Postgame Quotes: Titans vs. Jaguars




(on the different feeling today versus other weeks)

It's just amazing the resiliency, again, being in the same sort of game we've been in really the last couple of weeks for sure, and a lot of games this year. We get to the sack fumble in the red zone and they score, to be able to come back and I know it was a big run by Marcus Mariota. To be able to come back and do that, get a defensive stop down there, to do things positively for us, that was a good sign. We've talked about finding a way to win and we've found a way, and different ways this week to win the game, but I was very proud of how they stuck together on that sideline. They're an amazing group to coach.

(on the feeling of a win)

Proud, I mean, very proud of them. I think they thought it was important for me to win because of my previous history with the other team. I told them last night, no, it was important to win for all of us in the room, the coaching staff and the players, because of how hard we work. That's why I want to win. That's why this is so much better of a feel, because I know how important it was to all those guys in that room.

(on the difference between last week's final series and this week's final series)

We found a way. They found a way. You know we tackled, and we tackled the catch, we did a lot of things we didn't do last week. That's what made a difference and we got a sack when we needed a sack in a critical time. Again, Jacksonville, give them credit, they kept making plays, they kept staying in the game.  He was getting rid of the ball, we weren't getting to him a whole lot, a lot of pressure, but when it counted the defense came through again.

(on his thoughts during Marcus Mariota's 87-yard touchdown catch)

It's going to be hard to catch him. Again, I think I said, this is about as healthy as he has been since week two in Cleveland. It was a great effort by a lot of guys, last one I can remember was Kendall Wright, there was one more guy that had a chance to make a play, there was a linebacker down there. I know there's guys in pursuit, but we've got guys in pursuit too. I mean that is what they have done, they have made the effort to finish plays 80 yards down the field to spring a touchdown, that's a good thing to show these guys what it takes. That's making a play.

(on what the play call was for Marcus Mariota touchdown)

It was a play to Delanie Walker, but we got pressure, and again, we want him to run if he sees space, run. That puts pressure on the defense more than ever when you're watching film on him. If you're not in your lanes and where you're supposed to be or have somebody to spy on him he's a serious threat if he has a lane. Obviously, that was the case.

(on Marcus Mariota's success in critical situations)

He did. There were a number of big plays by our receivers. There's a lot of things that go into a play, let alone, protection, was better on third down, our guys' last ditch efforts to make sure that their defender did not get to him, him stepping up in the pocket, our receivers running precise routes, being where they are supposed to be over the third down markers, and the catches in some duress situations. A lot of guys, our backs, tight ends and the protection, but he made some throws because he had some time and again, we had some guys make some plays.

(on Dorial Green-Beckham's breakout game)

I was proud of him. After that drop, it wasn't just a drop, it was a drop for an interception, you can lose a lot of confidence in yourself. We had a talk almost immediately after the play that we need him the rest of the game. That play is obviously over, in the books, and at some point in the game he is going to have to make a difference in this game for us to win. There were about five guys on the sideline I said that to that made mistakes, I felt like you've got to let that thing go and move on, and at some point you will be a difference maker that helps us win the game.

(on dividing the running between Antonio Andrews and David Cobb)

I thought they were both productive. I thought our guys did a good job of scheming. That's a really good run defense, a very good run defense, and we were not far from hitting some bigger runs. If you can get your back to the unblocked defender, you've done something, now it's a matter if that back makes him miss, you're going to get some explosive plays. That's what we were getting, we were getting our backs to the lone survivor on the defense and we missed some big opportunities, but we were productive in all phases I thought in the game.

(on the tough decisions at the goal line at the end of the first half and the end of the game)

Well, that was one of those, where are we, and let's see if we can put a hammer on them right before the half by a touchdown. We put a good drive together, make some plays all over the field to get us down to the one, and you know we are in a situation where we are at with our record, and you know, let's put the ball in the end zone. We felt good about our goal line, so we did. These guys executed the play extremely well.

(on what was working well on the Blake Bortles to Allen Robinson combination)

Two good players, obviously, but the trust level between the two of them. We knew on tape he is going to throw it up and see if he can get some one-on-one matchups. This guy is good at coming down with it and we knew that going in. We failed to make some plays on him like we should have.

(on if it is great to see young players showing signs of growing up after making mistakes)

It is, yeah, they're young, they're learning. It is really important to them, so when they make mistakes like that they take it very personal. But at least I know from Marcus (Mariota) he moves on very easily. I mean he is just no-flinch mentality, and boy, that for your quarterback it's a good thing. I was just proud of DGB (Dorial Green-Beckham) to come back in there and make some of those catches. That catch on second-and-18 to lower his shoulder and use his size and ability to make a big play out of a really bad situation, so nothing but good will come from all that, all that experience these guys get every Sunday.

(on what was difference today after the lost fumble)

The one thing that Jacksonville has done consistently throughout the whole year is that they have found ways to get turnovers late in games and either stay in them and win some of them like they did with us two weeks ago. Our guys, again, we were going in to try and stop them after a sudden change like that you like your defense to go in there and hold them in a bad situation. But to respond and come back and score again immediately was, and Marcus being the one to do it, shows a lot of gut and will on his part.

(on if he had seen a high scoring fourth quarter like in this game)

Not that I can recall. I really don't what to be a part of a lot of those like that, but to come out on the good end because we have come out so many times on the short end. It's a credit to those guys, really the players and staff, to just keep…I have been in the league coaching a long time. You have some of the games that we have had where you are devastated after a loss because of the way you lost or how close that it was, I have been on teams that you could not recover. There is a hangover from those kind of losses and this team does not have that. This team comes into work and gets prepared to play every week and they show up on Sunday. Regardless of what happens the Sunday before, they keep showing up and it's a good group. They are deserving of this.

(on satisfaction of ending home losing streak)

Yeah, I think that was something that was all important to us. You know, I know that this was the longest in the NFL right now, all those things. You know I said last week that at some point we have to make a statement that this is a tough place to play for us. Our fans have to understand that if you (an opponent) come in here you shouldn't think you have a chance and you've got to start somewhere to put your foot down, draw the line and say enough is enough. Was it today? We'll see, I like to think it is. I like to not have such a tight score to do it that way, but they hung on and did what they had to and they found a way to win.

(on if the losing streak was weighing on him)

Not like you would think. No, it's important because of our fans. We want to win because of our fans, obviously. I appreciate the support they have shown for us during this time, really these last two years. I didn't think it weighed on us, but it was addressed.

(on sticking with Phillip Supernaw on special teams)

He made some poor decisions, there's no question about it. That's really poor decisions. That's not what we want and he knows that's not what we want and that will be addressed. That's not how we play here.

(on if he knew what Wesley Woodyard said on sidelines)

No, I was right there in the vicinity but I just turned around to make sure everything was good. I got thumbs up from about three guys on defense that said, 'Coach, this is good. Go back to paying attention to what was on the field.' I knew it was good with him leading the charge.



(on how his TD run unfolded)

The guys up front did a good job blocking and giving me some time.  I was going through my progressions; I thought Jacksonville did a good job of covering it. I kind of saw a seam, the receivers did a good job of blocking down field and gave me a chance to finish it.

(on his first home win)

It's great, it's special, all the credit to the guys in the locker room, working hard week in and week out. It's nice to see it rewarded. Hopefully this will build upon a lot of good games here.

(on if not winning a home game was weighing on him)

Not at all, if you add more pressure onto yourself guys tend to play uptight. I think our main objective was to go out there and take it one play at a time. Good or , those things will happen.  Just kind of take it as it comes. I am proud of those guys in the locker room and how they pulled it out.

(on the high scoring games)

It was a great game, our defense made a key stop at the end and that's all that matters. It's fun to play in those. It's fun to play in those, and I'm glad we were able to end up on the other side of it.

(on Mike Mularkey, playing against his former team)

Coach Mularkey has done a great job since he has stepped in. For us to get a win for him at home against one of his former teams, it's good and it's rewarding. I can't say enough about what these guys have done, and staying the course, and trusting the process that these coaches have put in. It's only one game, but it means a lot to us. Hopefully we can build of it for the rest of the year.

(on Dorial Green-Beckham's dropped pass for an interception)

He's got the physical gift, I hope this game gives him all the confidence in the world, because he can do this week in and week out. He did a great job at keeping his head. We didn't say much to him, he was able to keep his cool and was able to make big plays.

(on bouncing back after the sack and the touchdown)

It was important, because we needed to get things going and keep ahead. Jacksonville has done a great job of strip sacks all year and they got me there.  It was good for us to continue to build our rhythm and get that touchdown.

(on finding a way to win the fourth quarter)

It's a huge win, anytime you are able to win in the National Football League it's a big deal. Unfortunately we were on the opposite side of some of these.  It should give these guys the utmost confidence because they were able to win today.  Hopefully we can build of this for the rest of the year, take it one day at a time and see what happens.

(on when he knew he could score on the 87-yard run)

I got to the 50 yard line, and I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I was looking around and felt that there was a lot of space. Kendall had a huge block at the end of that, DGB (Dorial Green-Beckham) was able to make a play, and Harry (Douglas) did a good job on keeping with his guy. Those guys did a great job of blocking down field, and were very fortunate to finish that.

(on how his injury slowed him down)

I'll never use an injury as an excuse. Guys week in and week out have in play with a lot of things, It's a part of this profession. It is what it is, I'll continue to get healthy, as the season progresses I'll be full go.

(on the play call to end the first half)

I loved the call. At first everyone in the huddle thought we were going to kick a field goal. Then they sent out the new personnel, and it sounded good to me. It's awesome because it really set the tone for the game, and it was a huge run by Antonio.

(on overcoming adversity in the game)

Guys just trusted each other, we had been in these situations before, and we just found a way to win. As the season goes on it will always come down to the fourth quarter, and we are going to have to continue to find a way to do that. Today was a good step forward.



(on the Titans effort today in the victory over Jacksonville)

Guys running down the field making blocks. Defense stepping up making plays when we need them to.  It's just the focus was high.  Everyone was all in.  That's all we ask for week-to-week.  Everybody be all in, be in your playbook, don't make mistakes.  And today, we didn't make any.  We probably made mistakes, but we made the plays when we needed to … There is a lot of fight in this locker room, and the guys go out there week-to-week, and they fight, and that's all I can ask for.  It's really great that we got a win at home, for our fans and the City of Nashville.  It's great. I feel good.  We just have to keep doing it.  Keep getting these "W's," and prove ourselves for whatever happens next year.

(on the play today of Titans' QB Marcus Mariota)

Today, he played awesome.  I know everybody has been waiting to see him run. Well, you got a glimpse of him.  The guy is fast.  I think he is just going to get better, especially next year when he is all settled in and understands the philosophy of the offense.  He's going to be a great player … The guy can run.  When he needs to run, he's going to make plays on his feet. It was a big play (Mariota's 87-yd TD). We needed that play at that time, and he showed up and did that for us. He's going to be a playmaker in the NFL, and I'm excited to watch him.

*(on the closeness of the game in the fourth quarter with the outcome of the game yet determined) *

I've been in a lot of them.  I'm just happy we won this one … You know, we've been in games like this before, where we got the fumble for a touchdown, and they went down and scored real fast.  We talked.  It's our turn.  We didn't say it was going to be easy.  And the offense stuck in there, and went down and put points on the board.  That's all you could ask of the offense, is to answer when we need to.

(on the play of Titans' TE Craig Stevens)

That's what he does.  He catches touchdowns.  I don't think Craig's dropped a pass at practice, yet. So when his number is called, you know he is going to make that play. Craig is a good friend. We are tight ends, and I just get excited when he makes plays.  You can see me on the sidelines, jumping up and down and running, giving him love.  It's just great to see him make plays when they come to him. He's probably one of the best run-blocking tight ends in the NFL.  But don't be mistaken.  When the ball comes his way, he will catch it.



(on the Titans' victory today)

With the whole season, we went into every game thinking that we can win every game. That hasn't changed.  We know that we can compete and win every game.  We just haven't had successful fourth quarters and that's what killed us all season.  So that's something we've got to clean up, if we want to move forward with this win.

(on Titans winning their home game today against the Jaguars)

Obviously, it's nice for us to end that (home loss) streak for the fans.  They pay their hard-earned money to come watch us play at home, and if we don't get that win, it's frustrating for everybody.  It feels good especially (winning) at home.  I saw a sign out there that said over 400 days.  It was over 400 days since our last home win.  As I said, obviously it's nice for us to get a win, but for the fans.  To give them a win.



(on the Titans' home victory today)

We're a really good team, and we've been close. And to pull it out means a lot to everybody in here (locker room). Just to finally get the win, and see how it feels to win again.  I think it feels real good just to see how happy everyone is.  I think this is just a big win for us as a team.  And it's something to build on.  We've had close games all year, and we finally got over the hump, and finished one up.*

(on the Titans' effort today)

The scheme was just 'do your job.'  If a ball comes to you, catch it. When you're running it, hit the hole and hold on to the ball.  Defense, just make a play individually, and as a team.  I think that's just what we did and that's what got us over the hump.



(on the Titans making plays in the fourth quarter today)

It's something that we've been building on, and it feels great to get it done.  We want to keep on cleaning up the mistakes that we have, and keep on trying to improve it.

(on Titans' QB Marcus Mariota's 87-yard TD run)

As soon as he hit that open field, I just knew he was making it home.  That was the big excitement of the day for me.  I think he did a hell of a job.  If he keeps on working the way that he's doing, he's going to help us out, and win a lot of games.



(on the Titans' victory)

Just really excited.  It feels good to see the crowd happy.  Just to come off the field with the great feeling, knowing that we got the victory, is amazing.  I feel like we just stuck with it.  We didn't blink.  Even though they kept on us, throwing us shots and stuff like that, and kept putting up points, we just stuck with the course, and in the end, we came out.


(on Titans' defense stopping Jaguars' offense on their last possession)

Not everything is going to go our way.  Those guys on the other side made a lot of plays.  We tried our best, but they made more plays than us.  But when it came down to crunch time, as long as we've been talking about it, we finally found a way to stop them and get off the field and close the game out. So it was huge.  It's closing these games out.  It's something we've struggled with all year long.  Take some plays here and there, and who knows what our record would be. I guarantee you, it would be a winning record.

(on the Titans celebrating a home victory in their locker room)

We haven't had it all year. When we've won a game, it was on the road, so this is fun.  You see guys' kids in the locker room, enjoying it at well. This is my son, sitting right here.  It's remarkable, but hopefully this will carry us through the rest of this season and into the future.


(opening statement)

I just talked to the team and those things that hurt will teach us, hopefully; I mean, this one hurts. There's going to be times when you look at games, one side of the ball doesn't play very well. You hope the other side stands up and takes over for that side that might be struggling a little bit. I thought that offense did that. I thought they did a nice job; they played very well, I thought the receiving core played well overall. But defensively, when you score that many points, you need to get stops and we didn't. We didn't do very good on third down. In the red zone, they scored some opportunities there, but overall tackling, I know we had some issues with tackling, I think it showed up again today. Our pressure, we tried some different things, we rushed three, we rushed four, we rushed five, we rushed six, I think one time we rushed seven trying to find a way to disrupt the quarterback. They did a good job with their protections, I know we got some pressure on them, some sacks, but just not enough. I give them credit, I think they did a nice job with their game plan as far as running the ball. They got some heavy personnel looks, did some good things, and on third down they were successful.

(on how early in the game did he think the defense didn't look right)

I didn't think it was. For me to sit here, I thought that right away in the first half, it just didn't feel like we played the same kind of… you know, I don't think it was fundamentals. We missed some tackles some games, but I just didn't feel like we were tackling like we were capable. We talked to our team about playing the best, and we weren't playing our best; that was the halftime message. We talk about it all the time, hey, we've got to be our best, that was not our best. In the second half we came out and got some stops here and there, but just not enough.

(on how third and long was disadvantageous to the team today)

Yeah, the first run they had third and 12, and whatever, we stopped them, and then we came back and tried to build some pressure. The last game we brought a lot of pressure on long distance yardage on them. This game we tried to mix it up and tried to change it up, but you're right, we had some time back there and we had some open windows.

(on the 87-yard scramble by Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota)

That was when we had a lot of pressure. I think we brought seven. There was four in coverage, seven, again trying to disrupt him, he found an open seam where we had guys that had their backs turned and there was a foot race.

(on whether there was anyone that should have kept containment on that play)

I don't know if he got outside. I think he came back up to what looked like a B-gap, and made some people miss.

(on how disheartening this loss is)

It is disheartening. When you look at the defense and we didn't play up to our capabilities. The missed tackles and the third downs and not getting pressure; I think the rush and cover work together, and this game, it did not work together. When we try to get some extra guys in coverage, that didn't work. When we tried to apply some extra guys in the rush, that wasn't successful. So this team is in, what, I don't know, the high 30s, the mid 30s, for third down.

(on if he considered sending Jason Myers out to kick in the first half when the Jaguars were down by two)

I just felt like, what we talked about earlier about, I think we needed some momentum going our way, some energy going our way. I think the chart said not to go for two, instead to kick the extra point. But it was on me, I decided to go for two just to try to stimulate our guys and get the energy back to where, alright, it's tied up, what took place took place, let's move on.

(on how limited he is to find answers with just four games left)

We'll take a look at it on film and see what some of the issues were. I don't want to make a snap judgment right now, but we have to find a way. I just know that what took place out there, we're better than what took place.

(on how impressed he was with Blake Bortles)

Very good. That's what's tough, you have a game like that where offensively the quarterback plays really well, high QB rating, no interceptions, five touchdowns, ability to move the ball around very well. You've got the running game going six-for-six I think in the red zone, and all those things you're going, 'OK, that's a good sign.' Even our special teams, I know we missed the two extra points, but I think our coverage units played really good. There's a lot of those things, but it's hard right now, it's hard to look at that side of it with what just took place.

(on whether there's concern with Jason Myers missed points)

Without looking at tape, I know coming back there was one that looked like the snap was an issue. You know, I need to look at the other two and see.

(on whether he saw Allen Robinson's usual self on the field today)

I did. He's been making those plays all year long, so for him to go up, hitting the high balls and stuff like that, making plays in tough situations, third downs and in the red zone, just very pleased with his progress.

(on being six-of-six in the red zone offensively)

When we looked at the red zone it wasn't so much scheme, we felt like the scheme was good, it just really connecting and a timing issue. Down there in the red zone it's about timing and tight windows and making plays. I know there's a couple plays Blake (Bortles) extended the play and made some plays, but overall I think we just executed better down there.

(on if he felt there was a weight off his back after the first red zone touchdown)

I didn't feel that, I didn't feel like there was a big weight off our shoulders just because of that. I think our guys were real clear on what we needed to do. They see the film and what takes place there and made the necessary adjustments.

(on how to respond and rebound from the loss)

We'll respond. But this one, this one hurts. When the offense scores that many points and you have opportunities, and listen, we snapped the ball over the quarterback's head too, that's not very good ball either; so you have some things like that that show up that keep us in a game like this to come back. There was hope throughout the game. Even the goal line stop, that's not the issue with our guys; it's just doing enough good things and tackling well and the fundamental issues I think popped up this game.

(on fixing one thing just to have another issue arise, like the overhead snap to the quarterback)

Consistently good teams don't do that, right. I think those things that hurt will teach us; that's what I hope. I'm hoping this hurts so it teaches us to get those things out of the game. You're right, hey, good job taking care of the ball, no turnovers, no interceptions, we threw the ball, five touchdowns, a lot of good things. We'll find out what the issues are, try to correct them, and then get back on our strengths and keep elevating them. We'll get this thing right. Talking to the guys in that room, they understand what took place today, and they're not pleased with the overall effort, so we'll strap it up and get back to work.


(on the frustration of losing another close game)

It's hard. It seems like it gets more and more frustrating every week. The closer you are, I guess, the more frustrating it gets, especially when I thought we did some things really well. I thought we played, offensively, a pretty good game, but then you look back and there are a couple of things here and there. It always comes down to a couple plays that you wish you had back or that you could have done differently.

(on the Jaguars success in the red zone today)

We have to continue to stay after it because earlier in the season we had some struggles in the red zone and corrected it, and then we kind of went back and slumped a little bit. We'll stay on top of that and try to stay productive and efficient there.

(on the key to red zone efficiency today)

It's just guys making plays, guys making plays. I thought we did a good job of mixing it up with the calls and doing different things, moving the pocket a couple times. Really, guys making plays. I thought (Allen Robinson) had an unbelievable day, but we have kind of come to expect those kinds of days out of him.

(on whether or not Allen Robinson is one of the top wide receivers in the NFL)

Yeah, I think so. I think I can only comment on the guys that I've played with, and he's by far the best I've ever played with. I think he's definitely special, and I think we have some other guys around him that are unbelievable too. We get Allen Hurns back and Marqise (Lee) is back, Rashad (Greene) as well and Bryan Walters. I think we've got a special group.

(on breaking the Jaguars franchise record for touchdown passes in a season)

I'd definitely rather win, and break the franchise record for wins.

(on what it takes to win a close game)

It's just little things. You play a close game like that and it comes down to the amount of plays you can probably count on one hand. In no way, shape or form is the loss or anything on (Stefen Wisniewski) for that snap. There were multiple things.  I did multiple things wrong. I think we need to continue to stay after it. The attention to details that we constantly talk about, kind of take that to heart.

(on the bad snap that resulted in a Titans touchdown)

It's just one of those deals. I'm sure every center you ever ask has done that at some point in their career. (Stev Wisniewski) is usually really good and accurate with his shotgun snaps and had one get away from us. It's part of football. It's what happens.

*(on the play of the Jaguars wide receivers today)

I think it's definitely a tribute to those guys. It's a tribute to the guys who filled in. The tight end room as well, and T.J. (Yeldon) with a big catch out of the backfield. Those guys do an unbelievable job. I thought up front we protected well. I think that's a good sign to have one of your top guys not play and you still have a game like that.

(on what he takes away from today's loss)

You try to take the good and the bad from whether it's a win or a loss. We'll continue to grow and learn from it. Obviously, you never want to lose, you never want to get beat. But it is football and that happens. You've got to be able to handle it the same way you'd handle a win.

(on the Jaguars two missed extra points)

It's kind of something that you can't let it affect you. You don't want to go down and put an unbelievable drive together and get six and then miss an extra point and feel the momentum and kind of the energy drop out of the sidelines. You don't want to have that cause that. I think you always hope and expect him to make it and if he doesn't, it's OK, get it on the next try and we'll continue to go. As an offense, you continue to say alright, just give me the ball back and we'll go score again.

(on Jaguars WR Allen Robinson)

He's unbelievable, his ability to run and jump. He's super intelligent and he's an unbelievable teammate. He's going to accomplish, I think, a ton of things in his career and he'll be the most humble guy doing it the whole time.


(on Blake Bortle's performance)

He played lights out. I think Blake has had a hell of a year. He has played lights out in a lot of games.

(on if he felt like he had to step up with Allen Hurns out)

I really didn't try to heighten it too much. I knew that we were missing a great deal of our offense with him being out. You saw Marqise [Lee], he made some big plays for us. We weren't really too concerned. We have such a deep receiving corps and I know that Marqise has put in the work since he has been back. I think it was kind of exciting to see him play, and I think even (Allen) Hurns was excited to see him get that opportunity out there today.

(on why he threw the last touchdown ball at the wall following the score)

For me, being out there, I'm just playing with passion. Going out there with these guys, we fight so hard each and every time and each and every possession. The passion just came out on that play.

(on if he prefers jump balls as opposed to easy catches)

No, I wouldn't say that. You have to take all of the catches. If it's out there, I'll take it. I don't mind going after the 50-50 balls. Just the confidence that they have in me to go out there and make a play for our team, I can't speak enough on that.

(on the performance in the red zone)

We have such a young, resilient group as far as wanting to get better. [Offensive coordinator Greg Olson] challenged us during the course of this week and Coach (Gus) Bradley and everybody's position coach told us to capitalize. I think we were able to get some one-on-one matchups and we were able to take advantage of that.


(on if things didn't seem to feel right early in the game on the defensive side of the ball)

I just felt like we were just out of the game in the beginning of the game with some missed tackles and not being where we needed to be and getting lined up a little slow. We tried to come out in the second half and work on it and get better at it, which we started off pretty fast in the second half, but it was just difficult.

(on if it felt like the defense from three years ago)

I wouldn't say like the first-year defense. We definitely took steps forward and have gotten better, but today wasn't our best. We didn't play up to the potential that we can.


(on Allen Robinson)

When that ball is in the air, I expect him to come down with it. That is just what he has done all year. He is that kind of athlete. It is impressive.

(on the frustration of fixing the red zone problems, yet other problems arising)

That's football. You are never going to play a perfect game. No one ever has. You want to be as close to perfect as possible, but it's not going to happen. You have to minimize your mistakes, and right now our mistakes have been killing us.


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