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Postgame Quotes: Titans vs. Texans



(opening statement)

Obviously very disappointed with how it went today. I thought we started the game out just the way you wanted to. Our defense did a good job getting off the field. We had a good punt return by Dexter (McCluster) which was nice to see which put us down there in the red zone. I was probably a little too conservative with the two runs that first time and then putting him in a third down, but we got three points out of it. Then obviously, we didn't do very well offensively from that point on, especially the first half with the penalties. We got behind the sticks every drive, the next three consecutive drives and we couldn't overcome that.

Defensively, I thought our guys fought. They did a nice job creating pressure in the first half. We were close to a couple of turnovers and obviously with us not being able to do anything offensively, I think they wore down a little as the game went on. So from that standpoint, I appreciate the fight in our guys. Nobody quit, nobody gave up. It was very tough out there today, but we will correct this. We got to find a way to eliminate these penalties. I think that is maybe seven of however many of last drives, if you go back to Washington, we have had significant penalties and that's very difficult.

* (on what can be done to eliminate penalties)*

We just keep working on it, talking about it. I mean, you know we get a hands to the face, where the hand slides up to the helmet. We get a holding penalty with a tight end that has been with us for three days. I mean everybody is contributing to it. We got to keep working on it. Hopefully, we will be able to establish a little more consistency and cut that out.

(on the key turnover before the half)

Yeah, you know we had two turnovers in the game that hurt us, in the second half, too. You know, we are hanging in there, fighting. It's hard. That's probably what contributed to wearing our defense out a little bit. Those are things we haven't done a lot, lately. I know we had a turnover last week, two turnovers last week, one was special teams. You know those are things you can't win games if you are doing that.

(on rating Zach Mettenberger's first start)

I will have to look at the tape and see. I thought he handled things well from a standpoint being able to run the huddle, get out of the huddle. We weren't close to getting any delay penalties which is one of the things you look at. You know, as far as some of the throws early, I will have to look at them. I know we took some shots down the field and we just didn't connect on them. That's some of the things that maybe when he gets more feel, he settles down a little bit. He made those throws in the second half. So, I thought he did a nice job in the second half whether they were playing soft or not, he still made some throws and obviously being able to move the ball was concurrent.

(on conservative calls at the beginning of game)

I mean it's his first game, regular season game. He had some good defensive players across the ball from him. That's part of being a young quarterback. I tell you one thing he did, he stood in the pocket at times and hung in there and made some throws.

(on getting the needed spark)

I think what we are as an offense right now is a team that needs somebody to make a play to get a spark going. Once that happens for us, we generally go pretty good and you know, we dropped some balls, we missed some balls early in the game. Penalties no question hurt us because obviously we didn't convert any third downs when it is third-and-20, third-and-18. Of course, we have to do a better job on second down. That's really what it comes down to, we have to make some plays to get us going because we haven't done a good job in third downs. We haven't had a lot of makeable third downs at times.

(on if Zach Mettenberger was too focused in first half on Justin Hunter)

I will have look at it from the standpoint of the video. I couldn't tell you right now. It's all based on progressions and looks and I am sure he missed a couple which all quarterbacks do at times. I don't know if he has a comfort with Justin (Hunter) or not. We had one scheme to Kendall (Wright) early where there was one-on-one coverage and we missed that. We do things to try and take shots with guys at appropriate times. We just weren't successful.

(on the defense wearing down by the end of the game)

I think it was that. They had two long runs where we actually had them tackled in the back field, and he (Arian Foster) broke the tackle and took off with it, or we over-played it. One was a back-side run where he cut back, and the other one was kind of the same thing. That to me was a question of wearing down.

(on Shonn Greene only carrying the ball once all game)

It was a package thing. We didn't go back to that package. We had a package for Shonn (Greene) that was matched to his plays. We didn't do a whole lot in the first half. When we went into the mode in the second half, we have Dexter (McCluster), and we've got Bishop (Sankey), we've got Leon (Washington) that are in those packages.

(on Shonn Greene rushing out to the field when the play was called)

It was tagged with the personnel. It wasn't specifically tagged with him. We weren't starting the game with that. When Dexter (McCluster) had the big return and it put us into that area, then I flipped the personnel and he was late getting it.

(on not forcing turnovers on defense)

We had opportunities, I thought, we just missed. There were a couple really nice plays. Blidi (Wreh-Wilson) made a great play on a crossing route one time when he was stumbling and knocked it down. We were close to the ball, which is something that you like. But you're right, those are the kind of things that could ignite us, as well as you said, do them in. We were close. I like the fact that we were good at getting pressure on them early. Our guys are playing with more confidence in our scheme. Once again, I think even at the end of the game, they were playing hard after things didn't go very well.

(on possible disciplinary action for Shonn Greene)

There is a different version of the story that we've heard about. We certainly don't want our team represented in a light like that. We are going to handle it internally.

(on if the Titans will wait for action by the Franklin Police Department)

I think that's the policy of the league when they discipline players. It would certainly be fair to say that we could do that as well. We're going to talk about that tomorrow, and we're going to decide going forward.

(on whether the Titans need a bye week to restore their confidence moving forward)

It's a process that you have to go through. We're going through the tough part of it right now. Does a bye help us? Absolutely, it helps us. We'll get some players back, good players that can help us. We'll get a chance to get a little bit of a break. Maybe we'll make some plays early in a game that will get us over that hump. I'll tell you what, I don't feel like we started the game with a lack of confidence, at least not from a standpoint of defensively or even special teams-wise. I told our team I was proud of their efforts afterwards. If they continue to work, we're going to be alright.

(on injuries)

The only one I know of is Nate (Washington). I think Nate had an AC joint sprain. We went in and checked it. I don't know the extent of it. James Anderson maybe got his ankle right there at the end on the onside.



(on the grade he would give himself today)

I don't think I can grade myself just yet. I need to watch the film.  You know, obviously, we did a lot of good things.  I think we've got the right group of guys to accomplish what we want to accomplish.  As you see, when we shoot ourselves in the foot early on in the first half it's tough to sustain drives.  In the second half, we did a better job of that and we were able to move the ball, move the chains, and get the touchdown.  The only thing we can do is keep working, and get healthy on this bye week and get ready for Baltimore.

(on if nerves were an issue for his first career start)

There's always little butterflies for anyone, especially for guys who want to succeed and do well out there.  I think butterflies before the game is definitely just a part of the game.  I wish I would have let it rip a little more early on.  I kind of choked it down there early on.  As I kind of settled down and got back to doing what I do and playing football, I was able to let it rip and complete some big balls.

(on if field position made him play safer early in the game)

Not really.  When you are breaking in a new quarterback, you got 90 and 99 (Jadeveon Clowney and J.J Watt) over there, you got to get the ball in your hand quick.  You got to get those quick routes, kind of get them frustrated.  We honestly weren't able to execute that as well as we wanted to in the first half.

(on overthrowing the ball)

Justin Hunter is a guy that can run.  If you don't put it up there and throw it, he can outrun the ball.  That was just a situation where I was trying to get him the ball and not underthrow him.  And then a couple of those were in the red zone, just throwing the ball away.  Being in field goal range right there, its smarter taking points than trying to force something. 

(on what he personally takes from today to build on)

You know, we did a lot of good things. In this league, things aren't as open as you think.  Those guys are coming to get you so you've got to get back there and get the ball out of your hand.  For the most part, I did a good job on that.  I just need to continue to build on that and when the shots are available down field, be able to hit more.  Overall, I think I did an OK job of managing the huddle, getting us together, getting out of the huddle.  We didn't really have any clock problems.  A lot of good things to build on and the only thing we can do is keep working.

(on being a spark to ignite the offense)

It doesn't matter who you are. This game is tough, week in and week out, even for guys who've played 15 years and are the best at it.  They work at it each and every week because it's not a given. Yeah, this is my first game starting and there's a lot of things I could improve on and am going to improve on but we've just got to keep working.  Me being a spark is not just about me.  There's 10 other guys on that field that gotto help me along.  Obviously, I can't make a lot of plays on my own running around.  Those other 10 guys, protecting, catching balls, catching tough passes for me is really going to help our offense get better.

(on his approach going into the BYE week with one start under his belt)

Just get ready.  Baltimore's a tough place to play. They're a tough defense historically.  We got to work this week, get healed up and continue to grind.  We're doing all the right things.  We've just got to put them together on game day. 



(on the  focus of the Titans defense through the first half of the season)

We have to keep on executing.  We have to clean up the mistakes.  We have to hold them, and get off the field on third down. We were good at that in the first half.  I feel like we were pretty poor on it in the second half.  What we really have to work on is finishing in the second half, on third down … We have to keep working and give more and more. 

(on his progress and improved performance the more he plays)

I'm getting more comfortable and that's a part of it.  I feel like I'm playing pretty good.  We have to keep our head on straight and keep on working, and I feel like it is going to get better for me.  The better I do, the more it helps the defense out.

(on the Titans' loss)

It's tough.  It's tough on your ego and everything.  Just to go out there, week in and week out and just fail every time, it's tough.  We've got to take this bye week and clear our heads and get ready to come back to finish this eight-week stretch.


(on how he feels the Titans played today versus the Texans)

I feel like I came out ready to play.  They made more plays than we did, and we didn't execute the plays we needed to execute, so they came out of the game with a win.  It's more so consistency on our part.  We came out for the game, starting off on fire, and then later as the game goes, we have to start to be consistent. That's the biggest thing right now, continuing to play all four quarters the same way we start them out.  I think overall we played a good game.  At the end of the day, we let too many big plays get out of there.  I think this game, was I'll say, a C overall.  When you come out and let teams put up that many points, you can't rally rate yourself too high.

(on what he hopes will be accomplished with the upcoming bye week)

You want to come back with the mindset of we have to get after it.  We know what position we're in right now, and if we want any chance, we have to fight.  At the end of the day, losing, losing, losing doesn't put you in any position to get in the playoffs.  So we know what our mindset is and that's to go up to Baltimore and try and get a win.


(on the Titans' defensive effort today)

I think we played good minus a couple of big plays.  We came out fighting and I think we did good in the first half, but like I've said, we have to learn how to finish.  And keep working at it, because sooner or later, it's going to turn around for us.  Overall, I think we did good, but eliminate the big plays and we'll be OK.

(on what he hopes will be accomplished with the upcoming Titans' bye week)

As a team, me personally, I think you kind of want to have your mind on it a little, but get your mind away from it and come back with a clear head.  This gives you time to think about it. But not think about it. And then come back with the mindset of 'OK, this is a fresh start.'  Second half of the season, so let's get accomplished what we've been trying to get accomplished, for the past nine weeks.  That's how I go about it, and come back and be ready to work away for the weeks we have left.



(on the Titans committing a penalty on their first offensive possession)

The main focus we talked about was not getting penalties, and we came out and started with a penalty on the first play of the game.

(on the play of Titans QB Zach Mettenberger)

He's a young quarterback getting his first start in Week 8, so it's going to take him a little bit of time. He's new at it; seeing different schemes and the defense rolling its coverage. As the game wore on, you could tell he started understanding more, and I think he's going to be a good quarterback. It was his first game, so he's going to have his bugs here and there; he has to get those out.

(on settling for a field goal on the opening offensive possession)

It can't happen. If you don't put points on the board, our defense stopping them doesn't mean anything. We had a great punt return which got us down there, but we couldn't do anything with the ball; we had to settle for three points. That's something that we can't do. Once we get down there, we have to put the ball in the end zone.

(on the difficulties of losing and turning the season around after the bye week)

It's always a long day when you're losing. It's only the halfway point, and we can turn it around after this bye week.

(on what the Titans need to do in order to turn the season around)

We have to clean up our mental mistakes. We shot ourselves in the foot with the penalties we had, putting us in third and long. There's no play on the coach's play list for third and 20; there's no play he can come up with. Houston did a great job; all they did was send all their guys to the first down marker and let us throw the ball underneath. That's good for them; at that point, we can't dial up a play that can get us out of that situation. For us to become a better team, we have to be able to execute without getting penalties.



(on converting offensively following defensive stops)

We have to play better situational football when we get in those positions. The defense did a great job stopping their offense and getting the ball back, and we just have to be better as an offense.

(on the offense avoiding third and long situations)

We have to stop with the penalties; there's no way around that. I'd like to see numbers on any team successful in anything and 20 position. That's really hard to get out of; that's you digging yourself a hole and it's tough to get out of. We eliminate those, even if it's third-and-10; that's a much better position than third-and-20. We have to get rid of those penalties.

(on the Titans committing penalties)

It's very frustrating, and we all take turns doing it. We all just have to hold ourselves accountable and eliminate it. There's no other way around it.

(on the play of Titans QB Zach Mettenberger)

I thought he handled the offense very well; he seemed really comfortable out there. As far as throwing the ball, I don't know since I was out there blocking. But as far as handling everything, he did a great job. 

(on what the Titans need to do to turn the season around following the bye week)

We just have to get back to work. There's a process to everything, and you can't change the process just because we're not winning. Some people might think that's crazy, but there's a set process to the weekly everything that everyone in the league does, so you have to go back and just work on what you need to work on and come out here and perform on Sunday.

(on the play of Titans RB Bishop Sankey)

He's very talented; he's a great guy. As long as he's successful, we're happy.



(on the play of Titans QB Zach Mettenberger)

I think he showed some poise. He had one interception, but that happens. He wasn't rattled with it. We have to do a better job of putting ourselves in better situations.

(on what the Titans need to do to turn the season around)

We still have eight games left. We have to go out there and focus and try to get a win the best way we can. The bye week gives us time to get our bodies right and give us time to think about ourselves and the team, and come out with a chip on our shoulder.

(on committing penalties on offense)

It may seem like a little thing, but you have to be poised in those situations. Just use your technique, no matter what it is, and just trust it. You work on it all week; just do what you prepare for. Third and long situations are tough, especially in this league.

(on his first punt return)

It was a good start. Special teams wanted to come out there and get something done. We got a great punt, it was short, and I got a chance to run up under it and those guys got on their blocks and it gave us that momentum. That's another opportunity in the red zone. We got three points, but we have to score a touchdown to make a statement on that.


(on slow start)

We practiced well during the week. We had some tough practices, especially Thursday, guys really did a good job of coming back to work this week. Yeah, in certain phases we started slowly, you're probably right about that offensively, but I thought defensively we played a good football game all the way through until that last drive. That last drive wasn't very good, but other than that, played a heck of a football game on defense. I think offensively we were opportunistic with the field position that we were given. We need more touchdowns in the red zone. We can't come away with field goals all of the time there. I thought for the most part we got great kicking from Randy (Bullock) and Shane (Lechler) and that helped the field position, too.  I think it was a great team win, give Tennessee credit, they played tough. It was a real good team win for us.

(on OLB Jadeveon Clowney's play)

Yeah, I thought (Jadeveon) Clowney went in there and had a number of plays. I think there's probably some plays he wishes he had back, but overall, I thought he gave good effort. I saw him chasing some things down there at the end of the game, it looks like he was moving well. We'll have to watch the tape to see exactly how he did, but I was pleased to see him out there. 

(on RB Arian Foster)

He's a heck of a running back. He makes a lot of yards because of his vision, he sets up blocks well, he has great instincts, he's good in the passing game, it's all of the things I've said from day one with him. He's tough, he's a big back. He's hard to tackle, so he had a whale of a football game. 

(on RB Arian Foster's field vision)

Yeah, that touchdown run he had there, going towards our locker room, he made a great cut on that and then he was able to make one extra cut and really get the ball north and south. He has a really good ability to get the ball north and south after his first cut. I always tell Charles London that's great coaching.

(on how much credit goes to the offensive line)

I give a lot of credit to those guys. They practiced well this week. They knew that they needed to play well to establish a new line of scrimmage today, protect well. I thought for the most part, they protected pretty decently. We gave up some pressures there, couple of sacks there that we had worked on, and we have to do a better job there. Overall, I thought the offensive line played a good football game.

(on sacks given up against QB Ryan Fitzpatrick)

It's too much. Yeah, maybe, I mean probably there's a couple there that he needs to throw the ball away. Certainly at the end of the half there where he took it when we kicked the field goal, you know, he needs to throw that one away. It's a combination of quarterback, line, running back, tight end, you know tight end gave up a couple of pressures today, so we really have to work hard at that because looking ahead now to Philly, they have a great defensive front that puts a lot of pressure on our quarterback. So we've got to do a better job there.

(on satisfaction of Jadeveon Clowney's performance)

Yeah, I did. I saw him do a good job out there doing his assignments.

(on QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's 98-yard drive)

Yeah, I thought he played pretty consistent today and that was good to see. I thought that drive was a great drive for our offense. We were pinned back there on the punt there that rolled and we drove it 98 yards, had some key third down conversions, where he made some good throws, had some good chunk plays in that drive, some stop and go routes to DeAndre Hopkins, just did an overall really good job of running the ball there. He directed the offense well, we got in a good tempo there, that's how we need to play. That was a good example of how we need to play the game.

(on Arian Foster's injury and four-game run with 100-plus yards)

He's an important part of the offense. I think he has a pretty good idea of what he can and can't do during a week. We talk a lot, he and I, about how much he can practice. Usually with guys like him and Andre (Johnson), those guys, we give them maybe Wednesday, a little bit lighter load on Wednesday's and then Thursday they ramp it up and then Friday kind of taper down, especially during this time of the year, and he's done that. I think that's helped him. That kind of work week has really helped him. Hopefully, we'll continue to be able to do that with him.

(on DE J.J. Watt's performance)

Yeah, J.J., he affects the game on every play. It's hard to…you have to go back and watch the film, so maybe in the offseason we can all get together and sit down and watch some tape and I'll show you. No, I think J.J. does a great job of affecting the game on every play. It's not always sacks, it's not always…it's just his presence and the way that he plays the game and the running game and the passing game, he affects it on every play.

(on Akeem Dent and Mike Mohamed on special teams)

Yeah, I thought those guys…you know, that's the type of league it is, you have injuries happen and so the next guy has to be able to step up and play. I think Mike Mohamed, Akeem Dent, those are good examples of guys that came in there and did a good job for us today. 

(on who determines when Jadeveon Clowney plays)

Which coach determines that? We talk about that before, all week, and then we finalize it the night before the game, how we're going to use him. It's by package. So, we keep a play count on him and basically I'm in charge of that.

(on Jadeveon Clowney's conditioning)

I think that it's hard to say he would be in tip-top football condition coming back off of, you know, having missed all of that time. So, I think he needs work in that area to be able to get back in condition. I think, you know, just judging by the nature of the game and what he had to do, he looks like he was able to cut and do those things, but I think football conditioning is something he probably has to really work on, only because he's missed so much time.

(on whether Jadeveon Clowney was limited to rest)

I would say it had a little bit to do with that, but I would say probably, overall, it was more by package. You know, we have about four to five packages in the game and J.D. was a part of two of them and a lot of those involved situations during the game that maybe had to do with pass rush or two minute or third down or something like that. So, it had more to do with what type of package we were using and that's when J.D. would go in the game. 

(on decision not to play ILB Brian Cushing)

I think he woke up this morning, and we talked a lot during the week, and he really wanted  to be able to go today, but I think this morning, when we met there at breakfast, you know, it was a decision that look, I need to rest this thing and not go today and he and I are very much on the same page on that. He'll be in there tomorrow getting treatment and he'll work very hard to be there for Philly.

(on progress at this point)

No, I wish we were better, but we are what our record says we are. We're 4-4, but I think we lost…give credit to the teams that beat us. They beat us, no question about it. The close games were ones where we felt like if we had not turned the ball over as much or done a little bit better on third down or been able to make a play in critical situations, maybe we'd won those games, but, you know, we didn't. So, we're 4-4 and there's a lot of football left and that was a division win which is important, very, very important and it's really good to win. It's really good to win.


(on his initial thoughts about winning)

We needed it for sure. Coming into the game, especially offensively, we knew we needed to come out of it with no turnovers and not beat ourselves. We felt like we were going to have a chore, but we would be able to control the line of scrimmage and hopefully get Arian [Foster] going a little bit and convert on third down and the guys up front did a great job. Arian just made some spectacular runs, making guys miss and doing what he does. It's nice to be back on the winning side of things.

(on RB Arian Foster's performance)

He missed a game, he had the game where he came back and didn't get a lot of carries. I don't want to get into comparisons, I've played with some great backs and he's unbelievable. It's a fun thing to watch as a quarterback, to hand it off and be back there, seeing what he's seeing and the cuts that he makes. He's a very powerful runner too, he's not just the finesse back, but he does a great job with the zone scheme stuff.

(on the change of direction of the game with the 34-yard touchdown)

It's pretty sweet. I was thinking about trying to catch him and there was no way I was going to be able to, and sometimes I don't know how he sees what he sees, he's got great instincts. He's a very special player.

(on what big plays do for the team)

It's huge for us. Offensively, just giving us a little bit of a boost seeing him go, and the guys up front, they love running the ball, they love watching him. There are some guys that have been blocking for him for a while now, and it's a huge boost for us to see that.

(on why he has been blitzed a lot in the last two weeks)

Speaking for today, there were a couple times where I held it, where I maybe got out of something and needed to throw away and didn't. Some of those were definitely on me. There's just stuff we need to continue to work at with the communication and getting everything on point. For them, today, especially on the third down stuff, basically we're just bringing something different on every play and I felt like by the end, after the first few series, we were able to do some good things.

(on the rhythm he got in by the 98-yard drive)

Big third down conversion there, been able to mix some of the run with the pass, and it was nice for us to have that drive because it's an adverse situation where you're backed up, it's loud down there, and to come away with a drive like that is a big boost to the team.

(on what triggered a better second half after a slow start to the game)

I think we started running the ball better, and I think that helped us out a lot. I think it was a feel at first to try figure out what they were going to do and how they were going to attack us. They had some different shifts and motions, and I think we had a good idea by second half of what was going on and got into a rhythm. 

(on the 4-4 record at midway point of the season)

I think when you look at it right now, every season you take in chunks. Being 4-4, could we be better, yeah, but it's when we're sitting at 3-4 or 4-4 that we're pretty good. Now we've got eight games left and we're sitting right in the middle with our record, but we've got a real chance here to continue to get better, continue to play together, feed off the defense, defense feed off us, and I think we've got a chance to be pretty good in this home stretch these last eight games.

(on why he chose not to slide while scrambling during the game)

I've done it my whole career, and I try to be smart and pick and choose my spots. I'm not necessarily going to do that with a big linebacker there or something, but I pick and choose when I do that.


(on his performance)

Personally, there are plenty of things to improve upon. I think the forced fumble is always a momentum changer, so that is really good for us to get the offense the ball back, especially in a scoring position like that. So I think that is a positive. I think there are plenty of things that I can learn from.

(on the 'selfie' after his second sack)

It was one of those things where their quarterback had posted a few 'selfies' this week, including one before the game. It is kind of a reminder that

this is the National Football League, not high school. Welcome to the show.

(on if he was offended by the 'selfies')

I take my job very seriously. If I was a rookie quarterback being named the starter for the first time in the league, I feel like I would be a little more focused than that. Maybe he will learn from it, maybe not. We won the game, so that is all that matters.

(on if he felt like he had a chance at an interception after he deflected a pass in the second half)

Yeah, a little bit disappointed in it. It came quicker than I thought it was going to, but as soon as I came around the edge and saw him cock back to throw, I knew I had the chance. A little bit disappointed in it, but I'll take the batted ball and get off the field.

(on Arian Foster)

I think he is doing a great job. I think when he is rolling and he is playing at the level that he has played at, he is a very good back and our team rolls with it. Three touchdowns is a heck of a game. It is a credit to the offensive line. It's a credit to him, he's doing a great job and obviously it's great for us as a defense because we get a breather as well.

(on the plan coming into the game to defend Zach Mettenberger)

With a rookie quarterback you always want to stop the run first and be able to get pressure on the quarterback. I think in the second half we did a much better job than in the first half. I think in the first half it took us a little bit to settle in. We did well, we just weren't getting to the quarterback, we weren't forcing turnovers. In the second half it felt a lot more like our defense. If we can continue down that street, we will be alright.


(on his performance and getting so much praise from his teammates)

This is a team game. I can't do anything without the guys making the push that they did up front. But, anytime you get compliments from your teammates at this level it is always a good thing and always feels good. A lot of hard work goes into this – film study and working with the guys, the offensive line and gelling with them.

(on the running game)

We did a good job of sustaining blocks and staying up there. I think as the season progresses we are getting more and more consistent. We would like to start faster. Last week we started fast but we didn't finish well. This week we didn't start fast, but we finished well. We are a little inconsistent, but there are sparks of being a very good offense and that is what we are working toward.

(on cutting being so important to his game)

Any time the offensive line gets a good push up front it makes my job much easier. It really does. I'm not joking. It doesn't get going without the offensive line and your fullbacks and the wide receivers blocking at the third and the second level. Any time you do that consistently you are going to get opportunities to make plays, and once you get those opportunities that is why you get paid as a running back, to make those plays in the second level.

(on being 4-4)

You don't like to be 4-4, but it is where we are at. We have to assess where were are at and see what journey lies ahead. We feel like when we play well we can play with anybody in this league. We just have to strive to be more consistent as an offense. Our defense holds it down week in and week out, so as an offense we take that to heart. We are working hard and we are going to continue to go to work. We have a lot of work to do. We are excited about the challenges that lie ahead. C CHRIS MYERS

(on staying patient with the running game)

Anytime we keep plugging away with six yards here, five yards here and two yards here, sometime that big breakout run is going to happen. He has been doing that in his past and as long as we stay try to that we are going to be able to have success with that.

(on how it makes him feel when Arian Foster breaks a big run)

It makes you feel really good. We had a lot of no-huddle drives today. It was actually a little warmer than I thought it would be here. When you are huffing and puffing and stringing these runs together and then all of the sudden he breaks out a 40-yard run or whatever it may be, it makes you feel real good as an offensive line. He gives you that cut up the sideline too.

(on their 4-4 record)

Obviously, not where we wanted to be, but we will take a win right now. It was much needed after the three-game slide that we had. We have a huge opponent coming down to Houston. Philadelphia is a very talented and explosive team so we have a lot to work on.


(on his production)

I definitely think that I could have done a lot of things better. I'm not satisfied at all.

(on his team being 4-4)

We are 4-4 and play a good Philadelphia team this week coming. We are going to put this win behind us and celebrate tonight but tomorrow it's Philadelphia.

(on what it's like to see Arian Foster's big day)

It's great to see a guy like that. He doesn't worry about the bad things that people say about him out here in the world. He goes out and focuses and blocks everything out when he comes on the field and he is a great guy and a great role model on and off the field. Just to see him come out here and be successful coming out here and playing the game he loves, it motivates a lot of us.


(on trying to play against the Eagles)

The goal is to play every game and obviously, this is a big game but it's also the next game. It's very important to myself and everyone around us to get back on the field and to get playing where I need to be to help this football team.

(on if he is happy to see Mike Mohamed and Akeem Dent step up and play well)

Yeah they did a great job. They did a tremendous job. They were all over the field. I think they did a great job on all downs and in all situations of run, pass, blitzing and all of that. They were everywhere today.


(on if he is sore everywhere or just in the knee)

Just in the knee right now. I was a little nervous about going out there on my knee so I built confidence later in the game but it's still sore a little bit. It will just keep getting better week by week.

(on if he played the amount he was expecting)

Coach said that they were going to limit my snaps because they don't want me to get as many snaps this week to just try to get the feel of just being back out on the field so they limited my snaps. It's OK with me. They said to just take my time with it and just go out there and do what I can do.

(on how he did today)

I feel like I could have done a lot more. Sometimes I get in a situation where something might go wrong with my injury but it's going to get better week by week as I build more confidence in my knee week by week and get better.

(on if he took any hits today)

Yeah, I got hit on my knee one time but that's part of the game. It's alright.

(on getting hit and coming back from it)

It was good. That was one of my things about getting cut out, I was like, 'what's going to happen if I get cut or someone just takes a shot.' I was thinking about all of that before the game but the guys were just like just come out here and play. I have never had a major injury like this so I am just going to try to come out and build confidence in it and just have fun.

(on how he felt out there)

It felt great just to be out there with my teammates. I wasn't really worried about what I was going to do, I was just out there having fun with my teammates and trying to get a team win.

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