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DT Jurrell Casey Conference Call


(on who he watched the draft with)

All of my family is with me.  Everybody.

(on where he thought he would be drafted and what the day has been like)

You know I've had to sit back and be patient.  I didn't know where I was going to end up going.  I was just going to let the cards play out and they came and got me in the third round, so that is where I'm going to go and that is what I'm going to do.  I'm just going to go out there and prove that I should be able to play.

(on all of the Titans' selections being from the Pac-10 thus far)

They like the West Coast I guess.  We are going to go out there and hold it down for the Pac-10 out there.

(on what he knows about Akeem Ayers)

It is alright that we went to different schools.  UCLA is a rival school.  When you are on that field there is a lot of pride and you always want to always beat the person you are playing against, but now he is my teammate.  I have to accept him and have him work together.  He plays on the same side of the ball as me.  I'm going to make things easy for him and make sure he makes his plays.

(on what the team told him when they picked him and where he fits in with the defense)

They just told me congratulations coming in and that they are happy they got me off the board when they got me.  I'm just getting ready to come in.

(on how he fits into a 4-3 scheme)

I have played the nose and I have played the three.  I think I can fit in and do what I can do inside their scheme, so anyone I can work it out.

(on his nickname)

Tut-Tut.  My auntie Beverly gave it to me when I was young.

(on the nickname's significance)

She said I used to crawl around like a little turtle when I was little, so she called me Tut-Tut.

(on if he is a little faster now)


(on if he had one meal to eat what would it be)

My favorite food is pizza.  I love pizza.  I eat pizza any day of the week.

(on his run-stopping ability)

Yeah, I'm good on double teams, splitting blocks.  I can get to the ball carrier and chase him down, so it is one of my best attributes is run-stopping.

(on who he models himself as in the game)

Honestly, I don't watch too much football like that to keep up with everybody and who is doing what.  I just go and do what I do and I try to just be myself really. 

(on if he knew that the Titans were interested in him)

Yeah they came and I talked to them a couple times, but I didn't have any original workouts this offseason because I kind of pulled my hammy, so I really couldn't do no workouts.  It is what it was, but I'm 100 percent now and I'm ready to get out there and go and play.

(on his thoughts on Lane Kiffin)

He is a good guy.  He had to do what he had to do to get the team on track and some people don't like that because of the approach he takes.  The approach he takes is the way we have to do to get his team on board.  It is just the way he coaches.  Some coaches are nice coaches and some coaches like to get down dirty and greedy.  I just liked him because he got me better as an individual person, talking to him and making sure I stayed focused on what I got to do.

(on if he knows any other Titans)

Stafon Johnson.

(on if he talked to Stafon Johnson)

I just have been talking to the coaches and talking to my family and stuff right now.  I haven't really answered my phone like that.

(on whether he knows Damian Williams)

Damian Williams is there too, yeah.

(on what his strengths are)

I feel my quickness off the ball, my re-direction after getting past the line of scrimmage chasing down running backs and my burst chasing down runners when they try to run from me.

(on his size)

Right now I'm six-foot, 300 pounds.

(on if that is his playing weight)

Yeah, I feel real comfortable at this weight.

(on if his weight is an issue)

Usually I go down to probably 290 or 295 or 300 and stay around that range.  Any time between that range I can play as well as I want to play.  It is not really a big deal how heavy or how light I am.

(on if he is coming to Nashville tomorrow)

Well the thing with the lockout, so I don't know if I'm going to be able to come tomorrow or how it is going to play out. 

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