Postgame Quotes: Titans vs. Colts



(opening statement)

Well, obviously extremely disappointing. I guess not much to say except that we couldn't make the play we could have made to win that game. I like the way we fought back after mistakes in the first half. We took the lead, you know, then we just had some mistakes in the second half that hurt us. I think it is pretty evident that we are getting better. We are learning and we've just got to learn from this, continue to grow. **

(on what Jalston Fowler should have done on the two-point conversion attempt rather than retreat)*

You never how those plays are going to come up. I would have to see it on the tape. It's a play where we are trying to establish our identity there, that we are a physical football team and we know that we can get it in. And we didn't. The play before they grabbed us. We had a good play the play before and they grabbed us so that's the way it works sometime. **

(on if having to settle for field goal leading 24-14 was a sign game was getting away)**

Well, I don't know. We have been better about scoring touchdowns down there. You are not going to score every time that you are down there even though you would like to. Sure, we would have liked to have gotten in there. We did some good things, too. We came back, fought back even the two-minute drive there at the end to give us a chance to go for it. That's something that shows a lot of character with our team. * *

(on if the outcome was part of the learning process)

You don't want to say that. I mean that's a hard thing to say. I mean that's really what it is. We got a lot of young guys. Some of those guys out there today, that's the first time they have been in that situation. We made some mistakes. That's the way it is. We've got to get better. We will learn from that and we will. The one thing I will say is this team never quit. There were a lot of points where we did a lot of good things. We got the lead, we lost it and that hurts, really hurts. But we fought back and scored. I just wish we would have gotten the two-pointer. * *

(on where he felt game got away)

Well, technically it didn't get away until we didn't make the two-point conversion because we were still in it. There were a couple of plays that hurt. Obviously, third-and-20 twice when they got a first down, hurt because you felt you could get off the field on that. Then we turned the ball over later in the fourth quarter which is something we can't do. We had a play we felt was going to get seven or eight yards. We had a good matchup but it just didn't work out. **

(on if play calling became conservative in the second half after building a 14-point lead)

Where would it have been conservative? We mixed the run and pass the whole game, moved the ball on them. We got into a situation where it was second and long, and they stopped us on a run. I mean that happens. We still took shots and tried. **

(on if there was defensive line penetration on the two-point conversion attempt) * *

I don't know. I can't see it. You know it was hard to see from the sideline. We'll look at it and see. It may not have been, it may have been, I don't know. **

(on if there was an option on the two-point PAT attempt)

It's a called Fowler run all the way. There are going to be a lot questions about that. If it works, it's a good call. If it doesn't, it's not but you have to go with what you believe in and we are trying to establish something with our football team that when you get to the one-yard line, you hear a lot of talk about two-point conversions and getting it to the one, and being able to run it in, that's why you do that. But, we are trying to be a better running football team. In that situation, we wanted to push it in. We felt confident in the play, we felt confident in the guy running it. That's why we ran. **

(on if pressuring Andrew Luck began to take its toll)

I thought it did and we had them in third-and-20.That was tough, because we get them back up, and the conversion rate on third and 20 isn't that good, but they scored a touchdown on that and that hurts us. But what can I say, I am not going to fault our defense because they played their tails off today. They got a couple of turnovers, made plays. Our entire team did that. We made mistakes as a group. Whether you like it or not we've got to get better from it, but we showed a lot of heart with our football team and fought our way back in and we did a lot of good things.We understand that we came up short and we'll work to get better. * *

(on psyche of team now)

Well, they're hurting. They work their tails off to do that, but I think they also recognize that we made the mistakes and that we'll get that corrected. We're going to be a good football team. 1-2 is not where we want to be. I feel awful because it was such a great crowd today, it was really a great atmosphere. We just got finish these games and I believe we're going to do that. We're getting a lot closer.  * *

(on QB Marcus Mariota's day)

It's hard to make an assessment until you see it. I know he did a tremendous amount of good things. He took us on a two-minute drive to score to tie it up. I mean, what are the questions you have about a quarterback is, can he do that. He certainly made some good throws and some good plays there. If you wipe out everything else and say you've got two minutes to score a touchdown in a critical situation, he handled himself very well. Are there other things that we can all work on? Sure. He's a young quarterback. He's just like our tackle, just like our fullback, just like our receiver – we're experiencing things for the first time in situations like that and they'll be better the next time around. * *

(on drops hindering rhythm)

It put us down 14 points early, is what it did. We can't do that. We had opportunities to make plays. We had one guy wide open and we don't catch the ball it's going to be a big play on the first third down and then we drop another play. We don't like to go three-and-outs, and we've been a team that hasn't done a lot of that and to do that the first two series is not something that you're happy about. But, they responded after that and did some good things. **

(on T Taylor Lewan injury)

It was a stinger, so those happen in football. I think he'll be OK. * *

(on CB Perrish Cox, T Jamon Meredith, S Da'Norris Searcy injuries)

They're all fine. They were all just having cramps. I don't know. He (Jalsoton Fowler) walked off the field after it. We're still checking him out. We'll have more information.  **

(on whether LB Zach Brown had a chance to score on interception return)

When he came by me, the first thing I was looking to see was, was he down or did they call it down. I was looking to see what the officials did and then when he got past me everybody stepped out so I couldn't see. To be honest with you, I don't know. As soon as he ran past me and I saw the officials, I started looking at the sheet to see what we're going to call in that situation, and if he gets in then you don't have to do that. * *

(on QB Marcus Mariota balancing pocket passing versus the run )

I think that we'll look at those situations and talk about them as they come up. He's such a good thrower of the football and made some plays. I mean, he said to me on the one to Delanie (Walker) early, says I could've run it there. But he felt like when he just overthrew Delanie on the crosser, it wasn't even a crosser, he went in and came back out, but…he'll learn. He's a smart young man and he makes a tremendous amount of plays, but like I said, some of this, he's experiencing for the first time. So, we can coach off the tape…as much as you want to try to do it, you can't simulate the speed, nor can you simulate what they're going to do because a lot of the things that they're defense did today, they hadn't done before or they do differently. So part of it is adjusting and adapting and anticipating and all of those things he's going to be good at as he gets more experience. * *

(on difference between being 2-1 and contemplating what should have been)

I think it's still early. I want them to make sure they understand we could've been 2-1 and what we have to do to get to 2-2 because I feel like we can do that. The biggest thing I said to the team today is that they stuck together and they fought and there was a lot of things that that game had a lot of ups and downs, but the one thing about this football team is, we're a better football team and we're going to continue to get better and we're going to win some of these games. **

(on preferring a bye week or playing)

It's hard right now when you go through a game like this. You've got such a mix of emotions because you're so happy with the way things were going at one point and then it comes back the other way and then you score the touchdown. So, it's very tough. It's tough emotionally and I don't really know how I feel right now. Just trying to get past and process this whole thing today. **

(on getting the ball out fast offensively)

I think we had some pretty big chunks in there, too. I know we hit Kendall (Wright), Delanie (Walker) and a couple of them for bit things down the field. So, just because they're quick throws doesn't necessarily mean that they're short plays. I thought we had a good plan. We did a lot of good things in there today. Obviously, we didn't get it done at the end, but it wasn't specifically designed for that. We had some chips in there to try to help him, protection with their rushers, you know, we did some things to try to improve off of last week, but our plans going to vary based off of how we attack. * *

(on teaching team to learn how to win)

You've got to go through things like this and you've got to win one of them, is what you have to do. But you know what, you can teach them now, you can teach them that if you believe in what you're doing and you continue to work, you're going to have a chance and then you just have to execute. You can try to simulate these conditions all that you want but you never know what's going to happen during the course of a game, when somebody's going to make a play, just like DGB (Dorial Green-Beckham). We can do all we want about that, on that last two-minute drive, when Marcus (Mariota) scrambled to his left and hit DGB on the crosser and he got down to the three-yard line, those things happen in a game. They made a play. Marcus and DGB made a play, got us down to the three-yard line, which we scored a touchdown. You've just got to continue to work on the things in practice or the things we could've done better or the things we've done differently – sure, there are a million of those things, but we had guys make plays in different spots and I really think we're improving. * *

(on RB Antonio Andrews)

We had a couple that were called back because of penalties that we're good runs for us, but Antonio (Andrews) had a good camp. I said that, it was disappointing that he hadn't been able to go the last couple of weeks. We had packages in each week that go with different guys and his were working today. So, that's the way it goes. If we continue to move the football like we're doing, after the first two series, it doesn't really matter to me who's running it. But, Antonio I thought did a nice job today. * *



(on the disappointment of coming up short today) **

Yeah, I mean, it's tough, but we'll learn from it.  Proud of the guys in the locker room for fighting all the way through but it's one of those things.  We had a chance to finish it but you know, you've just got to learn from it and get better.   **

(on his emotions during the two-minute drive at the end of the game)

Just want to go down and score points.  Wanted to give our team an opportunity to tie it up and hopefully win the game.  My mindset wasn't any different.

(on if he wanted the play calling to be more aggressive with the lead)

Not at all. I felt the coaches did a great job calling the plays.  Myself, I've got to do a better job of executing them.

(on what he saw on the second interception)

You know, Kendall (Wright) flashed kind of late.  I thought I could fit it in there.  The safety made a good play.  I've got to be smarter.  Delanie (Walker) was one-on-one underneath. Just take that and get the first down.   **

(on getting over the hump and winning)

I think it's just taking it one game at a time.  You learn from this and the fact that we fought all the way through, that we had an opportunity to win, just proves to the guys that we should have confidence in every single game.  When it gets close, not to press, just finish.  I think we've learned that and we'll move forward.

(on how he decides on when to throw and when to keep the ball)

For me, it's all instinctual.   I just play my game.  I thought I could get over the top of the defender for Delanie (Walker).  If I had been, Delanie would have been by himself and probably could have made a play on it.  Just me. Just be myself and you can learn from it.  Probably could have got a first down run in it.  I'm not afraid to take those chances with the receivers.    **

(on the defensive support today)

Defense played well.  Unfortunately, I put them in a bad spot in the fourth quarter.  For the most part, they are a good, solid unit.  We'll continue to lean on them throughout the year and they'll make plays for us.   **

(on if the touchdown pass to Green-Beckham would be in his favor most times, regardless of who is covering him)   I

wouldn't necessarily say that but I think he's a great player.  Someone that's going to continue to make plays for us.  If we have an opportunity and it's matchup we like, obviously we'll to take it. He made a great play on the ball today and we'll look forward to him doing that some more.

(on today's fan turnout)

It was great.  Awesome to see the fans come out.  Unfortunately, we didn't give them the win they wanted but we appreciate the support and it means a lot as we go forward.  As we continue, we'll get better and we're grateful for their support. * *


(on if he feels the Titans lost an opportunity with this game)

Yeah, we blew a couple opportunities. You know, we had every chance to win that game. Even with our slow start, we had every chance to win that game. Again, even with our slow start, we came back. We need to seize those opportunities and finish strong. **

(on if the team is tired of learning experiences)

We're tired of learning. It's a matter of playing football. We need to go hard on every play and win on every play. It's about winning every play, no matter what play is called. We should win the game and we didn't do that. * *


(on what it felt like to play for the first time this year)

It felt good. There are many more to come, it was a solid feeling. * *

(on what it felt like after scoring 27 unanswered points)

The offense was doing good and the defense was doing good, but we didn't come down on the right side of this one so we have to get back to work. **

(on the two-minute drive in the fourth quarter)

Nobody dropped their head and we knew it had been done before. We practice it all the time.  Just to come out here and do it during a game shows us how much we were ready and prepared for the situation. **


(on if the close games are getting old)

Oh yeah, it's getting old, but we had plenty of chances to win the game. We had the lead at one point.  We've just got to finish the game.  * *

(on the influence of scoring a field goal to make it 27-14 versus scoring a touchdown)

Yeah, it could have been, but it didn't happen that way. We've got to put it in the end zone. Three is good, but seven is better. When we get it down there we definitely have to fight harder and do what we can to get it in the end zone.  


(on the feeling when the Titans took a huge lead over the Colts) **

You know, we were sitting on the sidelines saying that this game isn't over.  We knew what type of team the Indianapolis Colts are, and the type of quarterback they have. At any moment they can make a play, which they did. **

(on the Titans having first-and-goal and not being able to score the touchdown) **

Those things, we talks about.  Our identity.  We say we have to be physical, then there are plays when you need to be physical and show that. We just didn't get it done today in the situations where we need to be physical.

(on the Titans trying to figure out how to win) **

I think we have the formula on this team.  We just have to figure out how to put it together so it can all work.  Come up with a solution. At this point, I don't want to say we don't know how to win, it's just at the end of the games, you have to be able to finish.  I feel we know how to win.  We were down 14-0, and came back, and had a lead on them, but just didn't finish the game when we needed to. We have to stop the mistake, and the penalties. Those things that we can't have.  We talk about no turnovers, and not giving up the ball.  Today I gave up the ball and gave them that touchdown, and those are things we can't do.  So I'll put that on my shoulders.    


(on the Colts comeback) **

They got hot.  After they converted on the turnover, everything just seemed like it was going their way.  It's frustrating.  It's disappointing.  We had this game, but that's the NFL for you.  It's so hard to get a win.  And you have to play every down and every snap. We just couldn't hold it (the lead).  Man, this one hurts.  We had it.  This is the defending AFC South champs, and we definitely had this game.  There are some positives to take from this game, but I'm not into moral victories.  We let those guys off the hook, and you know, that's the most frustrating thing about it.  But we can't dwell on this too long.  We have a bye week and we'll work on all of our problems and get ready for Buffalo.

(on the growth of the Titans this season) **

We're a very young team and we have to learn how to finish.  That's the bottom line.  We have to learn how to finish.  We are still the work in progress, so to speak, because we have so many young guys on this team trying to do the best they can. Then you have situations like these where you play three quarters great, and then the last quarter we just couldn't finish. So it is definitely something to learn from.   * *


(on if the loss felt like a lost opportunity today) **

Yes, it did.  If you're up like that, you allow your defense to finish the game up.  Can't make silly mistakes.  When it's time for you to make a play, you have to make a play.  Yes, this one definitely got away from us. We just have to make the plays.  Coach (Horton) puts us into the right calls, we just have to make the plays.  Ball's in the air and you have to make the plays, knock it down, and find a way to get the ball down.  We can't allow the ball to go over our heads.

(on what the team must focus on) **

As a whole, we just have to keep going on, just keep practicing, and have got to learn how to finish a game.  We finish the game, we win.  That's all we have to do.   


(on the loss to the Colts after taking a lead) **

We just have to eliminate those big plays. We gave up that big play at the end of the game, and we couldn't defense the way we needed to. Started off pretty good, but just have to figure out a way to finish.  We know how the Colts are. They are a team that can keep on fighting, and they are not going to give up to the last second.  You know, we kept our head down and kept trying to go, but we just couldn't make the plays when we needed.  * *

(on if the defense realized that the Colts were making a comeback) **

That's how it was when they started getting the ball moving a little bit.  We just need one play to get it, and we thought we had it when we got that sack at the end, but we gave up the big shot at the end, and let them convert.  They scored off of it. *  * **


(opening statement)

No injuries to report. Obviously, ecstatic about the win. Gutsy of a performance that I have been around. I'm going to cherish this one for 24 hours. This is just what this team needed. A lot of ebbs and flows in this game. That's why we talk about the process all the time. 60 (minutes) is all you have got, one play at a time and don't look up at the scoreboard. We got off to the start we wanted to, they came back 14-10 at the half and we gave up 17 unanswered points. Because of the men we have in that locker room, the players that we have, the coaches that we have, again they don't judge, they don't look at the scoreboard, they keep playing. A lot of guys made a ton of big plays on both sides of the football. The interceptions were huge by Dwight Lowery. Big plays by our receivers.  Phillip (Dorsett) shows up on third-and-long down the middle of the field for the touchdown was a huge, huge play. And then the interception and then the catch double move by (Donte) Moncrief was huge. Frank Gore ran the ball and our offensive line opened up some holes for him and I think the average run was 5, 6, 7 yards a carry. Two touchdowns and a pick. Credit Coach (Ken Whisenhunt) Whiz and his team, they played an outstanding ball game. This is one for the ages as far as I am concerned. Hopefully we will enjoy this for the little time we will get to enjoy it. The 24-hour rule will be in effect and then on to Jacksonville.  * *

(on if this game meant the season was on the line)

I think everybody outside of our locker room, other than our players and coaches, maybe but not one person on our sideline, not one person in our organization. * *

(on keeping the team calm)

We have been talking about process since day one. You can go all the way back to January whatever, whenever I was hired back in 2012, and we have been talking about process every day. Pound it, pound it, pound it. 60 minutes, one play at a time, is all you've got. But don't judge. Don't look at the scoreboard, never too high, never too low. You ride the ebb and flow.  If you rode the ebb and flow of this game, it would have killed you. You'd die a thousand deaths out there if you do that. You've just got to play. You have just got to keep playing and playing and playing.    And we need the victory. Absolutely, we need to win. * *

(on offensive line changes)

We just felt like we need a change. We need to get a spark. I felt like we need to get some guys in there and give them an opportunity.

(on how Andrew Luck is able to overcome mistakes and turn around the game)

It's big time. He's a gritty guy and he's able to move past the bad plays, put them behind him and put something together like he put together today.   **

(on the growth of the team)

We're a work in progress. We're grateful that we got a win and we got on the board.  Hopefully now we can go back and go to work and fix what we need to fix and get better next week.

(on the performance of the Colts defense during the Titans attempted two-point conversion)

Huge play, especially the two-point conversion. Guys stepped up and made plays when they needed to. It's a game of momentum. It flipped in the fourth quarter for us and we got some things going, and we were able to get off the field a few times. It would have been nice there at the end if we got a sack, and we gave up some plays, but it was a great play by our defensive guys and I think Mike Adams is the one who finally got him down.

(on the play that changed the momentum of the game)

You can go to a lot of them. I think probably third-and-a-mile from midfield to throw it to (Phillip) Dorsett is a great, great play by that kid to jump up and pluck that ball off the top of that defender who was in perfect position. If that doesn't happen you're looking at fourth-and-20. I know it was a long way; that was a huge play.   **

(on Phillip Dorsett's improved performance)

You've got to grow. Phillip (Dorsett) is a rookie, let's not forget. He's a rookie, let's give him a little bit of time to come into his own. Not many rookies go up and make plays like he just made today. Let him build confidence and he'll be better. This week he got some penalties thrown on him, but it's an opportunity to come back. I had a talk with him on the sideline and I said, 'It's a great opportunity for you to go, right now. Don't judge. Put those behind you because all that matters is what's left on the clock. All that matters is the next play. Put it behind you, move on, we'll go back and fix it later. There's nothing you can do about it now. The worst thing you can do is sit there and judge it and get frustrated over it, and one play is going to lead to 10 bad plays.'   **


(On if he felt the season was on the line today)

That's a good question. It sure felt like it at the end of the game. We did not want to lose. I don't even want to think about a loss, so I'm not going to. This one was big, very big. That's a very good Tennessee team. It's in a good division that's on the road. If this can jumpstart a little hot streak, then that's what we need.   **

(On if today's comeback was different than previous games)

I think every game is different. Every comeback, whatever, is different. We've lost and won different, but because this was the next game, or the last game now, it's the biggest game you have. It's cliché, but it's true. I think, again, because it's a division game, and like I said, because I think we were 0-2 and just weren't playing very well, we needed this. We needed this, and at times we didn't play well during the game. At times I didn't play well, but what a bunch of fortitude and grit by those guys in the locker room. Dwight Lowery coming up with some big plays at some big times and Frank (Gore) running the ball at the end of the game. That's what you want to see, a drive where you can smash the rock and let Frank get in the end zone. That was huge, man.   **

(On the defense's performance)

It's a team game. I think if you ask a defensive guy, they're going to give the credit to the offense and special teams. You go ask the special teamer, Pat Mac (McAfee), he'll give the credit to himself. You go ask an offensive guy, they'll give credit. It's the culture of team sports. You feed off of each other, you really do, in all three phases. Coach (Chuck) Pagano has built a great environment where you love playing each other and with these coaches. Some huge, huge plays by the defense, and we were able to capitalize on those in those critical situations.

(On what leads to plays that he regrets)

Bad decision on the sort of scramble one, throwing it up there, just throw it away. We just need another down, play third down, then it was a good jump by Perrish Cox on the one on the left side there on T.Y. (Hilton). He got a good jump on it but he left it inside a little too much.   **

(On how helpful his receivers have been in games)

I love playing with these guys. They make plays. T.Y. (Hilton) makes plays. Andre (Johnson) makes plays. Phillip Dorsett, for a rookie, running down there unfazed on a, I want to say it was third and long, from our plus-40, when we needed a touchdown. He makes a big play. Donte Moncrief jumping up there and catching a touchdown to the go-ahead. Huge plays by those guys. Really, really fun to play with them.

(On if this game took a lot out of him)

It's an emotional game. Every game is, some more than others. This one certainly was, and you try not to ride the emotional roller coaster, in a sense, but I think after a game like this, you feel spent, and you should. If you're not giving it your all, then I think you're wrong.

(On how they maintained composure despite being behind during the game)

They just kept grinding, kept working. One, it starts with Coach (Chuck) Pagano. I think he sets the tone, and you work from there, and you focus on the next play. You have to, whether it was a bad play before or good play, whatever, it's always the next play in sports. I think guys just focus on their job and made some plays. Made critical plays when we needed to, to get a win.

(On the importance of the 98-yard drive)   It was huge. We got up there, and there was a special look in the guys' eyes. You're sitting on the 2-yard line. This is a test. If we can do this, we'll have a chance, and if we can't we won't have a chance. It's good to get a 98-yard touchdown drive, and a great job by the guys up front. Again, overcoming some penalties in that drive early I think as well, and what a great job.

(On attempting to tackle the runner on the second interception)

I'm not sure. I tried to get in his way, and luckily he ended up on the ground.   **


(on how the Colts turned the game around after trailing 27-14 in the fourth quarter and his two interceptions) **

You have to make it happen. I don't think you can play football in a hopeful moment. You have to trust what you see and react, at least defensively that's how you have to play. I went to go get the ball and the rest is history.   **

(on what, specifically, helped the Colts overcome the 13-point deficit) **

We made plays, and we not only made plays, but I don't think anybody really gave up on each other. I think we know that we are a very capable football team, and when we did make plays that gave us momentum and we took advantage of the situations that we had. The goal line stand by the defense and the offense marching down the field and scoring, the interception and us scoring after that. It's just being in situations and taking advantage of situations that really allowed us to win this game.   **

(on the importance of today's game, given the Colts 0-2 start to the season)

I believe it was critical, you know? You don't want to start 0-3 or 0-anything, especially since there's a lot of talk about what this team – what we should do or what we're supposed to do and a lot of things are being said. At the end of the day, it's about us and it's about what we do. I think today was a testament to the belief that we have in each other, and the belief that we need to have going into each and every single game.


(on whether or not today's game felt more important than just the third game of the regular season) **

Every game is important. You're not just going to keel over because things don't go your way. It teaches you that you have to keep fighting. It's a valuable lesson for our young guys that that's how it is in this league. You can't count anybody out, and you can't just roll over and die.

(on the importance of ramping up the pass rush) **

From a pass rusher's perspective, it's very important. You have got to be able to put pressure on the quarterback. You'd like to do it throughout the game, but whenever you can get him out and into errant throws, it always helps your team.   **

(on his quarterback sack) **

** It felt awesome. It's been over a year, so it felt very great and even better to come out with a victory.

(on the play of Colts FS Dwight Lowery) **

Awesome. Clutch. MVP of the game. He got us through it.

WR T.Y HILTON *(on how he felt following the game)* **

I don't even know what happened. All I know is we jumped out, then took our foot off the gas for a little bit and then they went up by 10. The fourth quarter came and one thing about us; we are going to play 60 minutes all we got, one play at a time and we're not going to judge. Fourth quarter came around and guys started looking at each other, and I told them it's time to start making plays. That's the only way we would get back in the game and guys started making plays.

(on the Colts mindset trailing by 13 points in the fourth quarter) **

Grit, you know? We've been through this situation so many times, it's second-nature to us. Once we got down, we said let's go, that's what I came here for, let's come back and win this game. We started at the two, and I said it's like the mock-game. We practice this every week, every Saturday, mock-game, backed up. Let's get them out of here and let's go have fun, and that's what we did.

(on what this win means) **

It means a lot. It counts double because it's a division game. There's an easy way to get into the tournament – win your division games and you're in the tournament. For us, we needed this.

(on the team's confidence) **

We play until it's over; until that clock goes off and we're shaking hands that's when it's over. Until then, we're going to play every play like it's our last and we're going to give it our all.

(on the Titans two-point conversion attempt late in the fourth quarter) **

I knew what the play was. They ran it three times and got it all three. We know what's coming, 45 (Jalston Fowler), we just have to bulk up and stop him and that's what the D did.


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