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LB Akeem Ayers Conference Call


(on where he thought he would be drafted)

I thought earlier than I did, but I'm just really excited to really even get a chance to be on a team and especially an organization like the Tennessee Titans.

(on his reputation as a playmaker in college)

Yes, whatever way to help the team out.  It just so happens I made a lot more plays in college and just pretty much tried to do whatever I could to get a win.

(on his relationship with Titans cornerback Alterraun Verner)

I was talking to him right before the draft.  I have talked to him often, more than often.  I just texted him right now once I found out as well.

(on what Verner told him about the Titans organization)

He told me he loves it there and I just asked him about it again right now.  I know that is a good place to be because he talks highly of it all the time.

(on what he was told about his role with the Titans)

They said as a WILL backer and SAM really, pretty much what I have been playing at UCLA.

(on his thoughts on how the Titans defense is run and the scheme)

I love it.  I think I'll fit in well.  When I came down there I had a few talks with linebacker coach and the defensive coordinator.  I think I will just fit in well being able to play WILL and SAM.

(on playing against Jake Locker)

He is athletic.  He can beat you with his feet and he can beat you with his arm.  He makes great decisions and he knows how to carry a team.

(on being a teammate of Locker now)

It's a lot better than trying to chase him around and trying to stop him.  I would much rather have him on my team than playing against him.

(on attending the draft in New York and then going back to Los Angeles today)

Yes, that is correct.

(on where he was watching the draft today)

I just landed and I'm on my way from the airport that is when I got the call.  I just landed back in LA and as I was driving home from the airport is when I got the call.

(on if he enters the league with a chip on his shoulder after not be selected in the first round)

Yes, definitely, no doubt.  For all the teams that passed me, I'm going to make them wish that they didn't.  It makes you work that much harder, not that you aren't going to work hard from the beginning, but just knowing that teams passed on you, you are going to come in with a chip on your shoulder and always feel like you have something to prove.  You just want to be better than what a lot of people say you are not.

(on a linebacker in the league that he patterns his game after)

My favorite linebacker is Terrell Suggs when I was coming out of high school and throughout college.

(on if he feels he can be that type of impact player)

Yeah, definitely.  I never for once questioned my ability as a football player.  Once I get down to Tennessee and put in the hard work and dedicate all of my time to football, now that I don't have school and all those things, I can really dedicate my time and I want to be a much better player then what I have done at UCLA.

(on how quickly he can make an impact and the possibly of starting)

I think there is a possibility.  I'm just going to go in and play my role and see where everything goes from there.

(on his understanding of the Titans linebacker situation)

I'm not too familiar with it right now.  Once I'm down there, I will just really go from there.

(on when he is coming to town)

They are sending all the flight information, but tomorrow for sure.

(on being in New York, flying back to LA and now coming to Nashville)

Exactly.  I'm going to be a little jet-lagged, but I will be alright.  I'm kind of excited, so it really won't matter.

(on why he left New York)

I already had my flight booked either way.  I had it booked for today, so once I didn't get picked yesterday I decided I would come home and spend today with my family.

(on what his strengths are)

Just playing the run, covering with man and zone which I feel is a strength; also rushing the passer, which I'm steadily getting better at.  I don't know how much I'm going to do down in Tennessee but that is definitely another area of strength.

(on if he knows anybody else besides Verner)

No, that is the only person I know.

(on how much he knows about Nashville)

I know it is a football town.  I have been there a few times, we played against Tennessee and I just took my visit down there.  It is a place where everyone knows football.

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