LB Keith Bulluck's conference call with Jacksonville media

(on if it feels any different being 9-0 rather than 1-0 or 2-0) *
"Of course it does. We're past the halfway point of the season so it puts our team in a good position as far as the postseason. But our focus right now is to pile up as many wins as we can before the end of the year."

(on how difficult it is not to think about the possibility of an undefeated season) "I think setting team records and going undefeated; if you start the season off and those are your goals then that's fine, you're accomplishing your goals. But our goal wasn't to go undefeated. One of our goals was to finish number one in our conference and hopefully solidify a home playoff game. Right now, without saying much, we're quietly accomplishing our goal and we still have seven games left to play."
(on if it is nice to be playing so well while being under the radar)
"I think that's cool. I think the media does a good job of getting you to focus on other things because they need a story to write about. At the end of the day as a team; it's about us and what we do, it's not about what anyone else thinks or how anyone's portraying what's going on."

(on any specific keys to why the team is 9-0) "I wouldn't say there's any one thing. I just think we've been playing consistent football on offense, defense and special teams. We've been consistently better each week. Each week there's always something that you can learn or follow or get better in. We've just been fortunate to have some games where we might not have played our best but we've come away with the victory. That's a sign of a pretty good team. Like I said, we've made our corrections from the Chicago game and now we're focused in on the Jaguars."
(on the rivalry between the Jaguars and Titans)
"Any time you get a conference game they count for two, and the Jaguars have definitely been the team that, since I've been here in 2000, has been one of our biggest rivals. It probably started in 1999 when Tennessee beat them three times to give them their only three losses and went to the Super Bowl. I'm sure that definitely lingers with Jacksonville Jaguars fans. But now it's a whole different era with two different teams. Some guys still remain and the rivalry is still intense."
(on if the Jaguars offense line is improved since week one)
"Yes, definitely improved. They have (Brad) Meester back and I think he's the anchor of their offensive line back there at center.  They've been able to settle down. I believe they had three offense linemen (out); well, two got hurt during the game and Meester didn't play and it's definitely a totally different line when Brad Meester is out there. So we're not looking at the first game two months ago thinking 'oh, we got these guys', we're definitely not thinking that. We've watched the film and seen how they've gotten better at what their doing to attack other teams."
(on if he is surprised the Jaguars run game hasn't gotten on track)
 "A little bit, but I haven't really paid too much attention to them. The more film study I do this week I'll see kind of what their philosophy has been the past four or five weeks. But I'm definitely surprised because they're usually a team where their bread and butter is the running game. I know they got back on track in Detroit so I'm definitely expecting to see a lot of Freddy T (Taylor) and (Maurice) Jones-Drew."
(on if anyone in the league is playing as well as Albert Haynesworth right now)
"Tony Brown is playing really well. Albert (Haynesworth) is always Mr. Consistent causing havoc down there and we have a few young guys who've stepped in. Albert was a little under the weather last week so hopefully we're getting back to strength. We do have a lot of guys to complement Albert, but Albert is definitely one of the dominant defensive players in this league."
(on if Jeff Fisher belongs in the discussion for the best coach in the NFL)
"Sure, why not? He's been coaching the same team for 14 or 15 years and his teams are pretty consistent. They're competitive in the league, have been to the Super Bowl and AFC Championship. That's why it's a career. You really can't evaluate until a career is over. I think he's doing a great job with this organization being with it so long, and his legacy as a coach."

"I think he does a good job of relating to his players. He's a straight-shooter. A lot of people talk about places that he's been but those are smoke and mirrors. Jeff has been a straight-shooter and he's going to tell you like it is. And he's also played in this league. He understands how long the season is and what the body goes through mentally and physically. There are a lot of things that go on in your home within the family and I think when it comes to that; he maximizes his time with this players but he's not selfish. He let's them get away from football when it's time to get away and have a life. Also he just put new flat-screens in the locker room and around the building, so I think that's pretty cool. I heard they just got theirs taken out down there in Jacksonville."

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