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QB Kerry Collins' Conference Call to Indianapolis Media


(on handling the 0-4 start)

"Obviously it's been frustrating, but we're looking forward to coming back to work this week and putting the game plan in and getting ready to play a good football team."

(on Coach Jeff Fisher saying Collins has made the throws to be a winning football team, but the team needs to better as a whole)

"And I appreciate that. But the bottom line is, it's our job to win. We've had chances to make plays to win the game in a couple of games and didn't do it. While I appreciate that, the bottom line is that we haven't been able to get that done, and it's frustrating, but we're still together and we're still looking forward to this week."

(on a win against the Colts would not make things not seem so bleak)

"I know this, that winning takes care of a lot of problems in this league. Certainly, it's going to be a huge challenge for us. The Colts are playing great. Both sides of the ball, they're doing what they have to do and doing it well. We understand that we've dug ourselves a hole, that the bottom line is just get back to work and try to get one the next week."

(on how the NFL can change so quickly and the thin line between winning and losing)

"It really is, and it comes down to two or three plays lots of times. Unfortunately, we haven't made those plays this year, where last year we did. It's a good lesson to know that each year is different, just like each game is different. Just because we had success last year doesn't guarantee we're going to have success this year. But we have guys in here who know what it takes to win, we just have to go do it."

(on Jeff Fisher being steady)

"He definitely is very steady. There's a message that he always has, and it's always positive and it's always upbeat. He makes no illusions about where we are, but one thing that's great about Jeff is whatever happened the week before, he puts it behind him and moves on. And I think this team does that. Regardless of what our record is right now, we're not worrying about what's happened before. We're worried about what we need to do this week."

(on Fisher saying the Titans are still a good team and if younger guys need reinforcement)

"Obviously you get off to the start we've gotten off to and everybody hears the criticism and, 'What's wrong with the Titans?' and that sort of thing. It's nice to have that kind of coach where he says, 'Hey, don't listen to that stuff, don't believe what everybody is trying to tell you. We have the guys in here to win.' We're focusing on trying to get better and better, and it's going to give us a chance to win each week. And that's a great message to send."

(on RB-Chris Johnson taking it to the next level)

"He has. I think a lot of times you see improvement from a guy's first year to his second year, they know what to expect, have a little bit more confidence, especially if they had success their rookie year. I see that in Chris. Obviously, his talent is as good as anybody I've been around. Now, I think he gets it just a little bit more, and I think that's allowed him to be the great player he is."

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