positives I could point to throughout the game, but ultimately, you know, when you don't get the win then you tend to think about all the plays you didn't make that could have made the difference. It was a back-and-forth game, we just came up a play or two short."

Q: Mike Zimmer said he needs better leadership, especially on those final moments, but instead he got 'chaos.' Can you explain the chaos on that final drive?

A: "I'll have to go back and watch the film. I think you'd have to ask Coach specifically what he meant. We'll go back and work on what didn't go well there."

Q: What happened on the snap on second down on the final drive?

A: "It just came earlier than I was expecting it, and was a little bit to the right, I think. I really don't know for a fact because it happens quick and I haven't watched the film yet."

Q: How do you feel that this was such a veteran offense coming in, everyone was talking about the continuity, but a lot of things are happening that aren't looking veteran-like?

A: "Just go back to work. Keep working and practice hard. Get ready for next Sunday."

What are some building blocks you can use going forward?

A: "I think we ran the ball well and consistently. Did a better job with time of possession. Think we had some explosive plays. They were a few things we can build on, certainly. Anytime you have almost 500 yards of offense and score almost 30 points, you're doing something correct."

Q: On that note, what do you think allowed you to open up the playbook and get other guys more involved today?

A: "I don't know. I don't know that I have a good answer for you. I think I'm just kind of going play to play and going where my reads take me."  

Q: What did you like about Justin Jefferson's play today?

A: "Yeah, he had a great game today. Really proud of the way he played, proud of him, and look forward to continue to build together moving forward."  

Q: Was part of the game plan to get him more involved?

A: "I mean, he started at X, which he hadn't done the first two games, so that will tell you something right there."  

Q: That last drive, you didn't have time to do anything. Did the Titans do anything with their rush differently on that last series?

A: "I don't know. I wasn't really looking at the rush. I'll have to watch the film, and then I could better answer that question. I think they got home a couple times, and it just wasn't our best drive."  

Q: The identity of this team the past couple years was good defense, don't beat yourselves, win close games, that sort of thing. Going forward, will this offense have to put up 30-plus and just win some shootouts?

A: "I think this league is week-to-week. We could win next week 3-2. You just never know what's going to happen week to week. I thought our defense did some outstanding stuff today. Harrison Smith's interception was tremendous, there were several third-down stops, and I think that it's just week-to-week. I think playing great defense, I think winning close games, I think that's a recipe for any team to have success in this league, and I just think that we'll play the game that's called week-to-week."  

Q: What happened on the interception in the third quarter, and on the subject of interceptions, you're already up to 6 this season. How frustrating is that?

A: "It was a blitz, and the defensive end dropped, and he was in the window of the throw, and I was really just wanting to throw it away over his head and put it out of bounds, but the corner had vision and was off and outside and was able to go get it. In hindsight, I wish I'd just thrown it away further and just played for the next play."  

Q: Why do you think you've thrown as many interceptions this season as all of last season?

A: "Well, you just go back to each one and say, 'Why?' And you just try to better understand each one. You try not to really play for stats when they're just stats and not actually always telling the full story."  

Q: 0-3 start, you guys go back to work Monday after this very strange season – how are you going to keep it together?

A: "You just get to work. This isn't the first time anybody on our team has faced adversity, so you just go right back to work, keep your head down and embrace the grind."  

Q: What do you think of Dalvin Cook's game today?

A: "I'd have to watch the tape to give you a better answer, but I think he ran really well. I think he played really well. He's a tremendous back who showed it again today." 

Q: What do you think of the running back rotation? Dalvin's not in there on the three-and-out in the third quarter.

A: "I mean, I don't know. I have so many other thoughts going through my head in those moments. I certainly believe in what Dalvin can do, what Alex [Mattison] can do, what Mike Boone can do, what C.J. Ham can do. We have a lot of running backs who can really contribute to this offense."

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