GM Mike Reinfeldt addresses Haynesworth, Johnson




(On how Albert Haynesworth looked today)

He looked in good shape. He looked ready to go.

(On how many concessions the Titans had to make to get Albert Haynesworth to sign) We've had talks with Albert [Haynesworth] for a long time and his agent and we started obviously before the season even got over. We were willing early on to do certain things. We felt it was important for him to be here for the off-season program, for him to be here for training camp. So, we were willing to do some things early on so that he didn't miss training camp. Training camp is important for Albert, it's important for the Titans. So, we did things consistent with what we were willing to do before. We put in certain parameters, certain benchmarks that if he plays at the level he played at, the team does certain things, there's an opportunity that we won't tag him next year.  
(On how worried he is that if Albert Haynesworth reaches those benchmarks Haynesworth will go somewhere else next year)

Well, I think your worried about that but at the same time I think Albert [Haynesworth] likes playing for the Titans. He's been a big part of what we have done here. We've had a lot of discussions with him and his agent. I think even today it's a good faith thing on our part and hopefully we keep those discussions going. I don't think that the fact that he has the opportunity for us to not to tag him. I mean there has been a number of players where teams have put that in and the player has ended up signing with that team. Shaun Alexander signed back with Seattle. Lance Briggs signed with Chicago. So I don't think that necessarily means we won't sign him long term.

(On the talks so far with Albert Haynesworth and if he believes Albert feels good about coming back)

I think that we made a lot of progress toward the end of the deadline, the July 15 deadline. We were really starting to make some progress, and maybe if we had a longer window we really could have gotten something done. I think that the more we stay with it, there is that opportunity.

(On if the Titans benefit more during this season from the benchmarks being in Albert Haynesworth's contract and if those benchmarks motivate Albert Haynesworth more so than usual)

Well, I think that first of all Albert [Haynesworth] is a pro and that he is always going to give it his best and play hard. At the same time it's the thing where the incentives are in there and it benefits Albert [Haynesworth] and it benefits the team if he does achieve those incentives.

(On how close the Titans are to having Chris Johnson here at training camp)

You know we've made a lot of progress in the last 24 hours. I don't have any specific time frame but we are making good progress. I don't think it's going to be that long before he is in here. 

(On how difficult is it to get Chris Johnson signed as a result of other running backs remaining unsigned)

I think that has been part of the issue, the players around us that aren't signed. At the same time we've got to get him in here. So we've had discussions. We kind of know what we think is fair. It appears to be picking up some momentum and again we are optimistic we'll get that done fairly soon.

(On if the Rashard Mendenhall deal getting in place helps the signing of Chris Johnson)

That helps us a lot. It helps determine the market and we will pay what the market is. So, I think the agent wanted to see what the market is and I don't believe Dallas has signed their guy yet and again we are making progress and things are moving forward.

(On how much the missed days of camp affect Chris Johnson)

I don't think one day hurts, but there is a point when if he starts missing significant time it does hurt. Now the good thing is that we are making progress and we are optimistic that we will get that done shortly.

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