Hayes to add depth, athleticism at defensive end

SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2008



(on how it feels that the Titans traded up to get him)

It feels too good right now. I am real happy. I feel like I am at home now.

(on getting the attention of pro scouts even though he played at a smaller school)

I never did think where I played had anything to do with it, with the matter of attention I got. I did what I had to do when I was at Winston-Salem State, even though it was a smaller school. I dominated at that level and I guess I gained some attention.

(on if he felt someone would notice him if he kept working hard)

Yes, sir.

(on the pressure he put on himself to perform at the pro day at Wake Forest)

I had a chip on my shoulder. I had to go out and prove that I could compete and that I could play just as good as anybody in the nation.

(on his experience with Jevon Kearse)

When I was senior in high school, he did a camp at my high school and I got to work out with him at the camp. When that happened, I already loved him as a football player and that made me grow to love him even more. I always said I'm going to be like him one day and I finally get a chance to prove myself.

(on the advice Jevon Kearse gave him in high school)

Always go hard and play the next down like it is your last one.

(on what it's like to be teammates with Kearse)

It's crazy right now; I can't even tell you how I'm feeling.

(on comparing him and Jevon Kearse)

He gets around the edge and I get up in your chest if I can. It's about the same; it just needs to be critiqued a little bit, but other than that I will be ready to go.

(on how he got his nickname Sea Breeze)

That was in high school. I guess because I was so smooth.

(on the preference between Sea Breeze and his other nickname, Big Play Hayes)

You can call me what you want to call me. I don't mind.

(on being a late bloomer)

I believe so. I didn't understand the significance of it.

(on other offers coming out of high school)

I had other offers; it's just that my grades weren't good coming out of high school. I had offers from Carolina, Clemson and Notre Dame, but I had no grades whatsoever coming out of high school.

(on what turned his grade situation around)

It was just the grace of God to put me where I am today.

(on what NFL teams showed him interest in this process)

Tennessee, the Colts, the Jaguars. But nobody showed me as much love as Tennessee. When I came there I already felt like this was the place for me.

(on where he thought he would go in the draft)

I was thinking first, but fourth would be alright (laughs). I was thinking more like mid-round, about where I am at now.

(on his time spent with defensive line coach Jim Washburn)

Oh, that's my main man. I try to have a conversation with him at least once a week. Him and Mr. Proctor (Titans scout). Love them to death.

(on being ready to play for the Titans)

I am ready to go to work now. I am about to go work out now as soon as I get off the phone with ya'll.

(on people doubting his skills coming into the league)

I am the one to prove the doubters wrong. You are never going to see me stop working. Like I said, I am about to get to work right now. Nothing is going to stop my shine. I am ready to come down there and get to work and prove everybody, Mel Kiper and everybody else that had something negative to say, wrong. Its time to go to work now.

(on what has been said about him)

I just heard that I ran a 4.9 forty. That kind of blew me a little. It's been crazy so far. I definitely know I ain't nowhere near a 4.9. I run a 4.6, low 4.6s or high 4.5s.

(on being able to help his family out)

I just feel like me and my family just got drafted. They made a lot of sacrifices for me.

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