Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer on Week 3


(on the number of passes caught by receivers)

I think they're getting open. The receivers coach Dave Ragone is doing a good job teaching the scheme, and the receivers are buying in and doing what we ask them to do, and the quarterback is reading the coverage and getting them the ball.

(on whether it's an emphasis to get the ball to the receivers)

We'll take whatever the coverage gives us. We've been fortunate. We haven't seen a lot of two-deep. We've seen some single high, so we've been able to move the ball and get guys open.

(on the pass protection and how it helps QB Matt Hasselbeck)

I think every quarterback is (better). They like to have that comfort, and I think Matt had the comfort. Our line did a great job up front, and we threw the ball 42 times.

(on the development of Lavelle Hawkins)

He's done a nice job. Dave Ragone has been pleased with him all camp. He's got quick feet and gets good separation. He's done a nice job for us.

(on Chris Johnson's production)

I think it's like a baseball player. You hit it hard, but you hit it right at someone. CJ will have his chance and have some big days and run the ball well. I don't think it's all CJ's fault. We were fortunate we had 438 yards of offense. That's a pretty good day.

(on Chris Johnson's play late in Sunday's game)

I thought he fit in and did a nice job. I thought he changed gears, and I'm not saying that in a negative sense. It's like a quarterback, all of a sudden they get in a rhythm and they start hitting it.

(on tight end Jared Cook lining up as a wide receiver)

A lot of people will start playing nickel against him, and we have to be aware of that. It's all matchups. Pro football is all who matches up with who. We were fortunate to get Cook in a situation where he matches up pretty good against the guy that's covering him.

(on whether passing success will open opportunities for the run game)

It depends on who the defensive coordinator is. Some defensive coordinators just will not allow you to run and they force you to throw the ball. It's a chess match during the game, and we'll just have to adjust accordingly.

(on deciding if a fourth-and-1 play call is a good choice)

(You know) when it works. You've got about 25 seconds to second-guess yourself, and then about five seconds after they snap the ball, you find out if you were right or not.

(on the play called during the fourth-and-1 that produced a touchdown run by Javon Ringer)

(Tight ends coach) John Zernhelt brought that in and we worked on it (last) Friday. Sometimes in practice it doesn't look as good as it looks in a game, and you just have to believe in it. I liked the design of the play, and it was successful.

(on Hasselbeck's quarterback rating)

He's playing very, very well. Our quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains is doing a good job with him, and he's understanding the system and what we're trying to do.

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