Postgame Quotes: Titans vs. Bills



(opening statement)

I don't have any injury information for you. I didn't get a chance to talk with Todd (Toriscelli). I knew there were like five guys. One thing I do know is Delanie (Walker) went back in, so he was okay but I will have to have more information on that tomorrow. With that, you know, obviously disappointing.

(on the third-and-23 play from deep in Buffalo's own territory) *

A mistake, we had a stunt that got too far up the field and he didn't get back inside.

(on what Buffalo did to get its offense going after being held in check)

Well, I mean it's the NFL you know. Our defense did a good job. If we would have done a little bit more offensively we would be saying what a great defensive effort it was. So, they've got some players. He (Tyrod Taylor) made some plays. Obviously the third-and-23 was something we can't do. The long pass, those are things that are keeping us from winning games right now. We have had two games we feel like we have dominated the games but we haven't won. So, we have to get over that hump. We have got to win those games. We are close but we are not quite there.

(on who was targeted on the late interception)

It was Kendall (Wright). The guy pulled off from Justin (Hunter) and came back, but Marcus (Mariota) had to throw it a little bit earlier than he wanted to.

(on the interception)

In that situation, we felt like based off the coverage the way they had been playing us we felt like we had a good play. And if we come down with the ball we are at the 40, almost in field goal range. That was the intent. I can't go into his (Marcus Mariota) mind and tell you what he was thinking or what he saw. Pre-snap it looked like a play we felt good about.

(on if he was worried about not scoring a touchdown in the first half)

Well, I think we were one-for-one in the red zone. So, we did punch it in when we got down there. We got to the plus territory, we got close and didn't capitalize on it, maybe. Early we punted because we felt like it was going to be a field position game. That kind of bore itself out during the course of the game.

(on trying to keep Tyrod Taylor in check)

Well, we tended to do that. A couple of times we had chances to tackle him and we didn't tackle him. You knew that about him coming in and third-and-23, obviously that can't happen, especially where it is in the field. Surely disappointing, but that's part of this league. You know this guy does that, for the most part we did a pretty good job on him today.

(on thoughts of going for it on fourth down with three minutes left)

Yeah, there was but we got the ball back with two minutes, so the way it played out actually did work out that way. So we talked about it, but if you don't make it there essentially the game is over because they are in field goal range. We did it that way and once again, we got the ball back in decent position with a 1:50 left on the clock to get 40 yards for a field goal, we felt it was the right decision.

(on LB Wesley Woodyard starting in base and Zach Brown in nickel)

We're just trying to put guys in the best position to be successful, clean some things up with our team, get everybody to play their best.

(on whether CB Coty Sensabaugh should have had help on the deep pass)

I'd have to look at the play again to answer that. I can't give you an answer right now.

(on the frustration level in the locker room)

Well, I mean, very clearly we're all frustrated. We're 1-3 after four games and we feel like we're a better football team than that. So what do you do?  We're not going to throw our hands up. We're going to go back to work tomorrow and we're going to correct those mistakes and we're going to win one of these games and then we're going to win another one and then we're going to pile up that way. Make no mistake – we're close. I think if you watch the game, if you look at the tape, you can see that. So, we're going to stay with what we're doing, we believe in what we're doing, and we're just going to get better doing it.

(on why the Titans can't close out games)

It's part of being a young team. We've got a lot of young guys in there that are trying to learn how to play this game. We've got some new guys. There's no magic formula. We've got to make a play. We had some opportunities to make plays today and we didn't, but what do you do? You think we're just going to lay down and quit?  We're going to keep working. We're going to get better and we're going to make those plays.

(on the no-call for a horse collar on the Bills defense versus the call on the Titans)

I don't know. I can't tell you. They certainly looked like the same type of play to me, but I'd have to look at it on the tape. I was already on to the next play calling it because it looked to me like it was. You guys probably had a better sight of that watching TV because you can't always see those things on the field.

(on DT Jurrell Casey's play)

Well for the most part, except for the third-and-23 and the long pass, our whole defense was really good today. We did a lot of really good things. I think in the first half, they hadn't really done anything. They really had two drives today and a couple of mistakes that we made is why they were able to do that. But Jurrell, I thought played really well. Once again, when you lose a game like this, it's really easy to talk about negatives, I understand that, because listen, we didn't win, and that's hard. I think it's a mistake to overlook the fact that there's some guys that are really doing good things for us and if we continue on that course, we're going to win games. Our guys in the locker room believe it, I know we believe it. It's tough, damn tough right now, it's no fun. I feel for our fans, I feel for our players, but you know what, it's four games into the season, we've got 12 more and we feel like we're going to be a very good football team.

(on Bills run defense)

Well, we had over 35 minutes of possession. Against a defense like that we were mixing things up and doing some positive things. We were as good as we wanted to be on third down, but when you go against a team like this, especially one that has a good front that can create pressure and do a lot of different things, you have to have answers. In some of those cases, we did, in a couple of other cases, we didn't make the play. We had a lot of contested catches where we've got to get over the hump and make those catches. Those are the ones that we've got to make in order to…when you go against a defense like this. But, we also had some situations where we made some plays and kept drives going. We had the ball at our five yard line and we moved it all the way down the field and it was not looking good there. We've just got to continue to work. Our young quarterback is getting better and playing well and we're going to continue to grow.

(on QB Marcus Mariota running the ball today)

Yeah, we had a little bit up-tempo at times to try and do some things to keep them off balance. We had some limited success with that. We knew that was going to be part of the plan. A lot of the times it's in every plan, just some weeks it plays itself out that way.

(on whether RB Bishop Sankey was having problems with the sun)

It looked to me the first time it was the sun and we just got lucky, lucky as heck that they were offsides to start the game. Obviously the second one, that hasn't shown itself at all. That hasn't even been something that's happened in practice. Not something that we're very excited about to be honest with you.

(on whether WR Kendall Wright needed to go up and get the ball on the Titans' last play)

We could dissect it every play and say what you could've done on that play to be successful. There's a lot of things going on in the game at that point. I would have to look at it. I thought he'd come down with it. I thought he made a play to win the game for us. I don't know. I'd have to look at it and see.


(on what he looked for on last pass)

I saw Kendall Wright matched up one on one. Tried to give him a shot. It's that point in the game where you have to try and get one and I thought we had a chance on it, I just didn't see the corner.

(on if the corner should have been cleared out by a deeper player)

You know, it is what it is. I think, looking back on it, maybe I should have seen the shot over the top of the corner to Justin Hunter, but just have to go from there.

(on if the close game was frustrating)

Yeah, it's tough. Again, you have to kind of dust yourself off. It's one game, it doesn't define our season and we just have to keep getting better.

(on how to improve finishing games)

It's just continuing to improve. You just have to learn from situations. We are a young team. I think that the guys can learn from these situations and build upon it. Once you get a couple of these, it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. You don't want to go through that again, so we'll learn to finish games. Obviously we can improve on those things and we'll go from there.

(on if losing is tough for him after coming out of Oregon)

It's a different game now. This is the NFL and you can't expect to go undefeated every year. You just have to take your lumps and bruises, learn from your mistakes and just try and get better and finish off the season strong.

(on if he was surprised only having three points on the board in the first half)

We kind of put our defense in a bad spot. We should have finished more drives. Hats off to Buffalo's defense, they did a good job kind of holding us out. If we finish more drives, the game could have been different.

(on his connection with Harry Douglas)

Harry Douglas has done a great job all year finding ways to get open. He's done a great job of catching it and getting first downs. He's been that guy on third downs who finds open spaces, so we look forward to using him some more.

(on his comfort level running today)

It was kind of a part of the game plan. I just try to play instinctually, you know, just play within myself and there were a couple more plays for me to run today and as we go forth we will see what's best for the team.

(on Kendall Wright's frustration not getting the football)

We'll find ways to get him the ball. He is a dynamic player for us. We will continue to find ways to get him the ball and get him in space and he'll make plays for us.

(on if other teams' defenses have been concentrating on Kendall Wright)

It was some of the looks today. It's just kind of how things happen. We'll look back on the film, maybe there's some reads where I might have missed him, but Buffalo's defense did a good job.

*(on why running screens has been successful)                                 *

It starts up front. Those guys did a good job of selling the pass and allowing the pass rushers to get up the field and once they're out in open space they did a good job of getting on guys. We've taken pride in that and we look forward to using that more and it being successful.

(on if the two horse collar plays were similar or different)

I didn't really see what happened. The referees are going to call what they see, and I'm not sure.

(on where he felt pulled)

It felt from my back. That's how I went down.

(on if he felt hands in his jersey)

I really can't tell. We're wearing pads.

(on what made his runs successful)

I think the opportunities were there. It's going to depend game to game on the game plan. This week, Buffalo allowed me to take some of those and we'll see as the weeks go on.

(on what he would say to the fans about the effort today)

We're trying our best. We just have to learn to finish and I think this team is close, we just have to get over the hump. We appreciate the support and we'll use that as an uplifting tool for us and a motivating tool as well. Moving forward we appreciate it and we'll continue to put forth our best effort.

(on how he will keep guys from getting discouraged)

I think for the most part, you have to look at it, and there should be a lot of confidence in that room. We've been in games and we've had opportunities to win it. That says a lot about this team, we've just got to go ahead and finish. We finish some of those games, we'll be in a better position. Now moving forward we have a sour taste in our mouth, we just have to continue to grind and continue to work hard hopefully we'll end up on the other end of some of these.


(on how he feels following the game)

I feel okay, other than us losing. That's the hard part, but we beat ourselves today. To be honest, I felt like we controlled that game. We made a lot of mistakes out there, and they won the game at the end of the day.

(on losing close games)

It's getting old. That's something that we have to change because it is getting old.

(on controlling the first half, but only scoring three points)

For us to control the clock like that, move the ball and only get three points in the first half. Score 13 points this game, the way we controlled the game. To only put up 13 points; that's terrible.

(on becoming more efficient and effective offensively)

We're going to have to clean up mistakes. Today, I didn't play the best game I could have played. I know you all didn't see it. You all don't actually see what happens out there, and don't really know what's going on. I take it upon myself. Guys look up to me. I feel like I'm a leader on this team, and for me to go out there and play the way I played; some crucial plays, I made mistakes. I'm upset about that. I'm mad that I shot myself in the foot and shot my team in the foot by just making crucial mistakes. They count on me, and for me not to be there, that's upsetting. That's what we're going to have to change. The guys that we count on to be leaders are going to have to step up and make plays and not make mistakes and not drop passes when they come to us, and we did that today.


*(on losing another close game)

It's very frustrating. We're tired of saying that we're right there and we're close enough. It's about time we got over the hump. We just have to make plays, period, point-blank. As men, we have to find a way to make the play when nobody expects us to. It's a bad feeling right now.

(on stepping up and making plays)

Big-time players have to make big-time plays, and we're in the big leagues now. Everyone, including myself, we all have to just find a way, no matter what. We had multiple chances. We hurt ourselves tonight; we still had opportunities to go down and get something going, but we just didn't make that play to win the game.

(on how frustrating today's loss is, considering that the Titans controlled much of the game)

Our offense was on the field for a long time. The defense was doing a heck of a job all game. It's definitely frustrating when you know that you out-physicalled a team, but they find a way to make a play when it matters.

(on what it takes to finish drives with touchdowns, rather than field goals)

Honestly, I think we prepare for everything. We're prepared for every situation. It just goes back to making the play. That's it.


*(on playing with confidence)

There's a certain level of confidence when you feel like you can play against a team and you go out there and you're feeling confident that you can do what you want and dictate what you want to do during that game. I think that's how we felt going through this game, but we were just getting slowed down near the end zone; we weren't getting there. We'd cross the 50 and we'd kind of putter out. We can't do that. We've been doing that the first three games; making the drives all the way down, but we just kind of puttered out before we got into the end zone.

(on the Bills' defensive front seven)

They're really talented guys; really good players. All seven of those guys up front. That's part of football, we're in the NFL and we have to play against good players every week.

(on getting over the hump and winning close games)

Personally, I think it's a mindset. I think there are certain teams, teams like the Patriots, that just expect to win the game. NFL games are close all the time. You can't just either win by a lot or lose by a lot; they're close all the time. I think part of it is just having that mindset, just have it in your head. All 22 guys on the field have it in their head that we're going to win this game, and good things start to happen. Guys make more plays and it comes to that. Last year, I think towards the end, it's not that we weren't capable, but we got in this thing where we're losing so we're going to lose. That's the feeling you got toward the end of the season. We need to wash that and not bring that into this season. We need to rid ourselves of that and go forward. We didn't want to lose this game. We should have won this game, but we didn't. We need to go into next week and expect to win the game at all times. If we're down by 20 points, expect to win the game. Go out there and make the plays, take charge and win the game.


*(on losing another close game)

It's real frustrating. We just have to do a better job of sustaining drives and making plays. That's really what it comes down to: making plays in those crucial situations. We weren't able to do that today.

(on the Titans' offensive struggles in the red zone)

Just failure to execute. We prepared; we felt we had a good game plan for them and in certain situations we just have to find a way, find a way to make plays.

(on dropping two kickoffs)

They were routine catches, and I'm frustrated about that. There's no excuse for it, it was just a routine kickoff catch. It's something I'm frustrated over. Just focusing and securing that catch. I took my eye off of it, and it bounced off and hit my chest. It's just something you do every day in practice, and like I said, it's unacceptable.

(on finishing off drives with touchdowns rather than field goals)

It comes down to making plays and sustaining drives in those crucial situations. They made the plays when it counted and we didn't.


(on another tough loss for the Titans)

It sounds like a broken record the last three weeks.  We're in a position (Bills have) third-and-20, and we're giving up plays. We're not executing them.  We have to learn how to make a play in that situation.  It's unfortunate.  We have to clean it up. We can't keep having this same conversation.   We are losing games by a point, two points.  We've got the talent to win the game, and we just have to learn how to win.  We have to finish the game.  It needs to come to the point where we say, 'enough is enough', and get it cleaned up, because we have too much talent to go on like this.  We can't look back at the end of the year and say 'we let that one get away from us.'  It's really on us as players.  We have to own it and clean it up.

(on Titans containing Bills' QB Tyrod Taylor)

I don't know.  We know that he's a mobile quarterback and he has the ability. He killed us on the run today.  Big plays going into the end of the third and beginning of the fourth quarter, well those are the only big plays he had on us, was him scrambling.  We knew that coming into the game.  We have to make better adjustments looking forward.


(on preparing against deep balls thrown against the Titans defense)

My thing is we need to go every day and need to have a full period of deep balls.  You know, the third downs, third-and-longs. We just need to run every play we have.  We need to run deep ball plays every day next week.  I'm going to bring it up in the meeting room, but that's the main focus.


(on handling the recent close Titans' losses)

I don't know. We'll have to look at the tape.  Obviously, everybody is frustrated. This isn't the way you want to finish games.  Like I've said, it's been a reoccurring theme, so something has to change.

(on what he can say to the younger Titans' players as a veteran)

There is nothing I can say that is going to do anything to fix that game.  I mean, guys are frustrated.  You lose a game like we did today, and lose a game like we did two Sundays ago.  Guys are frustrated.  They don't want to hear anything.  The only message is that we have to continue to stick together and we have to go back to work.  Obviously, we aren't where we want to be, but the only people that are going to get us out of this, is going to be us.  There is no point in pouting about it, or complaining and doing all of that.  It's about coming back together as a team, working, and trying to improve next week.

(on playing today after being sidelined with injury)

It was fun just to be out there and be a part of it. To be playing with the guys, and just trying to do my part to help us win.

(on putting today's loss to the Bills behind him)

It will be easy for me.  This is my seventh year, and you realize that you can't let the game before, beat you on the next one.  So obviously, we have to look at this and make our corrections.  But after tomorrow, once we watch the film, I'll be over this and on to the next game.


(opening statement)

The only thing that you can really accomplish when you come into this, is whatever it is to be 3-2. We are fortunate to be 3-2, there's no question about it. We will take it. I am happy as heck we got the win. It's tough to play on the road in this league. You knew that team was fresh, they were healthy and they were tough.  We knew it was going to be a dogfight. I didn't think I realized it would be this kind of effort.  But I will say this, if you think this game was bad, then I've been in one worse against (Coach Ken) Whisenhunt. I won a game 7-6 once, so this one right here was the greatest game ever. For some reasons, I guess, style makes fights. Probably not the most entertaining, but we will take the darn win.  Quarterback has the biggest heart. Man, it was tough sledding, but he has guts. He has heart and wasn't playing great, but at the end of the day, he is the reason we won the game.

(on the go-ahead touchdown drive)

The guy runs it. What can you say? He's tough, he's courageous. He just made a great play. Had the first down, then got the penalty. Wow. Just a great effort on his part.

(on the deep throw to Chris Hogan)

It was a great job. Greg (Roman) called a great play there, the protection held up, and I think that's where it starts. We had a couple of other ones we thought looked good, but the guys did a nice job rushing the passer and were able to bottle us down that way.

(on how much trouble the team would be in if they lost this game and how Tyrod Taylor's performance willed them to victory)

He did will us to victory, but it was a team effort. Obviously he is the reason we won, the difference, but man those guys played awful good. We weren't perfect on defense, made some mistakes, but it was great to see that our guys wanted to be on that field and that's the mark of a team that's starting to figure it out. I was proud of them.

(on how the defense responded after the penalty on the last drive)

Shoot, I've got to give that (Titans) quarterback credit, that young kid's going to be a good one. He can run too. I think you saw the future of the NFL at that position with the two quarterbacks on the field. Both of them run, they scare the heck out you, that kid made a couple great runs. Obviously Tyrod did as well, but I'm just really proud of the guys for hanging in there. The penalty thing, I think our sideline was a lot better, but the first play and we're offside; I broke my little wristband on the first play, snapped it. I've got to get a different one.

(on how limited the team is offensively)

It'd be good to get our Sammy Watkins back or LeSean McCoy or Karlos Williams.  Am I saying it's not going to be good getting those guys back? Well yes it will, it absolutely will. But the guys we have, they played their butts off. It wasn't pretty but they found a way.

(on what he learned about his team today)

I love it, I loved the fact that we wanted to be on the field at the end of the game on defense. We weren't afraid. Sometimes the guys get nervous about it and they don't convert on third down and our guys couldn't wait to get on that field and that's the sign of a good team, a good defense, so I was excited about that. I loved the way the offense responded. We had 50 yards at halftime, that was ugly, there's no question that was ugly. But it ended up being beautiful at the end. We just kept fighting and kept hanging in there. Was a lot of it based on individual effort?  It was absolutely was, and we will take it.

(on the defensive effort in the first half)

I thought we did good, it wasn't perfect by any stretch, but I thought our guys played well. It's tough. That team was pushing the pace on us a little bit, they were fresh, had another week off - and it was three out of the first five if anyone cares - and we couldn't get a first down. It was like one of those days. I'm like, oh my goodness, I'd kill for a first down - I wouldn't kill, but I'd hurt for a first down. But we hung in there and the guys never got on each other. They rallied around each other and supported each other; it was outstanding. We overcame a fumble on a punt return; we overcame a lot. That first play, how's that momentum? You get a fumble, you recover on like the five-yard line, offsides and he's your best player. He probably needs to do a couple bonus pushups for that.

(on Taylor overcoming a tough first half)

He's got such resolve. That's the mark of a great one. Is he a great quarterback yet? No, but I tell you what, he's got those types of characteristics and we'll give him a chance to be great. Not just him, but the team, the team rallied behind him. It was great.

(on his reaction when the call came over the headset about the play to Chris Hogan at the goal line)

I was all fired up, because everybody knows that that's my play. It's funny because the corner stayed at home and I was like, what's he doing, he's supposed to be chasing our guy. He never did, he stayed where he should have stayed.

(on the number of Buffalo fans at the game)

You couldn't get into a restaurant yesterday without seeing Bills fans, it was awesome. I guess something I'm learning, I had no idea that Bills fans travel the way they do. Miami was packed, here, it was unbelievable. That's such a great feeling, to know that your guys are with you, your fans travel so well. I also love the fact that they aren't off this boat. They never looked to jump and we gave them some reason to, but they're sitting right there. That's a great feeling.

(on if he feels like he dodged a bullet today)

No, man. Hey, this is a typical (Ken) Whisenhunt-Ryan game. Worst game ever in NFL, and we're fortunate to find a way. I tell you what, the Titans played their tail off, there's no question about it. We knew we were going to get a great effort from them, they're a tough team. And like I said, that young kid (Marcus Mariota) is going to be a great one.

(on if he bought a house next to Whisenhunt and if he has bragging rights in Tennessee)

I don't know about that, but yeah, I got bragging rights again for this year. He's a hell of a football coach, he really is. Like I said, this team is patient. They've got a quarterback for the next 10 years and that's usually a great sign for your organization.


(on how he is feeling after running around so much)

I'm good. I put a big emphasis on conditioning throughout the week, so I had to be prepared to move.

(on the frustrating start to the game)

There are definitely some things that we have to clean up moving forward to be better as an offense. The defense played very good, getting us the ball back and giving us opportunities. At the end of the day we won. We found a way to win and that is all that matters.

(on how he is feeling after being banged up in the fourth quarter)

I'm doing good. It was nothing major, so I'm ready to roll.

(on the designed draw on his touchdown run)

That was a designed draw and was something that we practiced on against a certain look. There were two plays called in the huddle and we got up and they gave us the look that we wanted to get and I was able to make a play. There was a bunch of great blocking on that play.

(on if he remembers the last time he completed five passes and still won)

No, I don't really look at the stats. I don't even know what my stats were today. The only stat matters to me is a W.

(on constantly showing leadership by not getting frustrated with slow starts)

The leadership role definitely comes from me being the quarterback and on the field they have to see confidence in every play that I call. The main thing is that I just keep everybody uplifted. It is a long game, and whether we are doing good, we still have to maintain that, but if we are doing bad we have to pick it up. They definitely look to me for encouragement and I have to be that person that remains the same throughout the entire game.

(on if he ever gets mad when he struggles)

Definitely frustration, but just know that if you stay the course things will continue to keep working. More so on the stalled drives is a lack of execution on our part and things that we have to clean up, and there are things that have to be corrected, but we feel confident in doing it.


(on Tyrod Taylor bouncing back in the second half)

I have been a fan of [Taylor] since he got here in OTA's. He has been winning this team over and I think you guys are just now seeing it. The poise in the pocket, not being rattled when we are down and able to bounce back the same as he did in the New England game, it is all the things that we have been seeing and they are all the things that we have been raving about.

(on if there was ever a thought that the game was getting away after the 10-0 Titans lead)

Definitely. Our defense pretty much kept us in the game and we had a few opportunities, but they played great defense today. Hats off to them. We just kept grinding and that's all we kept saying on the sideline. It paid off for us.


(on Tyrod Taylor bouncing back in the second half)

At the end of the day, it's a win. It might look ugly, but we went out there and got the win, so we are happy about that.

(on what Tyrod Taylor's performance did for everyone else on the team)

We just wanted to rally behind him. He is getting beat up, getting back up and running for touchdowns, getting back up and throwing deep balls. He played outstanding for us today, so we want to go out there and fight for a guy like that.


(on keeping things together despite the slow start)

That was the big thing, just keeping it together mentally. We had a full week of preparation, and probably one of our better weeks of preparation the entire year. We came in on Wednesday and we were physical. Thursday and Friday we had talked about penalties and how we would have to address it on our own. We stuck together and we kept grinding.


(On QB Tyrod Taylor's performance)

That's what Tyrod (Taylor) does. We go into games expecting that he's going to make plays. He's a pretty spectacular athlete. That's why he's becoming such a great quarterback. He's able to make plays with his feet, he's able to make plays with his arm, so when we needed some big plays, Tyrod stepped up.

(On Tyrod Taylor's first major run of the game)

We obviously started slow, but Tyrod (Taylor), like I said, stepped up, made a play. With him back there, you know you always have to be prepared. He can go anywhere, so we're always prepared to block downfield. Robert (Woods) and I made a pretty good block in the outside, and Tyrod made a play for us when we needed it. It was big time.

(On if he had seen similar plays earlier in the game on his big fourth quarter catch)

It was something in our game plan. We had run it early. We were expecting to get man coverage. We got the look that we wanted. (Wide receivers coach) Sanjay (Lal), he said, 'I've got this back.' He wanted that play, and Tyrod (Taylor) made a great throw down the field. It was really just up to me to make a play.

(On his thoughts in the huddle when he knew he would be doing an option throw)

We worked on it all week leading up to the game. I was kind of hoping that the corner was not going to stay in the back, and I would have a nice, easy throw to Tyrod (Taylor). Obviously, he made a nice catch for me. It was one of those things if it was open, it was going to be a perfect touchdown. If not, Tyrod was able to make the play.

(On the touchdown catch)

It's one of our short-yardage throws. Tyrod (Taylor's) on the move. It's really up to me. I've got to out-leverage my defender pretty fast, because the ball's coming out. It's one of those things. We did it on third down, as well. I knew what I had to do. I think Percy (Harvin) was on the outside of me. He ran a good route. It was kind of a timing route for us that we would be crossing at the same time. Tyrod threw it and had to step up and make a play, the play that I think this team needed."

(On what the win says about this Bills team)

I think we say it every single week, this team fights. Whatever happens in the game, we're not giving up. I think that's pretty special. I don't think you see that in a lot of teams that, no matter what happens, no matter where we're at in the game, it doesn't matter how much we're down, we're fighting to the fourth quarter. We showed that today. I'm just really happy that we were able to get this win. It's a great team win for us, especially going into this. Next week, and then obviously we travel to London. Now we can try to get things rolling. We obviously still have a lot to work on. Got to come out faster, but that's what we can work on. We'll go back and watch the film. I'm just happy for this team.


(On how he felt throughout the game)

I just knew they were going to throw the ball around a little bit, especially with the comments they made. I knew they were going to come out trying to throw the ball, so I told myself I was going to play aggressive. From film study, I kind of knew every route they ran.

(On the Titans not testing the defense deep and if he expected it)

Of course, because on film I knew they didn't really throw too many fades and stuff like that, mostly inside routes. I was just mostly playing inside routes, and that allowed me to play aggressive. Our D-line did a great job of getting to (Marcus) Mariota, and it helped me out on the back end.

(On the defense trying to hold the team together while the offense was struggling)

Sometimes it will be like that. We're a team. We're only as good as our team, so we've got to pick the offense up sometimes. They've got to pick us up sometimes. We did that, and we found a way to win.

(On the Titans' last two possessions)

It was time to step up and make a play. We hadn't gotten a turnover all day, so our mindset was to go in and make a play on the defensive end and win the game.

(On his pick at the end of the game)

It was in man-to-man, and my guy ran a fade ball, and I got my head around early. I saw he looked like he was open, so I just came off my guy and happened to make a play on the ball.

(On what this win means for the team)

It's big. These close games, it gives us confidence, and it gives us the ability to go in every game with confidence. We know we've got a good team. No matter how many ups and downs we have, we've got to stick together as a team and find a way to win.

(On the mental toughness of the defense)

It's not hard, especially for me on defense. We know something's going to give eventually if we keep them out of the end zone and making plays on the defensive end. We know the offense is going to come around and make plays, so we've just got to stay positive and keep playing.

(On trying to prevent personal fouls)

In the previous games, we had a couple of penalties, but I feel like this game we came together as a defense and said, 'OK, if we calm down, let's make plays on the defensive side.' I think the stuff in the past helped us out in this game.


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