Johnson addresses reporters following first practice




(On if he was feeling antsy to get his deal done)

I just knew that the organization and my agent were doing their job, that's what I had them for. I was just waiting, relaxed and ready to get here to camp and start working.

(On how he felt once the deal was done)

I was very happy. I got ready, got a plane ticket and got out here so I wouldn't miss this practice.

(On where he was beforehand)

I was down in Orlando training.

(On what he's going to do with his bonus money)

I don't know yet.

(On if he noticed a difference in speed between training camp and OTAs)

It's kind of the same right now cause we don't have on pads but once we put on the pads, then, you'll be able to tell the difference.

(On if he told his agent to get the contract done)

I wanted him to get it done so I could get into camp and start practicing and get ready for the season.

(On if the other players' thoughts about his commitment played a part in him wanting to get to camp)

Yeah, it was. I knew my agent would do a good job. The organization, I knew they really wanted me here so I knew that they were going to get the deal done.

(On what he thinks he has to do to contribute early on)

I have to come in and keep working hard like I've been working and I'll get on the field.

(On if he feels up to speed)

I just feel the more time I have to catch my wind the better I'll be.

(On if he realized a jump in intensity for training camp)

It's more intense than OTAs because [practices] were kind of laid back. It's mandatory out here now so everything is a little bit quicker.

(On the feedback he got from his teammates)

They were happy for me to be here and start working.

(On how much it cost him to switch numbers with Chris Carr)


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