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Postgame Quotes: Titans at Jaguars



(Opening Statement) "Obviously, it was a disappointing loss for us. I thought we played well. There are a few things you worry about on a short wee, especially on the road with how you start and it couldn't have started much better for us. Defensively, we did a nice job on them until the last drive of the first half. A lot of people ask 'Why do you defer kicks?' What they did scoring going in and scoring coming out on the first drive that was the turning point of the game. We didn't do a good enough job of stopping them. Obviously, the big play after we went for it on fourth down hurt us. We have to convert those. It was a disappointing loss. "

(On the 3rd-and-2 plays they had) "We had them as pass checks and they were defense against the run and we didn't block it well enough."

(On what turned the momentum from their early lead) "They made a couple of plays going into the half. The quarterback (Blake Bortles) scrambled a couple of times; they were holding the crap out of us on our defensive lineman when the quarterback got out of the pocket and we didn't get a call. That was very frustrating. "

(On the late pass interference on Coty Sensabaugh) "I didn't see it. I thought Coty was in good position. I was very disappointed that it was called.

(On Charlie Whitehurst's play) "We didn't protect Charlie as well as we should have. I am sure that affected us to some degree. He made some good throws, but he missed some. We didn't play well enough as a team tonight."

(On Blake Bortles' runs) "We contained them in the pass game. Like I said, the one we have deep in their territory, they tackled our defensive line. Our quarterback could do that too if we didn't get a call. That was a big play in the game, field position. It's when they went up and scored so it's very frustrating."

(On keeping the team motivated with one game left) "Theseguys will work - there is no doubt about that. We needed to win some matchups tonight and we didn't do it when we needed to. I don't know if it's a function of a short week on the road. I think tonight was about mistakes we made more than anything else. Because when we did it right, like you can see in most of the first half,  we played pretty good."



(on fourth and two game late) "It turned into a little bit of a broken play.  I threw the ball a little too far on the outside on the scramble and would have liked to have made a better throw on that."

(on most yards passing in a single game in his NFL career) "We have to find a way to win one.  It's a been a while since we have.  We've been close a few times and thought this was one we could have won if we take advantage of all the opportunities you have.  I think if I make a few more plays, the outcome is different."

(in first half) "In the first half, it seemed like everything was working and I don't know what the percentage was on third down, but I think if we make one or two more on third down the game is probably different."

(on frustration of losses)  "You are always what your record is, but we don't believe we're a 2-13 team.  I think we have a lot of character in the lockerroom for sure and we know we can win these games.  Nobody is giving up.  You can see how hard we fight until the very end and that locker room expects to win next week.  That's the way we've been all year and we just have not been able to put it all together yet."

(on offensive line) "I know Jacksonville had the same record as ours coming in, but defensively that's a tough front.  I thought our guys did a good job.  One or two of the sacks were balls I could have gotten out, but I thought they did a good job."

(on mental state getting ready for last game) "It will be the same approach and I know we haven't won in a long time, but there has not been one day at practice that guys have not been into it.  We practice like a winning football team and I expect that to remain the same."



(on loss) "There's no consolation in this.  It's all about winning.  We have to figure out a way to get over the hump and compete for all four quarters.  We came out first quarter and did a good job.  Second half, not so good.  As a team, we have to learn how to win football games."

(on offense not finishing) "We talk about starting fast and finishing.  These games come down to the small things like details and doing the small things right.  Guys out there did a good job of competing but we have to take care of those details and stop hurting ourselves down the stretch."

(on third down play) "It was a positive to get some of those, but when we get down into the redzone, we have to finish.  I'm just as at fault as anybody on this team so we have to figure out how to get a win."

(on presenting ball to his son in stands after touchdown) "My wife does a good job taking care of my kids when I'm out here playing football so I really appreciate that. Nolan said he wanted a TD football so we got him one and that was a pleasure – especially being back at home.  I grew up a half of a mile down the road, and I could walk home. It's good to be back with family and friends and I had about 55 ticket requests but we've got to win the football game."


(on the loss) "We have one more week. We have to keep doing what we've been doing for the last 15, 16 weeks, keep going out there to practice and trying to make it better. We have to keep working."

(On the finish) "We needed to stop them on that last drive in the first half. It changed the momentum and it's hard to beat like a great defense like they have. We just have to keep fighting and try to get better, this week, last week. We have nothing to lose in the last week and let's have fun and try to get that win."

(on any difference from last meeting) "There was nothing different and we just have to cut out our mistakes. We let them score on the last drive of the first half and the start of the second half. If we stop them, we would be darn good. Once we do that and learn and we become discipline, the wins will start coming in."



(on any adjustments the Jaguars made in the second half) "I think they stayed in the same scheme and they might have made a few changes upfront but we still had opportunities to make plays. We just have to execute."

(on offensive output in second half) "It's frustrating and we shot ourselves in the foot. We still had opportunities and still had plenty of chances to win that game. We just didn't pull through and we have to get ready and go back to work and get a win against Indianapolis at home."

(on last game) "We need to win and nobody wants to end the season with a loss, no matter what it takes we just need to go out there and win a game. That's really the main thing. We've had a lot of opportunities to win games this season but we just didn't."

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