Finnegan Draws Crowds in West Tennessee




NASHVILLE, Tenn. –** All-Pro cornerback Cortland Finnegan spent all day Tuesday on Titans Caravan in western Tennessee, making stops in Dyersburg, Memphis and Jackson. Meeting with several reporters throughout the day, Finnegan spoke on the team's outstanding fan support and his overall thoughts heading into the 2009 season.

Q: What did it mean to see so much fan support for the Titans in Memphis?

FINNEGAN: It's wonderful. It's always great to give our time back to the fans. They get to see us without our helmets on. It's great just to interact with them and to let them know that we appreciate their support.

Q: How does the team feel heading into the 2009 season?

FINNEGAN: We feel good. We're going to feed off what we accomplished last year. We were a good football team last year, but now we're a new football team, so we just have to build off that. On defense, we return 10 starters, so we're looking forward to good things this year.

Q: How will the team respond without Albert Haynesworth?

FINNEGAN: He's a good friend and a great player, but we have guys that will step up to keep this ship rolling. We were a top 5 defense last year. Hopefully we can do the same with 10 returning starters, so we're just looking forward to good things this year.

Q: Why are the Titans in such a good state of success right now?

FINNEGAN: It starts with the coaches. They believe in the players and we're going out there and playing. They're putting us in the right spots. The schemes are great for what we're doing and we're just going out there playing football and having fun.

Q: Coming off the disappointing playoff loss, how much does that drive you to take things to the next level this season?

FINNEGAN: Absolutely it does. We got close enough to where we know what it's all about now. Guys that have done it before in the Super Bowl told us what it's all about once we get a chance to get there. That loss stung a little bit, but we have it in our back pocket to help us spring forward this year.

Q: What do you expect from the Titans in the NFL draft this weekend?

FINNEGAN: Great things, just to look for guys that can help this team out. That's always been the case. Management does a great job of finding those guys that we can plug in, so we look forward to adding depth and just having a good overall draft.

Q: Who is the toughest receiver you've had to go up against?

FINNEGAN: I would have to say Chad Johnson. He's just so quick in and out of his breaks. There are so many good ones out there that you could just run off a list, but he would be the toughest.

Q: What are your personal goals as you enter the 2009 season?

FINNEGAN: That's always secondary because it's a team game. Making the Super Bowl is #1. Personally, if I can get better from last year, then I've accomplished my goal, but overall all I just want to help our football team win games.

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