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LB Colin McCarthy Conference Call


(on playing both inside and outside in college and where he is more comfortable)

To be honest with you, I'm comfortable playing all three.  I'm just excited to be able to have the opportunity to play at Tennessee with the Titans.  Given the opportunity to play any of those three linebacker positions, I'm just excited to get in there and compete and help the team win games.

(on if the team discussed with him his role in the defense)

I guess it all depends, I guess on the outside with (Stephen) Tulloch and stuff being there and figuring out what happens there.  Like I said, any of the linebacker positions in the 4-3 system I feel like I can play.  Numbers-wise wherever they need me, I'm willing to go in there and compete and play.

(on what he knows about the Titans' personnel)

I'm familiar with Stephen Tulloch.  He has the same agent that I have and I follow him a little bit.  He works out down here in South Florida but I haven't had a chance to meet him.  I have heard a lot about him, so given the opportunity to maybe play with him and be on the Tennessee Titans is a dream come true to play in the NFL.  I'm just excited to get up there and compete.  It is just a dream come true, so I'm just so excited.

(on potentially competing against Tulloch for a job)

I'm just going in there to compete, I thing that is the biggest thing.  At the end of the day, whatever happens, happens.  I'm just excited right now.  I'm kind of speechless.

(on whether he expected to get drafted higher)

I was hoping to.  Last night, I was hoping for a call, but the opportunities at Tennessee with the coaching staff, it is a great fit for me.  I'm glad I got this opportunity and I'm just speechless.  I'm so excited to get up there, start working out with them, understand their system and just compete.

(on how much interest the Titans showed in him)

I thought it was a good opportunity before today.  I met with them down at the Senior Bowl and at the Combine also.  Just speaking with them obviously they have needs at linebacker, so the opportunity there is great for me.  It is a matter of what I do when I get there.  My mentality is just going in there to compete, working on all the special teams and whatever happens, happens.  I'm just excited for this opportunity.  Going to Tennessee, I'm just thrilled.  I'm excited to get up there, meet the players, meet the coaching staff again and get in there and start working.

(on comparisons to Dan Morgan and how he feels about that)

Yeah, I don't shy away from it that is for sure.  Through my career at Miami, I felt I had a great career there.  Comparisons will come up with any player, given that he was at Miami with a similar style I guess as far as the way we play the game.  The career he had in college and in the NFL, it is a great comparison, but my whole idea is to make a name for myself, so at the end of the day they will be comparing people to me in the upcoming years.

(on his strengths as a player and whether it is defending the run or the pass)

I think I fit well in both.  I feel like my versatility being able to play all three linebacker positions.  As far as stopping the run and being physical, that is definitely not an issue.  Dropping back into coverage whether it is on the slot receiver or attacking my drop in zone coverage, I feel I have great skills in that also.  I think as far as a linebacker, I'm an all-around linebacker that can play all those positions.  I'm a football player that gets to the ball and makes plays and makes things happen.

(on if he is on Twitter)

Yeah, I am on Twitter.  I do kind of updates on what I am doing day-to-day on the Twitter.

(on what his handle is)


(on the Titans drafting Akeem Ayers and playing alongside him)

It would be great.  I had a chance to meet with him at the Combine a little bit.  We were in drills together and stuff like that.  He has had a lot of success in college.  Given the opportunity to play with Akeem, the biggest thing I think we want to do is just go in there and compete and help the team win games at the end of the day.

(on his background on special teams and whether he enjoys it)

Yes sir.  I played them all here at Miami.  I played them all at the Senior Bowl when I had the opportunity there.  I feel like with some teams it is a key part in the game.  You have to win the special teams to be able to win, especially the close games.  Given my opportunities on kickoff with all the rest – punt return and kickoff return – I'm going to make sure I make an impact on those.

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