McCareins looking foward to second opportunity with Titans




(on being reunited with offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger)

It's great. I had a great relationship with him. He came to New York for a year and now I get a chance to play with him again. He's a heck of a coach, especially for receivers. He really knows how to fine-tune receivers, especially big receivers which we have on this team, and I look forward to working with him again.

(on being back in Tennessee compared to his experience in New York)

When I came here out of college, it was just a perfect fit for me with Coach Fisher and the great group of guys that we had and Coach Heimerdinger, also. I had a disappointing couple of years up in New York. I had a good time and made a lot of good friends as teammates and won some games, but it just wasn't the same as it was here, and I'm just glad to be back.

(on what makes Mike Heimerdinger such a great offensive coordinator)

As a receiver, he just knows his stuff. I remember him showing Drew Bennett and I film of Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey when he coached them in Denver. He just knows how to coach bigger receivers and really knows the details. I've been with some other coordinators and they really sometimes rely on the receivers coach to get things across to us, but him as a coordinator really being hands-on with the receivers was different and it's good for us.

(on why things didn't work out in New York and his view on a fresh start)

There are a number of factors. I can't really go into all of them. It wasn't really a good fit with the couple of offenses that I had to switch around with and learn. Chad Pennington and I never really clicked. A lot of it is me. I didn't step up the way I did here, and I look forward to proving a lot of things to myself and really finishing out my career on a positive note.

(on if it's strange coming back here with things being so different now)

When I first came for the visit, it seemed like I hadn't left, but then you look around and it's kind of weird. I remember walking into this place as a rookie and feeling those nerves and feeling like I had a lot to prove, and then when I came in here and talked to Coach Fisher and Coach Heimerdinger and Coach Lowry, it kind of rejuvenated me a little bit and it just felt good.

(on his perception of the group of receivers here)

I know there are some quality guys in the receivers room, a lot of big guys. I look forward to working with them, just getting to know some of these guys. It seems like a very talented group, a very positive group that's willing to get better, and that's how I like to be myself.

(on working with Vince Young)

I haven't really met Vince yet, but just watching him on TV he's obviously a heck of an athlete with a great arm and great legs. I've heard he's a great guy to work with. He's willing to get comfortable with his receivers, doing extra things after practice in the off-season. We'll see what happens. I just look forward to meeting him, working with him and getting to know him on the field.

(on when he thinks that meeting with Vince might take place)

I guess he's at school right now, right? Whenever he gets back. I guess he's getting his degree, which is a good thing. As of now, I can concentrate on myself, getting to know these receivers and the rest of this team, and improving myself physically and getting ready to go.

(on if New York or Nashville reporters are easier to deal with)

Obviously, Nashville is a little bit different of a media market and in New York they've got a job to do and those guys are competing with each other a little more. There's a lot of different newspaper and media outlets. You get used to it. It's different. Things are a little more aggressive, but it was a great experience for me.

(on if this is a second chance for him after what happened in New York)

I still believe in my abilities, I still know I can be a great player in this league. Yeah, I guess it is a second chance to get back with coaches who know me and a system that I know, and I really look forward to the opportunity.

(on he can look at Justin Gage as an example of a guy who played well on a one-year contract, then got extended for a multi-year deal)

Definitely, he's a heck of a player. I definitely look forward to maybe opening some eyes myself and improving my standing in helping this team win some games.

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